347 - Harlow - Hatfield Broad Oak

A bus service operated by Epping Forest Community Transport

Romford - Ockendon
Harlow - Hatfield Broad Oak

South Ockendon, o/s Ockendon Station 09:0011:0013:0015:00
Hatfield Broad Oak Barnfield (N-bound) 09:45
South Ockendon, adj Peartree Close 09:0011:0013:0015:00
Hatfield Broad Oak, o/s The Dukes Head 09:46
South Ockendon Nelson Road / Village Hall (Northbound) 09:0111:0113:0115:01
Hatfield Broad Oak, opp Post Office 09:47
South Ockendon Grove Farm Cottages (Northbound) 09:0311:0313:0315:03
Hatfield Heath, opp The White Horse 09:49
North Ockendon Home Farm Cottage (->N) 09:0411:0313:0315:03
Sheering, o/s Post Office 09:51
North Ockendon Fen Lane (->N) 09:0511:0413:0415:04
Sheering, o/s The Cock 09:52
North Ockendon White Post Farm (->N) 09:0511:0413:0415:04
Sheering, opp The Crown 09:52
North Ockendon Fairplay Farm (->N) 09:0711:0613:0615:06
Lower Sheering, opp Back Lane 09:55
North Ockendon East View Ockendon (->N) 09:0711:0613:0615:06
Lower Sheering, adj Four Acres 09:56
North Ockendon Wyngray Farm (Stop) 09:0811:0713:0715:07
Sawbridgeworth Railway Station (Stop B) 10:00
Cranham Franks Cottages (->W) 09:0911:0813:0815:08
Sawbridgeworth Bullfields (N-bound) 10:02
Cranham Winchester Avenue (->W) 09:1111:1013:1015:10
Sawbridgeworth, nr Station Road 10:05
Cranham Chester Avenue (->W) 09:1111:1013:1015:10
Sawbridgeworth, nr White Lion PH 10:08
Cranham Howard Road (->W) 09:1311:1213:1215:12
Sawbridgeworth, adj Springhall Road 10:08
Upminster Argyle Gardens (Stop J) 09:1511:1313:1315:13
High Wych, adj Hand Lane 10:09
Upminster Tudor Gardens (Stop K) 09:1611:1413:1415:14
High Wych, opp Rivers Hospital 10:10
Upminster Corbets Tey Road (Stop L) 09:1711:1513:1515:15
High Wych, opp Broadfields 10:10
Upminster Gaynes Road (Stop D) 09:1811:1613:1615:16
High Wych, adj The Rising Sun PH 10:11
Upminster Station (Stop A) 09:1911:1713:1715:17
Gilston, opp Plume of Feathers PH 10:14
Upminster Deyncourt Gardens (Stop W) 09:1911:1713:1715:17
Harlow, opp Allende Avenue 10:17
Upminster Ingrebourne Gardens (Stop X) 09:1911:1713:1715:17
Harlow, adj Park 10:17
Upminster The Fairway (->N) 09:2011:1813:1815:18
Harlow, adj Netteswell Orchard 10:18
Cranham Upminster Tithe Barn Museum (->N) 09:2011:1813:1815:18
Harlow, opp Bus Garage 10:19
Cranham River Drive (Stop ->N) 09:2111:1913:1915:19
Harlow Princess Alexandra Hospital (entrance) 10:21
Cranham Wylie Veterinary Centre (->N) 09:2211:2013:2015:20
Harlow, o/s Bus Garage 10:23
Harold Wood Pages Lane (->W) 09:2611:2413:2415:24
Harlow Bus Station (Stand 12) 10:26
Harold Wood Phillida Road (->W) 09:2711:2513:2415:25
Harold Wood Cockabourne Bridge (->W) 09:2811:2613:2515:26
Harold Wood Neighbourhood Centre (->W) 09:2811:2613:2615:26
Harold Wood St Peter's Church (Stop J) 09:2911:2713:2615:27
Harold Wood Station (Stop A) 09:3011:2813:2715:28
Harold Wood Arundel Road (Stop L) 09:3111:2913:2815:29
Harold Wood Bampton Road (Stop) 09:3311:3113:3015:31
Harold Wood Gallows Corner / Tesco (Stop GA) 09:3611:3413:3315:34
Gidea Park Gallows Corner Retail Park (Stop GD) 09:3811:3613:3515:36
Gidea Park Upper Brentwood Road (Stop GQ) 09:3911:3713:3615:37
Gidea Park Castellan Avenue (Stop PQ) 09:4011:3813:3715:38
Gidea Park Balgores Lane (Stop PS) 09:4211:4013:3915:40
Gidea Park Repton Avenue (Stop PT) 09:4311:4113:4015:42
Romford Raphael Park (Stop W) 09:4511:4313:4115:43
Romford Pettits Lane (Stop) 09:4511:4313:4215:44
Romford Mercury Gardens (Stop K) 09:4711:4513:4315:46
Romford Western Road (Stop QQ) 09:4811:4613:4415:46
Romford Station (Stop) 09:5011:4813:4615:49

