342 - Rye Railway Station - Blacklands Hughenden Road

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St Helens Westminster Crescent - Rye Railway Station

St Helens, adj Westminster Crescent 07:39
St Helens, opp Ochiltree Close 07:39
St Helens, adj Friar's Way 07:40
St Helens, adj De Chardin Drive 07:40
St Helens, opp Crematorium 07:41
St Helens, opp Chowns Hill 07:41
St Helens, adj Sandrock Park 07:42
St Helens, adj Grange Road 07:43
St Helens, adj Maitland Close 07:43
St Helens, opp Helenswood Leisure Centre 07:44
St Helens, o/s Conquest Hospital 07:45
Baldslow, adj St Anne's House 07:46
Baldslow Post Office (adj) 07:47
Baldslow, adj Recreation Ground 07:48
Baldslow, adj Ashdown House 07:49
Silverhill Park, adj Little Ridge Avenue West 07:49
Silverhill Park, adj Towerscroft Avenue 07:49
Silverhill Park, opp Hollinghurst Road 07:50
Silverhill Park, opp Clarendon Close 07:50
Silverhill Park, adj Upper Church Road east 07:51
Silverhill Park, opp Ledsham Avenue 07:52
Silverhill Park, adj Seven Acre Close 07:52
Baldslow, adj Premier Inn 07:53
Baldslow, adj Sainsbury's 07:54
Baldslow Westfield Lane (opp 10) 07:55
Baldslow Down (adj) 07:55
Westfield, opp Hole Farm 07:57
Westfield, adj Whitegate Caravan Park 07:59
Westfield, adj Churchfield 08:00
Westfield, opp Primary School 08:01
Westfield, adj Cottage Lane 08:01
Brede, opp The Red Lion 08:06
Cackle Street (NE-bound) 08:07
Broad Oak, adj Recreation Ground 08:09
Udimore Sowdens (E-bound) 08:12
Udimore, opp The Kings Head 08:14
Cock Marling, opp The Plough 08:16
Rye, opp Cadborough Cliff 08:20
Rye Udimore Road (NE-bound) 08:20
Rye, opp Ashenden Avenue 08:21
Rye Railway Station (Stop D) 08:22

Rye Railway Station - Blacklands Hughenden Road

Rye Railway Station (Stop D) 15:51
Rye, adj Ashenden Avenue 15:51
Rye Udimore Road (SW-bound) 15:52
Rye, adj Cadborough Cliff 15:52
Rye Watlands (W-bound) 15:53
Cock Marling, adj The Plough 15:56
Udimore, adj The Kings Head 15:59
Udimore Sowdens (W-bound) 16:00
Broad Oak, opp Recreation Ground 16:04
Cackle Street, o/s Brede Village Hall 16:05
Cackle Street (SW-bound) 16:05
Brede, adj The Red Lion 16:07
Westfield, opp Cottage Lane 16:11
Westfield, adj Primary School 16:12
Westfield, opp Churchfield 16:12
Westfield, opp Whitegate Caravan Park 16:13
Westfield, adj Hole Farm 16:15
Baldslow Down (opp) 16:17
Baldslow Westfield Lane (o/s 8) 16:18
Baldslow, opp Sainsbury's 16:19
Baldslow, opp John Macadam Way 16:19
Baldslow, opp Harlequin Gardens 16:20
Silverhill Park, opp Seven Acre Close 16:20
Silverhill Park, adj Ledsham Avenue 16:20
Silverhill Park, opp Upper Church Road East 16:21
Silverhill Park, adj Clarendon Close 16:22
Silverhill Park, adj Hollinghurst Road 16:22
Silverhill Park, opp Towerscroft Avenue 16:23
Baldslow, adj Ashdown House 16:24
Baldslow Post Office (opp) 16:25
Baldslow, opp St Anne's House 16:27
St Helens, o/s Conquest Hospital 16:29
St Helens, adj Helenswood Leisure Centre 16:29
St Helens, opp Maitland Close 16:30
St Helens, opp Grange Road 16:30
St Helens, opp Sandrock Park 16:31
St Helens, adj Chowns Hill 16:32
St Helens, adj Crematorium 16:32
St Helens, opp Friar's Way 16:33
St Helens, adj Ochiltree Close 16:34
St Helens, opp Westminster Crescent 16:35
St Helens, adj St Barnabas Church 16:36
St Helens, adj Hoad's Wood Road 16:38
Blacklands Elphinstone Road (S-bound) 16:39
Blacklands Drive (opp) 16:39
Blacklands, adj Hughenden Road 16:41

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 1 December 2021

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