33n - Westmoreland Street - Balbriggan

A bus service operated by Nitelink, Dublin Bus

Dublin City South Westmoreland Street 00:0001:3002:3004:00
Dublin City Irish Life 00:02s01:32s02:32s04:02s
Dublin Gardiner Street Lower 00:03s01:33s02:33s04:03s
Dublin Railway Street 00:03s01:33s02:33s04:03s
Summerhill Gardiner Street Lower 00:04s01:34s02:34s04:04s
Summerhill Mountjoy Square West 00:04s01:34s02:34s04:04s
Dublin Gardiner Street Upper 00:05s01:35s02:35s04:05s
Ballybough Innisfallen Parade 00:06s01:36s02:36s04:06s
Drumcondra Rail Station 00:07s01:37s02:37s04:07s
Drumcondra Dargle Road 00:08s01:38s02:38s04:08s
Drumcondra Botanic Avenue 00:08s01:38s02:38s04:08s
Drumcondra DCU St Patrick's 00:09s01:39s02:39s04:09s
Drumcondra DCU St Patrick's 00:09s01:39s02:39s04:09s
Drumcondra Wellpark Avenue 00:10s01:40s02:40s04:10s
Whitehall College 00:11s01:41s02:41s04:11s
Whitehall Highfield Hospital 00:12s01:42s02:42s04:12s
Whitehall Iveragh Road 00:13s01:43s02:43s04:13s
Whitehall Church 00:13s01:43s02:43s04:13s
Whitehall Swords Road 00:15s01:45s02:45s04:15s
Santry Shanowen Road 00:15s01:45s02:45s04:15s
Santry Omni Park SC 00:16s01:46s02:46s04:16s
Santry Schoolhouse Lane 00:17s01:47s02:47s04:17s
Santry Morton Stadium 00:19s01:49s02:49s04:19s
Santry Close 00:20s01:50s02:50s04:20s
Santry Retail Park 00:21s01:51s02:51s04:21s
Dublin Airport Collinstown Park 00:23s01:53s02:53s04:23s
Dublin Airport Dardistown Cemetery 00:23s01:53s02:53s04:23s
Dublin Airport ALSAA Sports Club 00:2501:5502:5504:25
Dublin Airport 00:28s01:58s02:58s04:28s
Dublin Airport Airport Roundabout 00:31s02:01s03:01s04:31s
Dublin Airport Stockhole Lane 00:32s02:02s03:02s04:32s
Rathingle Equestrian Centre 00:34s02:04s03:04s04:34s
Rathingle N1 Business Park 00:35s02:05s03:05s04:35s
Boroimhe Maples 00:36s02:06s03:06s04:36s
Boroimhe Cherry 00:37s02:07s03:07s04:37s
Rathingle Road 00:37s02:07s03:07s04:37s
Rathingle Cherry Avenue 00:38s02:08s03:08s04:38s
Rathingle Forest View 00:38s02:08s03:08s04:38s
Rathingle Forest Crescent 00:39s02:09s03:09s04:39s
Rathingle Road 00:39s02:09s03:09s04:39s
Rathingle Hilltown Road 00:41s02:11s03:11s04:41s
Rathingle River Valley Heights 00:41s02:11s03:11s04:41s
Rathingle River Valley Drive 00:42s02:12s03:12s04:42s
Swords Ballintrane Wood 00:43s02:13s03:13s04:43s
Swords Highfield Green 00:43s02:13s03:13s04:43s
Swords Main Street 00:4402:1403:1404:44
Swords Fingal Co Co 00:45s02:15s03:15s04:45s
Swords Castle 00:46s02:16s03:16s04:46s
Swords North Street 00:46s02:16s03:16s04:46s
Swords Balheary Park 00:48s02:18s03:18s04:48s
Jamestown Broad Meadow Bridge 00:49s02:19s03:19s04:49s
Donabate Newbridge House 02:26s
Jamestown Lissenhall Green 00:52s03:22s04:52s
Donabate Newbridge Demesne 02:29s
Jamestown Batter Lane 00:55s03:25s04:55s
Donabate Station 02:32s
Turvey Avenue 00:56s03:26s04:56s
Donabate Main Street 02:32s
Turvey Blake's Cross 00:58s03:28s04:58s
Donabate 02:32s
Turvey Newhaggard 00:59s03:29s04:59s
Donabate Leisure Centre 02:34s
Lusk Hannas Avenue 01:00s03:30s05:00s
Donabate Somerton 02:34s
Lusk Balleally West 01:01s03:31s05:01s
Donabate NS 02:35s
Lusk Bridetree 01:02s03:32s05:02s
Donabate Rahillion 02:36s
Lusk Road 01:03s03:33s05:03s
Portrane Middlefield Lane 02:37s
Lusk Racecourse Commons 01:04s03:34s05:04s
Portrane Avenue 02:39s
Lusk Barrack Lane 01:06s03:36s05:06s
Portrane 02:39s
Lusk Station Road 01:07s03:37s05:07s
Portrane Seaview 02:40s
Lusk Orlynn Park 01:07s03:37s05:07s
Portrane Healy's Lane 02:42s
Lusk House 01:09s03:39s05:09s
Portrane Burrow Road 02:42s
Lusk Rosewood 01:10s03:40s05:10s
Portrane Beach Lane 02:43s
Lusk Rogerstown Lane 01:10s03:40s05:10s
Portrane Marsh Lane 02:44
Rush Beau Hill 01:11s03:41s05:11s
Rush Whitestown Road 01:13s03:43s05:13s
Rush Spout Road 01:13s03:43s05:13s
Rush Carthy's Lane 01:14s03:44s05:14s
Rush Healy's Lane 01:15s03:45s05:15s
Rush Old Road 01:17s03:47s05:17s
Rush Millbank Court 01:17s03:47s05:17s
Rush St Maur's Church 01:18s03:48s05:18s
Rush Main Street 01:19s03:49s05:19s
Rush Main Street 01:19s03:49s05:19s
Rush Skerries Road 01:20s03:50s05:20s
Rush Golden Ridge Cresc 01:21s03:51s05:21s
Rush Cricket Club 01:22s03:52s05:22s
Rush Clifflands 01:23s03:53s05:23s
Rush Athletic FC 01:25s03:55s05:25s
Ballykea Carnhill 01:26s03:56s05:26s
Ballykea Loughshinny Cross 01:27s03:57s05:27s
Ballykea Mine Road 01:28s03:58s05:28s
Ballykea Thomastown Resevoir 01:29s03:59s05:29s
Skerries Pierstown Lane 01:30s04:00s05:30s
Skerries Hacketstown Cottages 01:31s04:01s05:31s
Skerries Hacketstown Park 01:32s04:02s05:32s
Skerries Shenick Road 01:34s04:04s05:34s
Skerries RFC 01:35s04:05s05:35s
Skerries Brookville Lane 01:35s04:05s05:35s
Skerries 01:37s04:07s05:37s
Skerries Church Street 01:38s04:08s05:38s
Skerries GAA Club 01:38s04:08s05:38s
Skerries Station 01:40s04:10s05:40s
Skerries Selskar Road 01:40s04:10s05:40s
Skerries Selskar Court 01:41s04:11s05:41s
Skerries North Cliff Heights 01:42s04:12s05:42s
Skerries Mourne View 01:4204:1205:42

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 27 May 2024

Nitelink, Dublin Bus