355 - Carterhatch - Nicholas Breakspear

A bus service operated by Sullivan Buses


Monday to Friday, NBS Term Dates days

Carterhatch - Nicholas Breakspear

Forty Hill Ladysmith Road (Stop D) 07:05
Forty Hill Willow Road (Stop E) 07:06
Forty Hill (Stop F) 07:08
Forty Hill Kenilworth Crescent (Stop G) 07:10
Forty Hill Baker Street (Stop P) 07:12
Clay Hill Browning Road (Stop Q) 07:13
Clay Hill Chase Side (EN2) (Stop R) 07:15
Clay Hill Blossom Lane (Stop S) 07:16
Clay Hill Gordon Hill Station (Stop A) 07:17
Enfield Hardy Way (Stop E) 07:17
Enfield Hadley Road (Stop Q) 07:19
Botany Bay Roundhedge Way (Stop R) 07:19
Botany Bay / The Robin Hood (->NW) 07:22
Botany Bay Holly Cottage (Stop) 07:23
Botany Bay Windrush (->N) 07:24
Botany Bay St John's Senior School (->W) 07:25
Hadley Wood New Cottage Farm (->N) 07:27
Potters Bar, opp Park Avenue 07:30
Potters Bar, opp Highview Gardens 07:31
Potters Bar Tesco (opp) 07:33
Potters Bar, opp Darkes Lane 07:35
Potters Bar, opp Laurel Avenue 07:36
Potters Bar, opp Cranborne Road 07:38
Potters Bar, opp Furzefield Centre 07:38
Potters Bar, nr Wroxham Gardens 07:39
S Mimms Cecil Road (SW-bound) 07:41
S Mimms, adj The White Hart PH 07:42
Ridgehill, opp Blackhorse Lane 07:44
Ridgehill, nr Packhorse Lane 07:45
Ridgehill, nr Salisbury Hall 07:46
London Colney, nr Bell Lane Cottages 07:49
London Colney, nr Walsingham Way 07:50
London Colney, opp Telford Road 07:53
London Colney Shenley Lane (NE-bound) 07:54
London Colney, adj Peters Avenue 07:56
London Colney, adj Kings Road 07:58
London Colney, nr Leisure Centre 07:59
Smallford, nr Barley Mow Lane 08:10
Oaklands, o/s Nicholas Breakspear School 08:15
Oaklands, in Nicholas Breakspear School Grounds 08:15

Nicholas Breakspear - Carterhatch

Oaklands, in Nicholas Breakspear School Grounds 15:22
Oaklands, opp Nicholas Breakspear School 15:22
Smallford, opp Barley Mow Lane 15:23
London Colney, opp Leisure Centre 15:29
London Colney Kings Road (SW-bound) 15:29
London Colney, opp Peters Avenue 15:30
London Colney Shenley Lane (SW-bound) 15:31
London Colney, nr Telford Road 15:31
London Colney, nr Walsingham Way 15:32
London Colney, opp Bell Lane Cottages 15:36
Ridgehill, opp Salisbury Hall 15:39
Ridgehill, opp Packhorse Lane 15:43
Ridgehill, nr Blackhorse Lane 15:43
S Mimms, opp The White Hart PH 15:46
S Mimms Cecil Road (NE-bound) 15:46
Potters Bar, opp Wroxham Gardens 15:48
Potters Bar, nr Furzefield Centre 15:48
Potters Bar, adj Cranborne Road 15:49
Potters Bar, nr Laurel Avenue 15:50
Potters Bar, nr Darkes Lane 15:51
Potters Bar Tesco (o/s) 15:55
Potters Bar, nr Highview Gardens 15:57
Potters Bar, nr Park Avenue 15:57
Hadley Wood New Cottage Farm (->E) 15:59
Botany Bay St John's Senior School (->E) 16:00
Botany Bay Windrush (->S) 16:01
Botany Bay Holly Cottage (Stop) 16:02
Botany Bay / The Robin Hood (->SE) 16:03
Botany Bay Roundhedge Way (Stop H) 16:05
Enfield Chase Farm Hospital / The Ridgeway (Stop B) 16:06
Enfield Hardy Way (Stop D) 16:06
Clay Hill Gordon Hill Station (Stop B) 16:08
Clay Hill Blossom Lane (Stop C) 16:09
Clay Hill Chase Side (Stop D) 16:10
Clay Hill Browning Road (Stop E) 16:11
Forty Hill Baker Street (Stop G) 16:13
Forty Hill Kenilworth Crescent (Stop H) 16:15
Forty Hill (Stop J) 16:17
Forty Hill Willow Road (Stop K) 16:19
Forty Hill Linwood Crescent (Stop L) 16:22

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