364 - Doncaster Intc - Doncaster Intc

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire

Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A8 (A8) 08:38
Doncaster, adj North Bridge Road/Elwis Street 05:5306:5308:4817:5819:5821:58
Bentley Road/Hunt Lane (opp) 05:5406:5408:4917:5919:5921:59
Bentley Road/Yarborough Terrace (opp) 05:5506:5508:5018:0020:0022:00
Bentley Road/Kirkby Avenue (adj) 05:5506:5508:5018:0020:0022:00
Bentley Road/Bentley Road Garage (opp) 05:5606:5608:5118:0120:0122:01
Bentley Road/Royston Avenue (adj) 05:5606:5608:5118:0120:0122:01
Bentley Road/Broughton Avenue (adj) 05:5606:5608:5118:0120:0122:01
Bentley, adj High Street/Church Street 05:5706:5708:5218:0220:0222:02
Bentley, opp High Street/Central Avenue 05:5806:5808:5318:0320:0322:03
Bentley, adj Arksey Lane/The Avenue 05:5806:5808:5318:0320:0322:03
Bentley, adj Arksey Lane/Balfour Road 05:5906:5908:5418:0420:0422:04
Arksey Lane/Stocksbridge Lane (nr) 06:0107:0108:5618:0620:0622:06
Arksey, opp Station Road/Grosvenor Crescent 06:0207:0208:5718:0720:0722:07
Arksey, adj High Street/Station Road 06:0407:0408:5918:0920:0922:09
Arksey, opp Marsh Lane/High Street 06:0607:0609:0118:1120:1122:11
Arksey, adj Station Road/Ings Lane 06:0607:0618:1120:1122:11
Arksey, adj Station Road/Grosvenor Crescent 06:0707:0718:1220:1222:12
Arksey, nr Station Road/Hemp Pits Road 06:0807:0818:1320:1322:13
Bentley, adj Arksey Lane/Millfield Road 06:1007:1018:1520:1522:15
Bentley, adj Arksey Lane/High Street 06:1107:1118:1620:1622:16
Bentley, adj High Street/Central Avenue 06:1207:1218:1720:1722:17
Bentley, nr High Street/Old Hall Road 06:1207:1218:1720:1722:17
Bentley Road/Broughton Avenue (opp) 06:1307:1318:1920:1822:18
Bentley Road/Haslemere Grove (adj) 06:1407:1418:2020:1922:19
Bentley Road/Earlston Drive (opp) 06:1407:1418:2020:1922:19
Bentley Road/Yarborough Terrace (adj) 06:1507:1518:2220:2022:20
Bentley Road/Hunt Lane (adj) 06:1507:1518:2220:2022:20
Doncaster, opp North Bridge Road/Marsh Gate 06:1607:1618:2320:2122:21
Doncaster, adj North Bridge Road/Church Way 06:1907:1918:2820:2422:24
Doncaster, adj Church View/Greyfriars Road 06:2007:2018:2920:2522:25
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A12 (A12) 06:2207:2218:3220:2722:27

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