366 - Luton - Welwyn Garden City

A bus service operated by Centrebus (South)

Luton to Welwyn Garden City

Luton Station Interchange (Stand 8) 15:20
Luton Church Street (Stop C9) 15:23
Luton Park Square (Stop P3) 15:23
Park Town, opp Bailey Street 15:24
Park Town, opp Seymour Road 15:25
Park Town, o/s Griffin House 15:26
Luton Airport, opp Venue 360 15:28
Luton Airport Parkway Rail Station (o/s) 15:30
Newmill End, adj Chiltern Green Road 15:35
East Hyde, opp Viaduct Cottages 15:37
East Hyde, adj Hambro Close 15:38
Harpenden, opp Hyde Mill Farm 15:39
Harpenden, opp The Red Cow PH 15:41
Harpenden, adj Beeching Close 15:41
Harpenden, nr Masefield Road 15:42
Harpenden, nr Dell Close 15:43
Harpenden, nr Ox Lane 15:44
Harpenden, o/s St Georges School 15:45
Harpenden, nr Bowers Way 15:46
Harpenden, opp Old Cock Inn 15:47
Harpenden The George PH (Stop D) 15:48
Harpenden Railway Station (Stop B) 15:48
Harpenden, opp Overstone Road 15:50
Harpenden, opp Lyndhurst Drive 15:51
Harpenden, opp Langdale Avenue 15:52
Harpenden, nr Martham Court 15:53
Batford, adj The Malta PH 15:55
Batford Road (nr) 15:55
Batford, adj Common Lane 15:56
Marshalls Heath, adj Valley Rise 15:57
Marshalls Heath, adj Castle Rise 15:58
Marshalls Heath, opp Cherry Trees Restaurant 15:59
The Folly, adj Folly Fields 16:00
The Folly, o/s Cottages 16:01
Wheathampstead, adj Rose Lane 16:03
Wheathampstead, opp St Helen's Church 16:05
Wheathampstead, o/s Memorial Hall 16:05
Wheathampstead, opp Conquerors Hill 16:05
Wheathampstead, adj Sheepcote Lane 16:06
Waterend Lane (nr) 16:08
Cromer Hyde, opp Crooked Chimney PH 16:10
Lemsford, opp The Sun PH 16:12
Welwyn Garden City Lemsford Corner (NE-bound) 16:13
Welwyn Garden City, opp Applecroft Road 16:13
Welwyn Garden City, opp Youngs Rise 16:14
Welwyn Garden City, adj The Valley Green 16:15
Welwyn Garden City, opp Handside Lane 16:15
Welwyn Garden City, nr Campus West 16:16
Welwyn Garden City, nr Campus East 16:16
Welwyn Garden City Bus Station (Stop F) 16:18

Welwyn Garden City to Luton

Welwyn Garden City Bus Station (Stop D) 07:45
Welwyn Garden City John Lewis (Stop J) 07:45
Welwyn Garden City, nr Handside Lane 07:46
Welwyn Garden City, opp The Valley Green 07:47
Welwyn Garden City, nr Youngs Rise 07:47
Welwyn Garden City, adj Applecroft Road 07:48
Welwyn Garden City Lemsford Corner (SW-bound) 07:49
Lemsford, nr The Sun PH 07:51
Cromer Hyde, nr Crooked Chimney PH 07:53
Waterend Lane (opp) 07:55
Wheathampstead, opp Sheepcote Lane 07:58
Wheathampstead, nr Conquerors Hill 07:58
Wheathampstead, opp Memorial Hall 07:59
Wheathampstead, o/s St Helen's Church 08:00
Wheathampstead, opp Rose Lane 08:01
The Folly, opp Cottages 08:03
The Folly, opp Folly Fields 08:05
Marshalls Heath, adj Cherry Trees Restaurant 08:07
Marshalls Heath, opp Castle Rise 08:07
Marshalls Heath, opp Valley Rise 08:08
Batford, opp Common Lane 08:10
Batford Road (opp) 08:10
Batford, opp The Malta PH 08:12
Harpenden, opp Martham Court 08:13
Harpenden, adj Langdale Avenue 08:14
Harpenden, nr Lyndhurst Drive 08:15
Harpenden, adj Overstone Road 08:16
Harpenden Railway Station (Stop A) 08:18
Harpenden The George PH (Stop C) 08:19
Harpenden, o/s Old Cock Inn 08:19
Harpenden, opp Bowers Way 08:20
Harpenden, opp St Georges School 08:20
Harpenden, opp Ox Lane 08:21
Harpenden, opp Dell Close 08:22
Harpenden, opp Masefield Road 08:22
Harpenden, opp Beeching Close 08:23
Harpenden, adj The Red Cow PH 08:24
Harpenden, nr Hyde Mill Farm 08:27
East Hyde, opp Hambro Close 08:29
East Hyde, o/s Viaduct Cottages 08:29
Newmill End, opp Chiltern Green Road 08:31
Luton Airport Parkway Rail Station (o/s) 08:39
Luton Airport, o/s Venue 360 08:42
Vauxhall, opp The Windmill Inn 08:46
Luton St Marys Road (NW-bound) 08:49
Luton Church Street (Stop C9) 08:50
Luton Station Interchange (Stand 8) 08:55

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