37 - King's Lynn - Downham Market

A bus service operated by Lynx

King's Lynn to Downham Market

King’s Lynn Transport Interchange (Stand F) 08:5509:5510:5511:5512:5513:5516:1517:15
King’s Lynn, adj Railway Station 08:5709:5710:5711:5712:5713:5716:1517:15
King’s Lynn, opp Millfleet 08:5809:5810:5811:5812:5813:5816:1617:16
King’s Lynn, opp Southgate Street 08:5909:5910:5911:5912:5913:5916:1717:17
King’s Lynn, adj Cemetery Lodge 09:0010:0011:0012:0013:0014:0016:1817:18
King’s Lynn, opp Hardwick Tesco 09:0210:0211:0212:0213:0214:0216:2217:22
West Winch, opp Esso Garage 09:0410:0411:0412:0413:0414:0416:2217:22
West Winch, adj The Winch 09:0510:0511:0512:0513:0514:0516:2217:22
West Winch, adj Mill Lane 09:0610:0611:0612:0613:0614:0616:2317:23
West Winch, adj Rectory Lane 09:0610:0611:0612:0613:0614:0616:2617:26
West Winch, adj Chequers Lane 09:0710:0711:0712:0713:0714:0716:2617:26
West Winch, opp Gravelhill Lane 09:0810:0811:0812:0813:0814:0816:2817:28
West Winch, opp Garage Lane 09:0910:0911:0912:0913:0914:0916:2917:29
Setchey, opp Old Church Layby 09:1010:1011:1012:1013:1014:1016:2917:29
Setchey, adj Old Garage Layby 09:1010:1011:1012:1013:1014:1016:3017:30
Tottenhill, opp Stoke Road 09:1110:1111:1112:1113:1114:1116:3217:32
Watlington, adj Mill Road 12:14
Tottenhill, adj Dray & Horses 09:1310:1311:1313:1314:1316:3317:33
Watlington, opp Telephone Exchange 12:16
Runcton Holme, opp School Road 09:1510:1511:1513:1514:1516:3517:35
Watlington, adj Thieves Bridge Road 12:17
Stow Bardolph, adj Stow Bridge Road 09:1710:1711:1713:1714:1716:3717:37
Runcton Holme, opp Common Road 12:19
Wimbotsham, opp Church Road 09:1910:1911:1913:1914:1916:3917:39
Stowbridge, adj Bus Shelter 12:23
Wimbotsham, opp Layby 12:28
Wimbotsham, adj Honey Hill 12:28
Downham Market, opp Low Road 09:2010:2011:2012:2913:2014:2016:4017:40
Downham Market, adj The Firs 09:2110:2111:2112:3013:2114:2116:4117:41
Downham Market, opp The Cock 09:2110:2111:2112:3013:2114:2116:4117:41
Downham Market, opp Pine Close 09:2310:2312:3113:2314:2316:43
Downham Market, adj Grimshoe Road 09:2310:2311:2312:3113:2314:2316:43
Downham Market, adj Gallow Drive 09:2410:2411:2412:3213:2414:2416:44
Downham Market, adj Kingfisher Road 09:2510:2511:2512:3313:2514:2516:45
Downham Market, opp Gallow Drive 09:2610:2611:2612:3413:2614:2616:46
Downham Market, adj Pine Close 09:2810:2811:2812:3613:2814:2816:48
Downham Market Bridge Street 09:3510:3511:3512:4013:3514:3516:5517:50
Downham Market, adj Court House 09:3810:3811:3512:4313:3814:3816:5817:53
Downham Market, adj Tesco Superstore 09:4010:4011:4012:4513:4014:4016:5917:54
Downham Market Trafalgar Road (o/s 3) 09:4110:4111:4112:4613:4114:4117:0017:55
Downham Market, adj Victory Road 09:4210:4211:4212:4713:4214:4217:0117:56
Downham Market, adj High Hatters Close 09:4210:4211:4212:4713:4214:4217:0117:56
Downham Market, opp Churchill Way 09:4210:4211:4212:4713:4214:42
Downham Market, opp Park Lane 17:0217:57
Downham Market, adj Finsbury Close 11:44
Downham Market, adj Belsize Close 11:44
Downham Market, nr Harebell Road 09:4210:4311:4412:4813:4214:43
Downham Market, opp Sorrel Way 09:4210:4311:4512:4813:4214:43
Downham Market, adj Palmer Way 09:4310:4311:4612:4813:4314:43
Denver, adj Church Of St Mary 09:4610:4611:4912:5113:4614:4617:0317:57
Fordham, opp Turn 09:4910:4911:5212:5413:4914:4917:0317:58
Hilgay, opp Bus Shelter 09:5210:5211:5512:5613:5214:5217:0618:01
Hilgay, adj War Memorial 09:5210:5211:5512:5613:5214:5217:0718:02
Hilgay, opp Foresters Avenue 09:5210:5211:5512:5713:5214:5217:0818:03
Ten Mile Bank, opp Station Road 09:5712:0013:5717:1118:06
Ten Mile Bank, adj Steven's Crescent 09:5912:0213:5917:1218:07
Southery, opp Primary School 10:5813:0314:5817:1518:10

