384 - Ashdown House - Robertsbridge College

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Monday to Friday, school Only days

Ashdown House - Robertsbridge College

Baldslow, adj Ashdown House 07:24
Baldslow Post Office (opp) 07:25
Baldslow, opp St Anne's House 07:27
St Helens, adj Helenswood Leisure Centre 07:28
St Helens, opp Maitland Close 07:29
St Helens, opp Grange Road 07:30
St Helens, opp Sandrock Park 07:31
St Helens, adj Chowns Hill 07:32
St Helens, adj Crematorium 07:33
St Helens, opp Friar's Way 07:35
Blacklands, opp Conifer Close 07:37
Blacklands, adj Woodbrook Road 07:38
Blacklands, adj Keppel Road 07:38
Blacklands, adj Church 07:39
Blacklands, adj St Helen's Park Road 07:40
Blacklands, opp Pavilion 07:40
Blacklands, opp Park Gates 07:41
Bohemia, adj Stanley Road 07:43
Bohemia, adj Wykeham Road 07:45
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 50) 07:48
Bohemia, adj St Matthew's Road 07:50
Silverhill, o/s Asda 07:53
Silverhill, opp Paynton Road 07:53
Silverhill, opp Old Harrow Road 07:54
Hollington, opp Arthur Blackman Clinic 07:55
Hollington, opp Upper Church Road west 07:56
Hollington Battle Road (o/s 383) 07:56
Hollington, adj Telford Road 07:57
Beauport Home Farm Close (opp) 07:58
Beauport, adj Washington Avenue 07:59
Beauport, adj Hoads Court 08:00
Beauport, adj Stonebeach Rise 08:00
Telham, opp The Black Horse 08:03
Telham, adj Crowhurst Park 08:04
Telham, adj Lilac Tree Lodge 08:06
Starr's Green Lane (opp) 08:10
Battle, adj Glengorse Court 08:11
Battle, opp Station Approach 08:13
Battle, o/s Abbey 08:20
Battle High Street (NW-bound) 08:20
Battle, adj Library 08:20
Battle, adj Chain Lane 08:20
Battle, opp Virgin's Lane 08:21
Canadia, opp Stonepit Shaw 08:23
Wood’s Place, opp Woodsdale Farm 08:24
Mountfield Level Crossing (N-bound) 08:26
Mountfield Solomon's Lane (SW-bound) 08:27
Mountfield Hoath Hill (N-bound) 08:28
Mountfield New Cut (E-bound) 08:29
Mountfield Couchman Wood (N-bound) 08:29s
John’s Cross, after Roundabout 08:31s
Robertsbridge, opp Poppinghole Lane 08:34s
Robertsbridge, adj Heathfield Gardens 08:35s
Robertsbridge, adj The George 08:36s
Robertsbridge, o/s Community College 08:39

Robertsbridge College - Ashdown House

Robertsbridge, o/s Community College 15:25
Robertsbridge, opp The George 15:26
Robertsbridge, opp Heathfield Gardens 15:27
Robertsbridge, adj Poppinghole Lane 15:28
Mountfield Couchman Wood (S-bound) 15:31
Mountfield Solomon's Lane (SW-bound) 15:31
Mountfield Hoath Hill (N-bound) 15:32
Mountfield New Cut (E-bound) 15:33
Mountfield Level Crossing (S-bound) 15:34
Wood’s Place, adj Woodsdale Farm 15:37
Canadia, adj Stonepit Shaw 15:38
Battle, adj Virgin's Lane 15:40
Battle, opp Chain Lane 15:40
Battle, opp Library 15:41
Battle High Street (SE-bound) 15:41
Battle, opp Abbey 15:42
Battle, adj Station Approach 15:45
Battle, opp Glengorse Court 15:45
Starr's Green Lane (adj) 15:45
Telham, opp Lilac Tree Lodge 15:47
Telham, opp Crowhurst Park 15:48
Telham, adj The Black Horse 15:48
Beauport, opp Stonebeach Rise 15:50
Beauport, opp Hoads Court 15:51
Beauport, opp Washington Avenue 15:52
Beauport Home Farm Close (adj) 15:52
Hollington, opp Telford Road 15:53
Hollington Battle Road (o/s 272) 15:54
Hollington, adj Upper Church Road west 15:54
Hollington, adj Arthur Blackman Clinic 15:55
Silverhill, adj Old Harrow Road 15:55
Silverhill, opp Hollington Old Lane 15:56
Silverhill, adj Paynton Road 15:56
Silverhill, opp Asda 15:57
Silverhill London Road (o/s 383) 15:58
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 53) 15:59
Blacklands, adj Park Gates 16:03
Blacklands, adj Pavilion 16:04
Blacklands, opp St Helen's Park Road 16:05
Blacklands, opp Church 16:05
Blacklands, opp Keppel Road 16:06
Blacklands, opp Woodbrook Road 16:07
Blacklands, adj Conifer Close 16:07
Blacklands Downs Road (NE-bound) 16:08
St Helens, adj Friar's Way 16:10
St Helens, adj De Chardin Drive 16:10
St Helens, opp Crematorium 16:11
St Helens, opp Chowns Hill 16:12
St Helens, adj Sandrock Park 16:13
St Helens, adj Grange Road 16:13
St Helens, adj Maitland Close 16:14
St Helens, opp Helenswood Leisure Centre 16:15
Baldslow, adj St Anne's House 16:17
Baldslow Post Office (adj) 16:18
Baldslow, adj Recreation Ground 16:19
Baldslow, adj Ashdown House 16:20

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

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