363 - Mansfield - Minster C of E School

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East Midlands

Mansfield Bus Station - Southwell Minster School Bus Park

Mansfield Bus Station (Bay O) 07:35
Mansfield Quaker Way (NW-bound) 07:35
Mansfield, opp Great Central Road 07:37
Mansfield, adj Frederick Street 07:37
Berry Hill, adj Windsor Road 07:39
Berry Hill, opp Recreation Ground 07:39
Berry Hill Close (opp) 07:39
Berry Hill Road (S-bound) 07:40
Berry Hill, opp Woodside Avenue 07:40
Berry Hill Park Chatsworth Drive (SE-bound) 07:41
Berry Hill Park, adj Chestnut Hill 07:41
Berry Hill Park, adj Black Scotch Lane 07:42
Berry Hill Park, adj The Avenue 07:43
Berry Hill Park, opp Waterson Avenue 07:43
Berry Hill Park Lindhurst Lane (N-bound) 07:43
Mansfield Southwell Road West (E-bound) 07:44
Mansfield, opp Bellamy Road 07:45
Mansfield, adj Ransom Business Park 07:46
Rainworth, opp Blidworth Lane 07:47
Rainworth, adj Helmsley Road 07:48
Rainworth, opp Farnsworth Avenue 07:48
Rainworth, adj Leeway Road 07:49
Rainworth, adj Pumping Station 07:49
Rainworth Southwell Road East (SE-bound) 07:50
Rainworth, opp Thoresby Road 07:51
Rainworth, opp Joseph Whitaker School 07:51
Rainworth, adj St Georges Church 07:52
Rainworth Warsop Lane (N-bound) 07:52
Blidworth Lane (S-bound) 07:53
Blidworth, adj Fire Station 07:54
Blidworth, adj Belle Vue Lane 07:54
Blidworth, opp New Lane 07:55
Blidworth Mansfield Road (S-bound) 07:55
Blidworth, opp Abbey Road 07:56
Blidworth, adj Park Avenue 07:56
Blidworth, adj Sherwood Avenue 07:57
Blidworth, opp Baulker Farm 08:00
Bilsthorpe Mickledale Lane (E-bound) 08:13
Bilsthorpe, adj Mickledale Close 08:14
Bilsthorpe, opp Allandale 08:14
Bilsthorpe, adj Stanton Arms 08:15
Bilsthorpe, opp Savile Road 08:15
Bilsthorpe, opp Church Street 08:16
Bilsthorpe, adj Church Hill 08:18
Bilsthorpe, adj Benet Drive 08:18
Bilsthorpe Moor, opp Farnsfield Road 08:19
Kirklington Newark Road (SW-bound) 08:25
Kirklington, adj School Lane 08:25
Southwell, adj Norwood Gardens 08:33
Southwell, opp The Ropewalk 08:34
Southwell, adj Station Road 08:35
Southwell Burgage (SW-bound) 08:37
Southwell, opp Lowes Wong 08:38
Southwell, adj Park Terrace 08:39
Southwell, in Minster School Bus Park 08:40

Southwell Minster School Bus Park - Mansfield Bus Station

Southwell, in Minster School Bus Park 15:1015:10
Southwell, opp Park Terrace 15:1115:11
Southwell, adj Lowes Wong 15:1115:11
Southwell, opp Station Road 15:1315:13
Southwell, adj The Ropewalk 15:1415:14
Kirklington, opp School Lane 15:2315:23
Kirklington Newark Road (NE-bound) 15:2315:23
Bilsthorpe Moor, adj Farnsfield Road 15:3115:31
Bilsthorpe, opp Benet Drive 15:3215:32
Bilsthorpe, opp Church Hill 15:3215:32
Bilsthorpe, adj Church Street 15:3415:34
Bilsthorpe, adj Savile Road 15:3515:35
Bilsthorpe, nr Stanton Arms 15:3515:35
Bilsthorpe, adj Allandale 15:3615:36
Bilsthorpe, opp Mickledale Close 15:3615:36
Bilsthorpe Mickledale Lane (W-bound) 15:3715:37
Blidworth, adj Baulker Farm 15:5015:50
Blidworth, opp Sherwood Avenue 15:5315:53
Blidworth, opp Park Avenue 15:5415:54
Blidworth, adj Abbey Road 15:5415:54
Blidworth Mansfield Road (N-bound) 15:5515:55
Blidworth, opp Belle Vue Lane 15:5615:56
Blidworth, opp Fire Station 15:5615:57
Blidworth Lane (N-bound) 15:5715:58
Rainworth Warsop Lane (S-bound) 15:5816:00
Rainworth, opp St Georges Church 15:5816:01
Rainworth, o/s Joseph Whitaker School 15:5916:02
Rainworth, adj Thoresby Road 15:5916:04
Rainworth Southwell Road East (NW-bound) 16:0016:05
Rainworth, opp Pumping Station 16:0116:05
Rainworth, opp Second Avenue 16:0116:06
Rainworth, adj Farnsworth Avenue 16:0216:06
Rainworth, opp Helmsley Road 16:0216:06
Mansfield, opp Ransom Business Park 16:0316:07
Mansfield, adj Anglia Way 16:0416:08
Mansfield, adj Bellamy Road 16:05
Mansfield Industrial Estate (SW-bound) 16:08
Mansfield Southwell Road West (W-bound) 16:06
Bellamy Road Estate, adj Egmanton Road 16:09
Berry Hill Park Lindhurst Lane (S-bound) 16:07
Bellamy Road Estate, adj Colston Road 16:09
Berry Hill Park, adj Waterson Avenue 16:07
Berry Hill Park, opp The Avenue 16:0816:09
Berry Hill Park, opp Black Scotch Lane 16:0816:10
Berry Hill Park, opp Chestnut Hill 16:0916:10
Berry Hill Park Chatsworth Drive (NW-bound) 16:1016:11
Berry Hill, adj Woodside Avenue 16:10
NTU Mansfield Hub (adj) 16:12
Berry Hill Road (N-bound) 16:11
Mansfield, adj West Notts College 16:12
Berry Hill Close (adj) 16:11
Mansfield, adj Forest Hill 16:12
Berry Hill, adj Recreation Ground 16:11
Mansfield, adj Harlow Avenue 16:13
Berry Hill, opp Windsor Road 16:12
Mansfield, adj Atkin Lane 16:13
Mansfield, opp Frederick Street 16:13
Mansfield, nr Alexandra Avenue 16:13
Mansfield, adj Great Central Road 16:14
Mansfield, opp Stella Street 16:14
Mansfield Bridge Street (W-bound) 16:14
Mansfield, adj Bishop Street 16:14
Mansfield Bus Station (Bay O) 16:1516:15

Timetable data from Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 5 April 2024, Stagecoach East Midlands, 13 April 2024, the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024

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