360 - Stockport - Hayfield

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Manchester


Monday to Friday

Stockport Mersey Square (Stop G) 05:20
Stockport St Petersgate (Stop CC) 05:20
Stockport Lord Street (Stop NN) 05:20
Stockport Lord Street (Stop PP) 05:20
Stockport Grand Central (Stop RR) 05:20
Stockport College (Stop YY) 05:21
Stockport, nr Brentnall Street 05:22
Shaw Heath, adj Longshut Lane 05:22
Heaviley Wellington Road South (Stop B) 05:23
Heaviley, nr Nangreave Road 05:24
Heaviley, opp Kennerley Road 05:24
Heaviley, nr Corbar Road 05:25
Heaviley, opp Woodsmoor Lane 05:25
Great Moor, nr Cherry Tree Lane 05:26
Stepping Hill The Crown (Stop B) 05:27
Stepping Hill, o/s Sainsbury's 05:27
Stepping Hill, opp Brewers Green 05:28
Hazel Grove, nr Commercial Road 05:28
Hazel Grove, nr Queens Road 05:28
Hazel Grove, opp Chester Road 05:29
Hazel Grove Torkington Road (Stop A) 05:29
Hazel Grove Rising Sun (Stop C) 05:30
Hazel Grove Golf Club (o/s) 05:30
Hazel Grove, opp Mill Lane 05:31
Hazel Grove, opp Norbury Hollow Road 05:32
High Lane, opp Threaphurst Lane 05:32
High Lane, nr Royal Oak 05:33
High Lane, o/s Horse Shoe Inn 05:34
High Lane, opp Dog & Partridge 05:34
High Lane, nr Andrews Lane 05:35
High Lane, nr Alders Road 05:36
Disley, opp Park Road 05:37
Disley, opp Lyme Park 05:37
Disley, opp Railway Station 05:39
Disley, opp Ram's Head Hotel 05:40
Disley, o/s Dandy Cock PH 05:40
Danebank, o/s The Albert Hotel 05:41
Danebank, nr White Lion PH 05:41
Danebank Buxton Road (opp 128) 05:42
Newtown Lower Greenshall Lane (NE-bound) 05:43
Newtown Overdale Road (cnr) 05:44
Newtown Peveril Gardens (cnr) 05:44
Newtown, opp Swan Hotel 05:44
Newtown, adj Old Post Office 05:45
New Mills, opp Newtown Railway Station 05:46
New Mills, opp Victoria Street 05:46
New Mills, adj Jodrell Street 05:46
New Mills Queens Bridge (NE-bound) 05:46
New Mills, opp Jubilee Street 05:47
New Mills, opp Marsh Lane 05:49
New Mills, adj Cale Road 05:50
New Mills, opp Ellerscroft 05:50
Birch Vale, adj The Vine 05:52
Birch Vale Hayfield Road (E-bound) 05:52
Birch Vale, opp Grouse Hotel 05:53
Birch Vale, adj Birch Hall Close 05:53
Hayfield, opp Quarry 05:54
Hayfield, opp The Birches 05:55
Hayfield, adj New Mills Road 38 05:55
Hayfield, adj Bus Station 05:56

Timetable data from Stagecoach Manchester, 2 December 2021

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