34, 34A - Stalham - Mundesley - North Walsham

A bus service operated by Sanders Coaches

Stalham - Mundesley - North Walsham

Stalham, adj Tesco 07:1508:4510:5012:0014:0015:05
Stalham, adj Garage 07:1615:06
Ingham, adj Palling Road 07:20
Stalham, adj High School Grounds 15:10
Stalham, opp Millside 08:4610:5112:0114:0115:21
Stalham, adj Green Surgery 08:4710:5212:0214:0215:22
Sutton, opp Neville Road 08:4810:5312:0314:0315:23
Sutton, opp Moor Road 08:4810:5312:0314:03
Hickling, adj Post Office 15:25
Sutton, adj Elmhurst Avenue 08:5010:5512:0514:05
Hickling, adj Methodist Chapel 15:26
Hickling, adj Cross Road 08:5410:5912:0914:09
Hickling, opp Broadland Road 08:5410:5912:0914:0915:26
Hickling, opp Methodist Chapel 08:5511:0012:1014:10
Hickling, opp Sutton Road 15:28
Hickling, adj Stores 08:5511:0012:1014:10
Hickling, adj Staithe Road 15:29
Sea Palling, adj Hall Farm 07:2508:5511:0012:1014:10
Catfield, adj Lea Road 15:32
Sea Palling, adj Bus Terminus 07:2709:0311:0812:1814:18
Catfield, adj Crown 15:33
Sea Palling, opp Hall Farm 07:2909:0311:0812:1814:18
Ingham, adj Water Lane 07:3209:0811:1312:2314:23
Lessingham, adj School Road 07:3509:1111:1612:2614:26
Lessingham, opp School Cottages 07:3509:1111:1612:2614:26
Happisburgh Common, adj Happisburgh Road 07:0507:3909:1511:2012:3014:30
Happisburgh Common, adj Coronation Close 07:0507:3909:1511:2012:3014:30
Happisburgh, opp Lighthouse Close 07:0907:4309:1911:2412:3414:34
Happisburgh, adj Post Office 07:0907:4309:1911:2412:3414:34
Ostend Road (opp) 07:1307:4709:2311:2812:3814:38
Walcott, opp The Crescent 07:1607:5109:2711:3212:4214:42
Walcott, adj Helena Road 07:1807:5209:2811:3312:4314:43
Bacton, adj Priory Road 07:2007:5409:3011:3512:4514:45
Bacton, adj Abbey Street 07:2007:5409:3011:3512:4514:45
Bacton, adj school 07:2007:5409:3011:3512:4514:45
Bacton, opp shops 07:5509:3111:3612:46
Bacton, opp Sandy Lane 07:2214:47
Bacton Road (W-bound) 07:5609:3211:3712:47
Edingthorpe, opp The Street 07:2514:50
Paston, adj Chapel Road Bus Shelter 07:5909:3511:4012:50
Mundesley, adj Water Lane 08:0109:3711:4212:52
Mundesley, adj Northfield Road 08:0209:3811:4312:53
Mundesley, adj Station Road 08:0309:3911:4412:54
Mundesley, adj Gold Park Gates 08:0509:4111:4612:56
Mundesley, opp Northfield Road 08:0509:4111:4612:56
Mundesley, adj Becks Bridge 08:0609:4211:4712:57
Knapton, adj Bus Shelter 08:0909:4511:5013:00
Knapton, adj Green 08:1009:4611:5113:01
Swafield, opp Bus Shelter 08:1309:4911:5313:03
North Walsham, adj Harvey Drive 08:1509:5111:5513:05
North Walsham, adj Acorn Road 08:1709:5311:5713:07
North Walsham, adj Rye Close 07:2908:1809:5411:5813:0814:54
North Walsham, opp High School Bus Park 08:21
North Walsham, opp Fairview Road 08:22
North Walsham Travel Hub (Stand A) 07:3208:2609:5712:0113:1114:57
North Walsham, opp Paston College 08:29