Downham Market to King's Lynn

Southery, opp Primary School 06:5809:0311:0313:0315:35
Southery, opp Old White Bell 06:5909:0311:0313:0315:38
Southery, adj Post box 07:0009:0311:0313:0315:38
Southery Lynn Road (opp 58) 07:0109:0415:39
Ten Mile Bank, opp Station Road 07:02
Ten Mile Bank, adj Steven's Crescent 07:0410:0412:0414:04
Hilgay, adj Foresters Avenue 07:0909:0910:0911:0912:0913:0914:0915:41
Hilgay, opp War Memorial 07:0909:1010:1011:0912:1013:0914:1015:42
Hilgay, adj Bus Shelter 07:0909:1010:1011:0912:1013:0914:1015:43
Fordham, adj Turn 07:1009:1210:1211:1112:1213:1114:1215:44
Denver, opp Church Of St Mary 07:1409:1410:1411:1412:1413:1414:1415:46
Downham Market, adj Palmer Way 09:16
Downham Market, adj Palmer Way 07:1608:5510:1611:1612:1613:1614:16
Downham Market, adj Park Lane 15:51
Downham Market, adj Sorrel Way 07:1608:5509:1710:1611:1612:1613:1614:16
Downham Market, adj Tesco Superstore 15:55
Downham Market, adj green 07:1608:5509:1710:1711:1712:1713:1714:17
Downham Market, opp Belsize Close 09:18
Downham Market, adj Finsbury Close 09:19
Downham Market, adj Belsize Close 09:20
Downham Market, opp High Hatters Close 07:1808:5709:2010:1811:1812:1813:1814:18
Downham Market, opp Victory Road 07:2008:5909:2110:2011:2012:2013:2014:20
Downham Market Trafalgar Road (o/s 4) 07:2409:0309:2410:2111:2112:2113:2114:21
Downham Market Paradise Road 07:3009:0809:3010:3011:3012:3013:3014:3016:00
Downham Market, opp Pine Close 07:3209:3210:3211:3212:3213:3214:32
Downham Market, adj Grimshoe Road 07:3309:3310:3311:3312:3313:3314:33
Downham Market, adj Gallow Drive 07:3409:3410:3411:3412:3413:3414:34
Downham Market, adj Kingfisher Road 07:3509:3510:3511:3512:3513:3514:35
Downham Market, opp Gallow Drive 07:3509:3510:3611:3612:3613:3614:36
Downham Market, adj Pine Close 07:3609:3510:3711:3712:3713:3714:37
Downham Market, adj The Cock 07:3609:0909:3610:3811:3812:3813:3814:3816:01
Downham Market, opp Civray Avenue 07:3709:0909:3610:3811:3812:3813:3814:3816:02
Downham Market, opp The Firs 07:3709:0909:3610:3811:3812:3813:3814:3816:03
Downham Market, adj Low Road 07:3809:1009:3710:3911:3912:3913:3914:3916:04
Wimbotsham, opp Honey Hill 09:13
Wimbotsham, adj Church Road 07:4009:4010:4011:4012:4013:4014:4016:06
Wimbotsham, adj Layby 09:14
Stow Bardolph, opp Stow Bridge Road 07:4009:4110:4011:4012:4013:4014:4016:07
Stowbridge, opp Bus Shelter 09:17
Runcton Holme, adj School Road 07:4309:4210:4311:4312:4313:4314:4316:10
Runcton Holme, adj Common Road 09:19
Tottenhill, opp Dray & Horses 07:4609:4610:4611:4612:4613:4614:4616:12
Watlington, opp Thieves Bridge Road 09:21
Watlington, adj Telephone Exchange 09:22
Watlington, opp Mill Road 09:23
Tottenhill, adj Stoke Road 07:4709:2709:4710:4711:4712:4713:4714:4716:12
Setchey, opp Old Garage Layby 07:4909:2909:4910:4911:4912:4913:4914:4916:13
Setchey, adj Old Church Layby 07:4909:2909:4910:4911:4912:4913:4914:4916:15
West Winch, adj Garage Lane 07:4909:2909:5010:5011:5012:5013:5014:5016:15
West Winch, adj Gravelhill Lane 07:5009:3009:5010:5111:5112:5113:5114:5116:15
West Winch, opp Chequers Lane 07:5109:3109:5110:5211:5212:5213:5214:5216:15
West Winch, opp Rectory Lane 07:5209:3209:5210:5211:5212:5213:5214:5216:18
West Winch, opp Mill Lane 07:5309:3209:5210:5311:5312:5313:5314:5316:18
West Winch, opp The Winch 07:5309:3309:5310:5411:5412:5413:5414:5416:19
West Winch, adj Esso Garage 07:5409:3309:5310:5411:5412:5413:5414:5416:20
King’s Lynn, adj Hardwick Tesco 07:5609:3509:5610:5611:5612:5613:5614:5616:22
King’s Lynn, adj McDonalds layby 07:5709:3609:5810:5811:5812:5813:5814:5816:22
King’s Lynn, opp Cemetery Lodge 07:5809:3809:5911:0012:0013:0014:0015:0016:23
King’s Lynn, adj Southgate Street 08:0009:4010:0111:0212:0213:0214:0215:0216:24
King’s Lynn, adj Millfleet 08:0209:4210:0311:0412:0413:0414:0415:0416:25
King’s Lynn Transport Interchange (Stand A) 08:0509:4510:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:0516:31

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