38 - Petersfield Station - Holybourne Eggars School

Operated by Stagecoach South

Monday to Friday, Hampshire CC days

Petersfield Station - Holybourne Eggars School

Petersfield Station (Stop F) 07:0308:5011:4313:53
Petersfield Station (Stop G) 07:0408:5111:4413:54
Petersfield The Square (Stop A) 07:0608:5311:4613:56
Petersfield Tor Way (E-bound) 07:0808:5511:4813:58
Petersfield Moggs Mead Co-op (E-bound) 07:0908:5611:4913:59
Petersfield Hoadlands (NE-bound) 07:0908:5611:4913:59
Petersfield Pulens Lane (E-bound) 07:1008:5711:5014:00
Petersfield Pulens Crescent (N-bound) 07:1008:5711:5014:00
Sheet Old Mill Lane (N-bound) 07:1108:5811:5114:01
Sheet, adj The Half Moon 07:1208:5911:5214:02
Sheet Adhurst Junction (NE-bound) 07:1309:0011:5314:03
Sheet Durford Wood (NE-bound) 07:1409:0111:5414:04
Hill Brow Pruetts Lane (NE-bound) 07:1509:0211:5514:05
Hill Brow Upper Furze Field (E-bound) 07:1709:0311:5614:06
Hill Brow Jolly Drover (N-bound) 07:1809:0411:5714:07
Hill Side Woodlands Lane (W-bound) 07:1909:0411:5714:07
Liss Whistle Stop (N-bound) 07:2109:0611:5914:09
Liss, opp Whistle Stop 07:2109:0611:5914:09
Liss Woodbourne Close (NE-bound) 07:2209:0712:0014:10
Liss Forest, opp Wylde Green Lane 07:2309:0812:0114:11
Liss Forest, adj Forest Rise 07:2409:0912:0214:12
Liss Forest, opposite Pine Walk 07:2509:1012:0314:13
Greatham Primary School (NE-bound) 07:2809:1312:0614:16
Greatham, opp Bakers Field 07:2809:1412:0714:17
Greatham The Oaks (E-bound) 07:2909:1412:0714:17
Greatham Digby Way (SW-bound) 07:3209:1812:1114:21
Greatham Todmore (SW-bound) 07:3309:1912:1214:22
Greatham, adj Bakers Field 07:3409:1912:1214:22
Greatham Primary School (SW-bound) 07:3409:2012:1314:23
Greatham Toll House Corner (NW-bound) 07:3509:2112:1414:24
Empshott, adj Church Lane 07:3809:2312:1614:26
Empshott, opp Bradshott Lane 07:4009:2512:1814:28
Selborne Sotherington Lane (NW-bound) 07:4209:2612:1914:29
Selborne, opp Ketchers Field 07:4309:2712:2014:30
The Selborne Arms (o/s) 07:4409:2812:2114:31
Selborne, opp Goslings Croft 07:4509:2912:2214:32
Selborne, adj Norton Farm 07:4709:3012:2314:33
Hartley Mauditt, adj Hartley Park Farm 07:4809:3112:2414:34
West Worldham Round House (NW-bound) 07:4909:3212:2514:35
Chawton, adj Selborne Road 07:5309:3512:2814:38
Chawton Eastfields Estate (W-bound) 07:5409:3512:2814:38
Chawton, opp Jane Austen's House 07:5509:3612:2914:39
Chawton Roundabout (NW-bound) 07:5709:3812:3114:41
Alton Sports Centre (NE-bound) 07:5909:4012:3314:43
The Butts Community Hospital (NE-bound) 08:0009:4112:3414:44
The Butts, opp Bolle Road 09:42
The Butts, opp Lincoln Green 08:0212:3614:46
Alton Highridge (NW-bound) 09:43
The Butts Borovere Gardens (NE-bound) 08:0412:3814:48
Alton, opp Whitedown Lane 09:44
Alton Conservative Club (NE-bound) 08:0412:3914:49
Alton, adj Brick Kiln Lane 09:44
Alton High Street (Stop H) 08:0612:4014:50
Alton, adj New Odiham Road 09:45
Alton Drayman's Way (Stop D) 08:0712:4114:51
Alton Brandon Close (NE-bound) 09:46
Alton Church Street (Stop N) 08:09
Alton Wentworth Gardens (NE-bound) 09:46
Alton Amery Hill School (W-bound) 08:11
Alton, opp Cemetery 09:47
Holybourne Alton College (SE-bound) 09:48
Alton House Hotel (Stop P) 08:1409:5112:4214:52
Anstey Health Centre (NE-bound) 08:16
Alton Station (Stop R) 09:5212:4314:53
Anstey Lane (adj) 08:17
Alton High Street (Stand B) 09:54
Holybourne Eggars School (NE-bound) 08:19

