358 - Ribh Road (Opp Ard na Gri) - Waterford, Clock Tower The Quay

A bus service operated by TFI Local Link Waterford


Tramore Árd Na Groí 07:0011:0015:00
Tramore Clairin Wood 07:0211:0215:02
Newtown Hill (Waterford) Newtown Hill 07:0411:0415:04
Tramore 07:0911:0915:09
Lady's Cove The Park 07:3111:3115:31
The Harbour (Waterford) Dunmore East 07:3411:3415:34
Coxtown East Shanakiel 07:3711:3715:37
Killea (Waterford) Bayview 07:4211:4215:42
Dromina (Waterford) Saratoga Bar 07:5011:5015:50
Passage East Crooke 07:5511:5515:5517:20
Passage East 07:5711:5715:5717:22
Waterford City Waterford Hospital 08:0912:0916:0917:34
Waterford City Newtown 08:1612:1616:1617:41
Waterford City De La Salle School 08:1812:1816:1817:43
Waterford City Waterpark College 08:2012:2016:2017:45
Waterford City Lombard Street 08:2212:2216:2217:47
Waterford City Clock Tower 08:3012:3016:3017:55


Waterford City Clock Tower 09:0013:0016:4518:15
Waterford City Lombard Street 09:0213:0216:4718:17
Waterford City Dunmore Road 09:0413:0416:4918:19
Waterford City De La Salle School 09:0613:0616:5118:21
Waterford City Newtown 09:0813:0816:5318:23
Waterford City Waterford Hospital 09:1213:1216:5718:27
Passage East 09:2413:2417:0918:39
Passage East Crooke 09:2613:2617:1118:41
Dromina (Waterford) Saratoga Bar 09:3413:3418:49
Killea (Waterford) Bayview 09:3913:3918:54
Lady's Cove The Park 09:4313:4318:58
The Harbour (Waterford) Dunmore East 09:4713:4719:02
Coxtown East Shanakiel 09:5113:5119:06
Tramore 10:1114:1119:26
Newtown Hill (Waterford) Newtown Hill 10:1614:1619:31
Tramore Clairin Wood 10:1814:1819:33
Tramore Árd Na Groí 10:2014:2019:35

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 16 May 2024

TFI Local Link Waterford