351 - Tenby - Pendine via Saundersfoot

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Tenby - Saundersfoot - Pendine

Tenby Upper Park Road (Stop 1) 08:3511:0012:5015:15
The Green Lower Park Road (o/s Car Park) 08:3511:0012:5015:15
Tenby Heywood Court (opp School) 08:3711:0212:5215:17
Tenby, o/s Heywood Lane School 15:30
Tenby, in Serpentine Road North 15:30
Tenby White Oaks (o/s Chelston) 08:3711:0212:5215:31
New Hedges, after Rowston Cottages 08:4011:0512:5515:35
New Hedges Tavern (before) 08:4011:0512:5515:35
New Hedges, after Cross Park 08:4011:0612:5515:35
Broadfield, after New Hedges 08:4111:0612:5615:36
Bevelin Hall, nr Broadfield Hill 08:4211:0712:5715:37
Bevelin Hall, nr Rushey Lake 08:4211:0812:5715:37
Saundersfoot Bevelin Hall Estate (nr 27) 08:4511:1013:0015:40
Saundersfoot Sandy Hill Road (opp Sandy Hill Park) 08:4711:1213:0215:42
Saundersfoot, o/s Arcade 08:5011:1513:0515:45
Saundersfoot, before Whitlow 08:5411:1913:0915:49
Churchton War Memorial (opp) 11:20
Pentlepoir, before Saundersfoot Railway Station 08:5613:1115:51
Pentlepoir, o/s Hill Park 08:5713:1215:52
Pentlepoir, before Hill Rise 08:5713:1215:52
Kilgetty, opp Co-op 09:0113:1615:56
Kilgetty Ryelands Lane (nr 40) 09:0413:1915:59
Sardis Mountain, nr Seven Wells Cottage 09:0813:2316:03
Pleasant Valley, opp Wiseman`s Bridge 09:1211:2313:2716:07
Pleasant Valley, opp Wiseman’s Bridge Inn 09:1211:2313:2716:07
Pleasant Valley, before Wesley Chapel 09:1613:3116:11
Stepaside Bridge (before) 09:1613:3116:11
Stepaside, opp Cromwell Court 09:1713:3216:12
Summerhill Park (after) 09:2011:2613:3516:15
Amroth Arms (o/s) 09:2211:2813:3716:17
Amroth Castle (o/s) 09:2311:2913:3816:18
Marros War Memorial 09:2913:4416:24
Pendine Church 09:3313:4816:28
Pendine Beach Hotel 09:3413:4916:29
Pendine Car Park 09:3513:5016:30

Pendine - Saundersfoot - Tenby

Pendine Car Park 09:4514:0016:33
Pendine Beach Hotel 09:4514:0016:33
Pendine St Margaret Marlos Church 09:4714:0216:34
Marros War Memorial (W-bound) 09:5014:05
Red Roses War Memorial 16:45
Amroth Castle (opp) 07:4509:5611:3514:11
Amroth (opp Shop) 07:4509:5711:3614:12
Summerhill Park (before) 07:4810:0011:3914:15
Stepaside Bridge (opp) 07:5010:0311:4214:18
Pleasant Valley, after Wesley Chapel 07:5310:0611:4514:21
Pleasant Valley, after Wiseman`s Bridge Inn 07:5710:0911:4814:24
Sardis Mountain, nr Seven Wells Cottage 08:0110:1314:28
Kilgetty, o/s Stepaside School 08:0310:1514:30
Kilgetty, after St Mary's Place 08:0310:1514:30
Kilgetty Ryelands Lane (nr 40) 08:0510:1714:32
Kilgetty, before Co-op 08:0710:1914:34
Kilgetty Community Centre (o/s) 08:0710:1914:34
Kilgetty, after Kingsmoor Roundabout 08:0810:2014:35
Pentlepoir Hill Rise (opp junct) 08:0910:2114:36
Pentlepoir, opp Hill Park 08:1010:2214:37
Pentlepoir Filling Station (o/s former) 08:1010:2214:37
Pentlepoir (before Hawthorn Close) 08:1110:2314:38
Wooden Valley Road West (opp Launcells) 08:1110:2314:38
Wooden, after Vineyard Vale 08:1110:2314:38
Ridgeway, after North Close 08:1210:2514:40
Saundersfoot Primary School (opp) 08:1310:2711:5214:42
Saundersfoot, o/s Arcade 08:1510:2911:5414:44
Saundersfoot St Bride's Hill (after The Glen) 08:1710:3111:5614:46
Saundersfoot Sandy Hill Road (nr Sandy Hill Park) 08:1810:3211:5714:47
Saundersfoot Bevelin Hall Estate (o/s 25) 10:3211:5714:47
Saundersfoot Bevelin Hall Estate (nr 57) 10:3411:5914:49
Broadfield, nr Rushey Lake 10:3612:0114:51
Broadfield, before New Hedges 10:3812:0314:53
Broadfield, before Cross Park 08:2110:3912:0414:54
New Hedges Tavern (after) 08:2210:4012:0514:55
New Hedges, o/s Rowston Cottages 08:2210:4012:0514:55
Tenby Serpentine Road (opp Glen View Cresent ) 08:2410:4212:0714:57
Tenby, after Heywood Court 08:2610:4312:0814:58
Tenby South Parade Terminus Only (opp War Memorial) 08:2910:4512:1015:00

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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