Holybourne Eggars School - Petersfield Station

Holybourne Eggars School (NE-bound) 15:05
Anstey Lane (opp) 15:08
Anstey Health Centre (SW-bound) 15:09
Alton Station (Stop R) 08:3010:0012:5015:10
Alton House Hotel (Stop Q) 08:3110:0112:5115:13
Alton Church Street (Stop N) 08:3310:0312:5315:16
Alton Amery Hill School (W-bound) 15:20
Alton High Street (Stand B) 08:3410:0412:5415:24
Alton Sainsburys (Stop G) 08:3510:0512:5515:26
The Butts Borovere Gardens (SW-bound) 08:3710:0712:5715:27
The Butts Lincoln Green (near) 08:3810:0812:5815:29
The Butts Community Hospital (SW-bound) 08:4010:1013:0015:30
Alton Sports Centre (SW-bound) 08:4110:1113:0115:32
Chawton Roundabout (SE-bound) 08:4310:1313:0315:34
Chawton, o/s Jane Austen's House 08:4510:1513:0515:35
Chawton Eastfields Estate (E-bound) 08:4610:1613:0615:36
Chawton, nr Selborne Road 08:4610:1613:0615:38
West Worldham Round House (SE-bound) 08:4910:1913:0915:39
Hartley Mauditt, opp Hartley Park Farm 08:5010:2013:1015:40
Selborne, nr Norton Farm 08:5110:2113:1115:41
Selborne, adj Goslings Croft 08:5210:2213:1215:42
The Selborne Arms (opp) 08:5310:2313:1315:43
Selborne, adj Ketchers Field 08:5410:2413:1415:44
Selborne Sotherington Lane (SE-bound) 08:5510:2513:1515:45
Empshott, adj Bradshott Lane 08:5610:2613:1615:47
Empshott, opp Church Lane 08:5810:2813:1815:49
Greatham Toll House Corner (NE-bound) 09:0010:3013:2015:50
Greatham Primary School (NE-bound) 09:0110:3113:2115:50
Greatham, opp Bakers Field 09:0110:3113:2115:51
Greatham The Oaks (E-bound) 09:0210:3213:2215:54
Greatham Digby Way (SW-bound) 09:0510:3513:2515:55
Greatham Todmore (SW-bound) 09:0610:3613:2615:56
Greatham, adj Bakers Field 09:0710:3713:2715:56
Greatham Primary School (SW-bound) 09:0810:3813:2816:01
Liss Forest Pine Walk (adjacent) 09:1210:4213:3216:02
Liss Forest Wylde Green Lane (SW-bound) 09:1410:4413:3416:04
Liss Woodbourne Close (SW-bound) 09:1510:4513:3516:05
Liss, adj Whistle Stop 09:1610:4613:3616:06
Liss Schools (SE-bound) 09:1710:4713:3716:07
Hill Side Woodlands Lane (E-bound) 09:1810:4813:3816:08
Hill Brow Jolly Drover (S-bound) 09:1810:4813:3816:09
Hill Brow Upper Furze Field (SW-bound) 09:1910:4913:3916:09
Hill Brow Pruetts Lane (SW-bound) 09:2010:5013:4016:11
Sheet Durford Wood (SW-bound) 09:2110:5113:4116:12
Sheet Adhurst Junction (SW-bound) 09:2210:5213:4216:13
Sheet The Half Moon (SW-bound) 09:2310:5313:4316:13
Sheet Old Mill Lane (S-bound) 09:2310:5313:4316:13
Petersfield Pulens Crescent (S-bound) 09:2410:5413:4416:14
Petersfield Pulens Lane (W-bound) 09:2410:5413:4416:14
Petersfield Hoadlands (SW-bound) 09:2510:5513:4516:14
Petersfield Moggs Mead Co-op (W-bound) 09:2510:5513:4516:15
Petersfield Tor Way (W-bound) 09:2610:5613:4616:17
Petersfield King George Avenue (W-bound) 09:2713:47
Petersfield The Square (Stop B) 10:5816:18
Petersfield Station (Stop F) 09:2811:0013:48
Petersfield Station (Stop E) 16:20

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