North Walsham - Mundesley - Stalham

Catfield, opp New Road 07:57
Catfield, opp Lea Road 07:58
North Walsham, opp High School Bus Park 15:05
North Walsham, opp Fairview Road 15:06
North Walsham Travel Hub (Stand A) 10:4012:1513:4015:1016:1017:10
North Walsham, opp Rye Close 10:4212:1713:4215:1216:1217:12
North Walsham, opp Acorn Road 10:4312:1813:4315:1316:1317:13
North Walsham, opp Harvey Drive 10:4412:1913:4415:1416:1417:14
Swafield, adj Bus Shelter 10:4612:2113:4615:1616:1617:16
Knapton, opp Green 10:5212:2713:5215:2316:2317:23
Knapton, opp Bus Shelter 10:5312:2813:5315:2416:2417:24
Mundesley, opp Becks Bridge 10:5512:3013:5515:2616:2617:26
Mundesley, adj Northfield Road 10:5612:3113:5615:2716:2717:27
Mundesley, adj Station Road 10:5712:3213:5715:2816:2817:28
Mundesley, adj Gold Park Gates 10:5912:3413:5915:3016:3017:30
Mundesley, opp Northfield Road 11:0012:3514:0015:3116:3117:31
Mundesley, opp Water Lane 11:0112:3614:0115:3216:3217:32
Paston, opp Chapel Road Bus Shelter 11:0312:3814:0315:3416:3417:34
Bacton Road (E-bound) 11:0412:3914:0415:3516:3517:35
Bacton, adj shops 11:0512:4014:0515:3616:3617:36
Bacton, opp school 11:0612:4114:0615:3716:3717:37
Bacton, opp Abbey Street 11:0612:4114:0615:3716:3717:37
Bacton, opp Priory Road 09:0111:0712:4214:0715:3816:3817:38
Walcott, opp Helena Road 09:0311:0912:4414:0915:4016:4017:40
Walcott, adj The Crescent 09:0411:1012:4514:1015:4116:41s17:41s
Ostend Road (adj) 09:0611:1212:4714:1215:4316:43s17:43s
Ridlington, opp Church 15:51
North Walsham Travel Hub (Stand A) 15:58
Happisburgh, opp Post Office 09:1011:1612:5114:1616:47s17:47s
Happisburgh, adj Lighthouse Close 09:1111:1712:5214:1716:48s17:48s
Happisburgh Common, opp Coronation Close 09:1411:2012:5514:2016:51s17:51s
Happisburgh Common, opp Vicarage Road 09:1511:2112:5614:2116:52s17:52s
Lessingham, adj School Cottages 09:1911:2513:0014:2516:56s17:56s
Ingham, opp Water Lane 09:2111:2713:0114:2616:57s17:57s
Ingham, adj Palling Road 14:27
Sea Palling, adj Hall Farm 09:2811:3413:0917:04s18:04s
Sea Palling, adj Bus Terminus 09:3011:3613:1117:0618:06
Sea Palling, opp Hall Farm 09:3211:3813:13
Hickling, adj Post Office 09:3711:4313:18
Hickling, adj Cross Road 08:02
Hickling, adj Methodist Chapel 09:3711:4313:18
Hickling, opp Broadland Road 08:03
Hickling, adj Broadland Road 09:3711:4313:18
Hickling, opp Methodist Chapel 08:04
Hickling, opp Sutton Road 09:3811:4413:19
Hickling, adj Stores 08:05
Sutton, opp Elmhurst Avenue 09:4211:4813:23
Sutton, adj Moor Road 09:4311:4913:24
Sutton, adj Neville Road 08:0809:4311:4913:24
Stalham, opp Green Surgery 08:1009:4511:5113:26
Stalham, adj Millside 08:1109:4611:5213:27
Stalham, adj Garage 08:12
Stalham, adj High School Grounds 08:18
Stalham, adj Radio Shop 08:1909:4711:5313:2814:33
Stalham, opp Old Railway Station 08:2409:4811:5413:2914:34

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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