37A - East Harling - Norwich

A bus service operated by Coach Services and Simonds

Diss East Harling out to - Norwich
East Harling Mkt Place - Norwich Castle Meadow CR

Operator Coach Services
East Harling, adj Market Place 06:4209:1514:50
East Harling, opp Pound Corner 06:4209:1514:50
East Harling, adj Jubilee Avenue 06:4209:1514:50
Kenninghall, opp School Close 06:4809:2114:56
Kenninghall, opp Post Office 06:4909:2214:57
Banham Zoo (opp) 06:5309:2615:01
Banham, opp Grey's Manor 06:5309:2615:01
Banham, adj school 06:5309:2615:02
Banham, adj Phone Box 06:5309:2615:02
Old Buckenham, opp Green 07:0109:34
New Buckenham, adj Green 07:0709:4015:08
Carleton Rode, adj Flaxlands 07:1109:44
Bunwell, opp Hall Road 07:1809:51
Bunwell, opp Post Office 07:1809:51
Forncett End, adj Jolly Farmers 07:2409:5715:16
Tacolneston, opp First School 07:2609:5915:17
Ashwellthorpe, opp New Road 07:3210:0515:17
Ashwellthorpe, adj White Horse 07:3210:05
Ashwellthorpe, opp village shop 07:3210:05
Wreningham, opp Top Row 07:3810:1115:23
Wreningham, adj Bird In Hand 07:3910:1215:24
Bracon Ash, adj School Road 07:4210:1515:27
Mulbarton Roundabout (E-Bound) 07:4310:1615:28
Mulbarton, adj Lark Rise 07:4410:1715:28
Mulbarton, adj Birchfield Lane 07:4510:1815:29
Mulbarton, adj Birchfield Gardens 07:4510:1815:30
Mulbarton, adj The Common 07:4510:1815:31
Mulbarton, adj Worlds End 07:5110:2415:34
Swardeston, adj Bus Shelter 07:5410:2715:37
Swardeston, adj Short Lane 07:5410:2715:37
Keswick, adj Low Road 07:5410:2715:37
South Tuckswood, opp Marsh Harrier Inn 07:5510:2815:38
Tuckswood, adj Fountains Road 07:5610:2915:39
Tuckswood, opp Bessemer Road 07:5810:3115:41
Tuckswood, adj Robin Hood Road 08:0010:3315:43
Tuckswood, opp Sandy Lane 08:0110:3415:44
Norwich City College, opp Campus 08:0510:3815:48
Norwich, opp Ipswich Grove 08:0510:3815:48
Norwich, adj St Stephens Square 08:0510:3815:48
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BC) 08:1010:4315:53
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CC) 08:1210:4515:55

Norwich - Diss East Harling out to
Norwich Castle Meadow CR - East Harling Mkt Place

Operator Coach Services
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CR) 08:1513:1516:1517:45
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BN) 08:2013:2016:2017:50
Norwich, opp St Stephens Square 08:2013:2016:2017:50
Norwich, adj Ipswich Grove 08:2013:2016:2017:50
Norwich City College, adj Campus 08:2513:2516:2517:55
Tuckswood, adj Sandy Lane 08:2713:2716:2717:57
Tuckswood, opp Robin Hood Road 08:2813:2816:2817:58
Tuckswood, adj Bessemer Road 08:2913:2916:2917:59
Tuckswood, opp Fountains Road 08:3013:3016:3018:00
South Tuckswood, adj Marsh Harrier Inn 08:3113:3216:3218:02
Keswick, opp Low Road 08:3113:3316:3318:03
Swardeston, opp Short Lane 08:3213:3516:3518:05
Swardeston, opp Bus Shelter 08:3213:3516:3518:05
Mulbarton, opp Worlds End 08:3513:3716:3718:07
Mulbarton, adj Rectory Lane 08:3513:3716:3718:07
Mulbarton, adj Bluebell Road 08:3513:3716:3718:07
Mulbarton, opp Birchfield Lane 08:4213:4016:4018:10
Mulbarton, opp Lark Rise 08:4213:4016:4018:10
Mulbarton Roundabout (W-Bound) 08:4213:4016:4018:10
Bracon Ash, opp School Road 08:4413:4216:4218:12
Wreningham, opp Bird In Hand 08:4613:4416:4418:14
Wreningham, adj Top Row 08:4613:4416:4418:14
Ashwellthorpe, adj village shop 13:4616:4618:16
Ashwellthorpe, opp White Horse 13:4716:4718:17
Ashwellthorpe, adj New Road 13:4916:4918:19
Tacolneston, adj First School 08:5213:5416:5418:24
Forncett End, opp Jolly Farmers 08:5413:5616:5618:26
Bunwell, adj Hall Road 14:0317:0318:33
Carleton Rode, adj Bus Shelter 14:0517:0518:35
New Buckenham, opp Green 08:5914:1117:1118:41
Old Buckenham, opp Green 14:1717:1718:47
Banham, opp Phone Box 08:5914:1717:1718:47
Banham, opp school 09:0214:2417:2418:54
Banham, adj Grey's Manor 09:0214:2417:2418:54
Banham Zoo (adj) 09:0214:2417:2418:54
Kenninghall, adj Post Office 09:0714:2817:2818:58
Kenninghall, adj School Close 09:0714:2917:2918:59
East Harling, opp Jubilee Avenue 09:1014:3217:3219:02
East Harling, adj Pound Corner 09:1114:3317:3319:03
East Harling, opp Market Place 09:1214:3517:3519:05

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Simonds/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 28 December 2023, Coach Services/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 12 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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