385 - Doncaster Intc - Moorlands Prison

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire

Doncaster Intc - Moorlands Prison

Barnby Dun, adj Bramwith Lane/Church Lane 16:00
Barnby Dun, adj Bramwith Lane/White House View 13:1116:11
South Bramwith, opp Bramwith Lane/Love Lane 13:1316:13
South Bramwith, opp Bramwith Lane/Low Lane 13:1516:15
South Bramwith, adj Doncaster Road/Old Field Lane 13:1716:17
Stainforth, adj Doncaster Road/Millfield Lane 13:1816:18
Stainforth, opp Doncaster Road/Church Road 13:1916:19
Stainforth, nr Church Road/Field Road 13:1916:19
Stainforth, adj Church Road/Junction Road 13:2016:20
Stainforth, adj Church Road/Stanley Gardens 13:2116:21
Stainforth, nr Station Road/East Lane 13:2116:21
Stainforth, nr Station Road/The Oval 13:2316:23
Dunscroft, adj Station Road/The Crescent 13:2316:23
Dunscroft, at Station Road/Cherry Tree Drive 13:2416:24
Dunscroft, adj Station Road/Bootham Lane 13:2516:25
Hatfield, adj Crookes Broom Lane/Millcroft Crescent 13:2616:26
Hatfield, opp Crookes Broom Lane/Millard Avenue 13:2616:26
Hatfield, adj Ash Hill Road/Crookes Broom Avenue 13:2716:27
Hatfield, adj Manor Road/Parkways 13:2816:28
Hatfield, adj Manor Road/Grange Avenue 13:2816:28
Hatfield, at High Street/Church Walk 13:2916:29
Hatfield, adj High Street/Old Thorne Road 13:2916:29
Hatfield, adj Cemetery Road/Epworth Road 13:3016:30
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Cemetery Road/Old Epworth Road East 13:3116:31
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Cemetery Road/Slay Pit Lane 13:3116:31
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Main Street/Bawtry Road 13:3216:32
Hatfield Woodhouse, opp Bawtry Road/Main Street 13:3216:32
Hatfield Woodhouse, opp Bawtry Road/Dale Pit Road 13:3316:33
Lindholme, adj Bawtry Road/Woodhouse Grange 13:3516:35
Lindholme, opp Bawtry Road/Redhouse Park 13:3616:36
Lindholme, opp Bawtry Road/Huggin Carr Road 13:3616:36
Lindholme, at Prison Service Road/Vulcan Way 13:3716:37

Moorlands Prison - Doncaster Intc

Lindholme, at Prison Service Road/Vulcan Way 09:11
Lindholme, nr Lancaster Drive/Gibson Road 09:2413:4416:44
Lindholme, adj Bawtry Road/Huggin Carr Road 09:2513:4516:45
Lindholme, adj Bawtry Road/Huggin Carr Road 09:2513:4516:45
Lindholme, opp Bawtry Road/Woodhouse Grange 09:2613:4616:46
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Bawtry Road/Dale Pit Road 09:2713:4716:47
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Bawtry Road/Main Street 09:2813:4816:48
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Main Street/Bawtry Road 09:2813:4816:48
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Cemetery Road/Mosscroft Lane 09:2913:4916:49
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Cemetery Road/Churchill Avenue 09:2913:4916:49
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Cemetery Road/Old Epworth Road East 09:3013:5016:50
Hatfield, nr High Street/Epworth Road 09:3113:5116:51
Hatfield, at High Street/Church Walk 09:3113:5116:51
Hatfield, adj Manor Road/Carr Side Lane 09:3213:5216:52
Hatfield, opp Manor Road/Parkways 09:3213:5216:52
Hatfield, opp Ash Hill Road/Crookes Broom Avenue 09:3313:5316:53
Hatfield, opp Crookes Broom Lane/Broom Court 09:3413:5416:54
Hatfield, adj Crookes Broom Lane/Inverness Road 09:3413:5416:54
Hatfield, at Crookes Broom Lane/Station Road 09:3513:5516:55
Dunscroft, adj Station Road/Abbey Road 09:3513:5516:55
Dunscroft, nr Station Road/Broadway 09:3613:5616:56
Dunscroft, opp Station Road/The Crescent 09:3613:5616:56
Stainforth, adj Station Road/The Oval 09:3713:5716:57
Stainforth, opp Station Road/Emerson Avenue 09:3913:5916:59
Stainforth, adj Church Road/Kingsway 09:3913:5916:59
Stainforth, opp Church Road/Junction Road 09:4014:0017:00
Stainforth, on Church Road/Doncaster Road 09:4114:0117:01
Stainforth, at Church Road/Field Road 09:4114:0117:01
Stainforth, adj Doncaster Road/Church Road 09:4214:0217:02
Stainforth, opp Doncaster Road/Millfield Lane 09:4314:0317:03
South Bramwith, opp Doncaster Road/Hall Lane 09:4414:0417:04
South Bramwith, adj Bramwith Lane/Fox Farm 09:4714:0717:07
South Bramwith, adj Bramwith Lane/Love Lane 09:4914:0917:09
Barnby Dun, opp Bramwith Lane/White House View 09:5114:1117:11
Barnby Dun, opp Church Road/Church Lane 09:5114:1117:11
Barnby Dun, adj Church Road/Marlowe Road 09:5214:1217:12

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