35A - Monmouth - Staunton - Coleford - English Bicknor -Mitcheldean - Cinderford

A bus service operated by Forest Community Transport


Monday to Friday

Monmouth, at Bus Station Stand 1 17:30
Monmouth, at Agincourt Square 17:30
Monmouth, after Clinic 17:31
Monmouth, at Priory End 17:32
May Hill, before Mayhill Hotel 17:35
May Hill, o/s Firs 17:36
May Hill, after Kymin Road 17:37
Staunton, opp White Horse Inn 17:45
Staunton, by All Saints' Church 17:45
Crossways, opp Greenmoors 17:48
Crossways, opp Blakes Way 17:48
Coleford Angel Hotel (Stop 2) 17:50
Coleford, by Police Station 17:50
Coleford, opp Old Vicarage Court 17:50
Coleford, opp Bells Club and Hotel 17:51
Coalway, o/s Junior School 17:53
Coalway, o/s Eskimarket 17:54
Broadwell, nr Queensway 17:54
Broadwell, nr Football Ground 17:55
Broadwell, before Bridge 17:55
Broadwell, o/s Memorial Hall 17:56
Broadwell, before Bird-in-hand 17:56
Mile End, after Wood Road 17:57
Mile End, nr Forest Road 17:58
Five Acres, opp Garage 17:59
Five Acres, o/s Glencarn Place 17:59
Berry Hill, opp Lakers Road 18:00
Berry Hill, opp Globe Inn 18:00
Christchurch, by Crossroads 18:02
Christchurch, opp Church 18:03
Shortstanding, before The New Inn 18:03
English Bicknor, by Folly Lane 18:05
English Bicknor Smithy Close (corner of) 18:06
English Bicknor, nr St Mary's Church 18:08
Stowfield, after Business Park 18:12
Stowfield, opp Royds 18:13
Lower Lydbrook, by Park 18:13
Lower Lydbrook, by Forge Hammer 18:13
Lower Lydbrook, by Mill Row 18:14
Lower Lydbrook, opp Baptist Church 18:14
Lower Lydbrook, o/s Anchor Inn 18:15
Lower Lydbrook, o/s British Legion Club 18:16
Upper Lydbrook, opp Jovial Colliers Inn 18:17
Upper Lydbrook, nr Recreation Ground 18:17
Upper Lydbrook, opp Holy Jesus Church 18:17
Upper Lydbrook, by Church View 18:18
Joy’s Green, by Recreation Ground 18:19
Joy’s Green, by Cidermill 18:21
Ruardean, opp The Pludds Turn 18:22
Ruardean, before The Maltings 18:23
Ruardean, opp The Square 18:24
Ruardean, by St John's the Baptist 18:24
Ruardean, opp Old Police House 18:25
Crooked End, opp Methodist Church 18:25
Crooked End Farm (by) 18:26
Ruardean Hill, after Well Lane 18:27
Ruardean Hill, opp Nelson Arms 18:27
Ruardean Hill, opp Bents Lane 18:28
Nailbridge, opp Bridge Road 18:29
Drybrook, o/s Memorial Hall 18:30
Drybrook, o/s Primary School 18:30
Drybrook, o/s Hearts of Oak 18:30
Drybrook, nr West Avenue 18:31
Drybrook, after Mannings Road 18:32
Mitcheldean, nr Dishes Brook 18:34
Mitcheldean, by Stenders Business Park 18:35
Mitcheldean, o/s Dunstone Place 18:36
Mitcheldean, opp Primary School 18:36
Mitcheldean, opp The Cottage 18:37
Mitcheldean Vantage Point Grounds (inside) 18:39
Mitcheldean, in Vantage Point Car Park 18:39
Mitcheldean, before Lamb Inn 18:41
Mitcheldean, opp Dunstone Place 18:41
Mitcheldean, opp Stenders Business Park 18:42
Mitcheldean, opp Dishes Brook 18:43
Drybrook, opp Mannings Road 18:45
Drybrook, opp West Avenue 18:45
Drybrook, opp Hearts of Oak 18:46
Drybrook, opp Primary School 18:46
Drybrook, opp Memorial Hall 18:46
Nailbridge, nr Bridge Road 18:47
Nailbridge, before The Branch 18:48
Steam Mills, by Primary School 18:49
Steam Mills, by Garage 18:50
Cinderford, before Industrial Estate 18:50
Cinderford, after Valley Road 18:52
Cinderford, after Abbotswood Garage 18:52
Cinderford, opp Lidl Store 18:53
Cinderford, o/s Co-op Superstore 18:54
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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