37 - Longton - Meir Square:Hanley:Newcastle - Lymedale Business Park

A bus service operated by First Potteries

Longton, Mrkt St - Lymedale

Longton, adj Market Street 04:45
Longton, opp Gladstone Pottery 04:45
Longton, opp St James' Church 04:46
Normacot, adj Longton Fire Station 04:46
Meir, adj Broadway 04:48
Meir, adj Late Shop 04:49
Meir, adj Brownfield Road 04:50
Meir, opp North Walk 04:50
Meir Square (adj) 04:51
Meir, adj Stansmore Road 04:52
Meir, adj Blatchford Close 04:53
Meir, adj Snowden Way 04:53
Meir, opp Lansbury Grove 04:54
Meir, adj Weston Road 04:54
Weston Coyney, adj Coyney Grove 04:55
Weston Coyney, opp New Kingsway 04:55
Weston Coyney Road (adj) 04:55
Weston Coyney, adj Parkhall Avenue 04:56
Park Hall, adj Glandore Road 04:57
Park Hall, adj Defoe Drive 04:58
Adderley Green, adj First bus depot 04:59
Bentilee, opp Cowley Way 05:01
Bentilee, opp Homestead Street 05:01
Bentilee, adj Croftfield Street 05:02
Bentilee, adj Wellfield Road 05:03
Bentilee, opp Brassington Way 05:07
Bentilee, adj Farleigh Grove 05:08
Bentilee, adj Sundorne Place 05:10
Bentilee, opp Twigg Street 05:10
Bentilee, adj Arbourfield Drive 05:12
Bucknall, opp Foundry Lane 05:12
Bucknall, adj Trent Tavern 05:13
Bucknall, adj Millett Road 05:14
Bucknall, opp New Finney Gardens 05:14
Hanley, opp Somerset Road 05:16
Hanley, adj Wellington Road 05:16
Hanley, opp Potteries Way 05:17
Hanley, adj stop J1 05:20
Hanley Bus Station (stand A) 05:21
Hanley, adj stop B 3 05:23
Shelton, adj Victoria Square 05:24
Shelton, adj St Mark's Church 05:24
Shelton, adj Howard Place 05:25
Shelton, adj Pyenest Street 05:25
Shelton, opp Etruscan Street 05:26
Cliffe Vale, adj Queensway flyover 05:28
Cliffe Vale, opp Brick Kiln Lane 05:29
Cliffe Vale, adj Balloon Street 05:31
Newcastle, adj York Street 05:32
Newcastle Under Lyme, opp Seagrave Street 05:32
Newcastle, nr Hanover Street 05:33
Newcastle Bus Station (Stand 4) 05:35
Newcastle Merrial Street (Stop D) 05:36
Newcastle, adj Sainsbury's 05:38
Cross Heath, adj Hassam Avenue 05:39
Cross Heath, opp St Michaels Road 05:39
Cross Heath, adj Shops 05:40
Cross Heath, adj Lower Milehouse Lane 05:40
Cross Heath, adj Brymbo Road 05:41
Cross Heath, adj Redmine Close 05:42
Chesterton, opp Dalewood Road 05:44
Chesterton, opp TJX Europe 05:45
Chesterton, nr Ore Close 05:46
Chesterton, nr Dalewood Road 05:47

Lymedale - stop C

Chesterton, nr Dalewood Road 18:05
Chesterton, adj Peacock Road 06:1618:16
Cross Heath, adj Liverpool Road 06:1718:17
Cross Heath, opp Brymbo Road 06:1718:17
Cross Heath, opp Shops 06:1818:18
Cross Heath, adj St Michaels Road 06:1818:18
Cross Heath, opp Hassam Avenue 06:1918:19
Newcastle, opp Sainsbury's 06:2018:20
Newcastle, adj Brindley Street 06:2018:20
Newcastle Bus Station (Stand 10) 06:2318:22
Newcastle, opp Hanover Street 06:2418:23
Newcastle Under Lyme, adj Seagrave Street 06:2518:24
Cliffe Vale, adj Collis Avenue 06:2618:25
Cliffe Vale, adj Victoria Street 06:2618:25
Cliffe Vale, adj Brick Kiln Lane 06:2718:26
Cliffe Vale, adj Queensway flyover 06:2818:27
Shelton, adj Etruscan Street 06:2918:28
Shelton, adj Shearer Street 06:3018:30
Shelton, adj Howard Place 06:3118:31
Shelton, adj Havelock Place 06:3118:31
Shelton, opp Victoria Square 06:3218:32
Hanley, adj stop J1 06:3418:34
Hanley Bus Station (stand H) 06:3518:35
Hanley, adj stop O 1 06:3818:37
Hanley, adj St Ann Street 06:3918:39
Hanley, adj Somerset Road 06:3918:39
Hanley, opp Ivy House Road 06:4018:40
Bucknall, adj New Finney Gardens 06:4018:40
Bucknall, adj Christine Street 06:4018:40
Bucknall, opp Trent Tavern 06:4218:41
Bucknall, adj Foundry Lane 06:4218:41
Bentilee, adj Twigg Street 06:4318:42
Bentilee, opp Sundorne Place 06:4318:42
Bentilee, adj Latimer Way 06:4418:44
Bentilee, adj Brassington Way 06:4618:45
Bentilee, adj Devonshire Square 06:4718:46
Bentilee, adj Tyson Green 06:4818:47
Bentilee, opp Croftfield Street 06:5018:49
Bentilee, adj Homestead Street 06:5018:49
Bentilee, adj Cowley Way 06:5118:50
Adderley Green, opp First bus depot 06:5118:50
Park Hall, opp Defoe Drive 06:5418:53
Park Hall, opp Glandore Road 06:5418:53
Weston Coyney, adj Horton Drive 06:5518:54
Weston Coyney, adj St Andrew's Church 06:5518:54
Weston Coyney, adj New Kingsway 06:5718:55
Weston Coyney, opp Coyney Grove 06:5718:55
Meir, adj Weston Road 06:5718:55
Meir, adj Lansbury Grove 06:5818:57
Meir, opp Snowden Way 06:5818:57
Meir, adj Beveridge Close 07:0018:58
Meir, adj Stansmore Road 07:0018:58
Meir Square (adj) 07:0319:01
Meir, opp Brownfield Road 07:0419:02
Meir, adj Penfleet Avenue 07:0419:02
Meir, opp Late Shop 07:0519:03
Meir, opp Broadway 07:0519:04
Normacot, opp Longton Fire Station 07:0919:08
Normacot, adj Calverley Street 07:0919:08
Longton, adj St James' Church 07:1019:09
Longton, adj Gladstone Pottery 07:1019:10
Longton, adj stop B 07:1219:12
Longton, adj stop C 07:1219:12

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