35 - Stockton High Street - Billingham High Grange

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Stockton High Street Stand X (X) 07:5408:2408:56then every 30 minutes until16:3317:0317:33
Stockton Laing Street (B) 07:5708:2709:0716:3717:1217:42
Stockton The Buffs Social Club (A) 07:5708:2709:0716:3717:1217:42
Mount Pleasant Tilery Road (B) 07:5908:2909:0916:3917:1417:44
Mount Pleasant North Shore Academy (A) 08:0008:3009:1016:4017:1517:45
Mount Pleasant Derwent Street (B) 08:0208:3109:1116:4117:1617:46
Norton Grassholm Road (B) 08:0408:3309:1316:4317:1817:48
Norton Wylam Road (A) 08:0408:3409:1416:4417:1917:49
Norton Somerset Road (A) 08:0508:3509:1516:4517:2017:50
Norton Alpine Way (A) 08:0608:3609:1616:4617:2117:51
Norton Kennedy Grove (A) 08:0608:3609:1616:4617:2117:51
Norton Swale Road (A) 08:0708:3709:1716:4717:2217:52
Norton Greta Road (A) 08:0708:3709:1716:4717:2217:52
Norton The Highland Laddie (A) 08:0808:3809:1816:4817:2317:53
Norton Library (A) 08:0908:3909:1816:4817:2317:53
Norton Green (A) 08:0908:3909:1916:4917:2417:54
Norton The Ring Road Footbridge (A) 08:1008:4009:1916:4917:2417:54
Norton Fieldfare Lane (A) 08:1108:4109:2016:5017:2517:55
Billingham Catholic Club (A) 08:1508:4509:2316:5317:2817:58
Billingham Cambrian Road (A) 08:1608:4609:2416:5417:2917:59
Billingham Town Centre - Library (A) 08:1808:4809:2516:5517:3018:00
Billingham Kingsway Medical Centre (A) 08:1808:4809:2516:5517:3018:00
Billingham Forum (A) 08:1808:4809:2616:5617:3118:01
Billingham Town Centre - Asda (Stand C) 08:1908:4909:2616:5617:3118:01
Billingham Community Centre (B) 08:1908:4909:2616:5617:3118:01
Billingham Roseberry Road Roundabout (A) 08:2108:5109:2816:5817:3318:03
Wolviston Court Wilmire Road (A) 07:5108:2108:5109:2816:5817:3318:03
Wolviston Court The White House (A) 07:0307:2307:5308:2208:5209:2916:5917:3418:04
Wolviston Court Rudston Avenue (A) 07:0407:2407:5408:2308:5309:3017:0017:3518:05
Wolviston Court Severn Grove (A) 07:0407:2407:5408:2408:5409:3117:0117:3618:06
Wolviston Court St Paul's RC Primary School (A) 07:0507:2507:5508:2508:5509:3217:0217:3718:07
Wolviston Court Northfield School & Sports College (A) 07:0507:2507:5508:2608:5609:3317:0317:3818:08
Wolviston Court Kings Arms - Thames Road (A) 07:0607:2607:5608:2708:5709:3417:0417:3918:09
Wolviston Court Wolviston Road Flyover (B) 07:0707:2707:5708:2808:5809:3517:0517:4018:10
Billingham Braemar Road (B) 07:0807:2807:5808:2908:5909:3617:0617:4118:11
Billingham Scotney Road (A) 07:0807:2807:5808:2908:5909:3617:0617:4118:11
Billingham The Swan (A) 07:0907:2907:5908:3109:0109:3817:0817:4218:12
Billingham Cambrian Road (A) 07:1007:3008:0008:3209:0209:3917:0917:4318:13
Billingham Town Centre - Library (A) 07:1107:3108:0108:3309:0309:4017:1017:4518:15
Billingham Kingsway Medical Centre (A) 07:1207:3208:0208:3409:0409:4117:1117:4518:15
Billingham Forum (A) 07:1207:3208:0208:3409:0409:4117:1117:4618:16
Billingham Town Centre - Asda (Stand B) 07:1307:3308:0308:3509:0509:4217:1217:4718:17
Billingham Community Centre (B) 07:1307:3308:0308:3509:0509:4217:12
Billingham Catholic Club (B) 07:1407:3408:0408:3609:0609:4317:13
Norton Fieldfare Lane (B) 07:1807:3808:0808:4009:1009:4717:17
Norton The Ring Road Footbridge (B) 07:1907:3908:0908:4109:1109:4817:18
Norton Green (B) 07:2007:4008:1008:4209:1209:4917:19
Norton Library (B) 07:2107:4108:1108:4209:1209:4917:19
Norton Greta Road (B) 07:2107:4108:1108:4309:1309:5017:20
Norton Swale Road (B) 07:2207:4208:1208:4409:1409:5117:21
Norton Kennedy Grove (B) 07:2307:4308:1308:4509:1509:5217:22
Norton Alpine Way (B) 07:2407:4408:1408:4609:1609:5317:23
Norton Somerset Road (B) 07:2507:4508:1508:4709:1709:5417:24
Norton Grassholm Road (A) 07:2507:4508:1508:4809:1809:5517:25
Mount Pleasant Imperial Avenue (A) 07:2607:4608:1608:5009:2009:5717:27
Mount Pleasant Derwent Street (C) 07:2707:4708:1708:5009:2009:5717:27
Mount Pleasant North Shore Academy (B) 07:2807:4808:1808:5209:2209:5917:29
Mount Pleasant Tilery Road (A) 07:2907:4908:1908:5309:2310:0017:30
Stockton The Buffs Social Club (B) 07:3007:5008:2008:5409:2410:0117:31
Stockton Laing Street (C) 07:3107:5108:2108:5509:2510:0217:32
Stockton High Street Stand D (D) 07:3407:5408:2408:5609:2610:0317:33

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