Ockendon - Romford
Hatfield Broad Oak - Harlow

Romford Station (Stop Z) 10:0012:0014:0016:00
Harlow Bus Station (Stand 12) 12:30
Romford Mercury Gardens (Stop N) 10:0112:0114:0116:02
Harlow, opp Bus Garage 12:32
Romford Police Station (Stop Y) 10:0212:0314:0316:03
Harlow Princess Alexandra Hospital (entrance) 12:35
Romford Pettits Lane (Stop Z) 10:0312:0414:0416:04
Harlow, o/s Bus Garage 12:36
Romford Raphael Park (->E) 10:0412:0414:0416:05
Harlow, o/s Sports Centre 12:37
Gidea Park Repton Avenue (Stop PU) 10:0512:0514:0516:07
Harlow, adj Allende Avenue 12:38
Gidea Park Links Avenue (Stop PV) 10:0612:0714:0716:08
Gilston, adj Plume of Feathers PH 12:40
Gidea Park Castellan Avenue (Stop PW) 10:0712:0814:0816:10
High Wych, opp The Rising Sun PH 12:45
Gidea Park Upper Brentwood Road (Stop GN) 10:0812:0914:0916:11
High Wych, adj Broadfields 12:45
Gidea Park Gallows Corner Retail Park (Stop GG) 10:0912:1014:1016:13
High Wych, adj Rivers Hospital 12:45
Harold Wood Gallows Corner / Tesco (Stop GA) 10:1212:1314:1316:16
High Wych, opp Hand Lane 12:46
Harold Wood Bampton Road (Stop GC) 10:1512:1614:1616:19
Sawbridgeworth, opp Springhall Road 12:47
Harold Wood Arundel Road (Stop K) 10:1712:1814:1816:22
Sawbridgeworth, opp White Lion PH 12:48
Harold Wood Station (Stop B) 10:1912:2014:2016:24
Sawbridgeworth, opp Station Road 12:50
Harold Wood St Peter's Church (Stop H) 10:1912:2014:2016:24
Sawbridgeworth Bullfields (S-bound) 12:54
Harold Wood Neighbourhood Centre (Stop ->E) 10:1912:2014:2016:24
Sawbridgeworth Railway Station (Stop A) 12:56
Harold Wood Cockabourne Bridge (->E) 10:2012:2114:2116:25
Lower Sheering, opp Four Acres 13:00
Harold Wood Phillida Road (->E) 10:2112:2214:2216:26
Lower Sheering, adj Back Lane 13:00
Harold Wood Pages Lane (->E) 10:2112:2214:2216:26
Sheering, adj The Crown 13:03
Cranham Wylie Veterinary Centre (->S) 10:2612:2714:2716:31
Sheering, opp The Cock 13:04
Cranham River Drive (Stop ->S) 10:2712:2814:2816:32
Sheering, opp Post Office 13:04
Cranham Upminster Tithe Barn Museum (->S) 10:2812:2914:2916:33
Hatfield Heath The White Horse (near) 13:07
Upminster The Fairway (->S) 10:2812:2914:2916:34
Hatfield Broad Oak, o/s Post Office 13:09
Upminster Ingrebourne Gardens (Stop V) 10:2912:3014:3016:34
Hatfield Broad Oak, opp The Dukes Head 13:10
Upminster Station (Stop U) 10:3012:3114:3116:36
Hatfield Broad Oak Barnfield (S-bound) 13:11
Upminster Stn / St Lawrence Road (Stop C) 10:3012:3114:3116:36
Upminster Corbets Tey Road (Stop F) 10:3012:3214:3216:37
Upminster Tudor Gardens (Stop G) 10:3112:3214:3216:37
Upminster Argyle Gardens (Stop H) 10:3212:3314:3316:38
Cranham Howard Road (->E) 10:3312:3414:3416:39
Cranham Chester Avenue (->E) 10:3412:3614:3616:41
Cranham Winchester Avenue (->E) 10:3512:3714:3716:42
Cranham Franks Cottages (->E) 10:3612:3814:3816:42
North Ockendon East View Ockendon (->S) 10:3712:3914:3916:43
North Ockendon Fairplay Farm (->S) 10:3812:4014:4016:44
North Ockendon White Post Farm (->S) 10:3912:4114:4116:45
North Ockendon Fen Lane (->S) 10:4012:4214:4216:46
North Ockendon Home Farm Cottage (->S) 10:4012:4214:4216:46
South Ockendon Grove Farm Cottages (Southbound) 10:4112:4314:4316:47
South Ockendon Grove Farm (Southbound) 10:4112:4314:4316:47
South Ockendon Nelson Road (Southbound) 10:4212:4414:4416:48
South Ockendon West Road (Southbound) 10:4312:4514:4516:49
South Ockendon, opp Tyssen Place 10:4312:4514:4516:49
South Ockendon, o/s Ockendon Station 10:4412:4614:4616:50

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024

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