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387 - Sidmouth - Taunton

A bus service operated by Dartline Coaches


Sidmouth - Taunton

Sidmouth Triangle (Stop C) 09:05
Sidmouth Cypress Terrace (N-bound) 09:06
Sidmouth All Saints Church (E-bound) 09:06
Sidmouth Post Office (NE-bound) 09:07
Sidmouth All Saints School (N-bound) 09:07
Sidmouth Peasland Road (N-bound) 09:08
Sidmouth Winslade Road (N-bound) 09:08
Sidmouth Exeter Cross (NW-bound) 09:09
Sidmouth Lidl Superstore (NW-bound) 09:10
Sidmouth Manstone Avenue (NW-bound) 09:10
Sidmouth Ice House Lane (NW-bound) 09:11
Sidmouth, opp Whitton Court 09:11
The Bowd Inn (N-bound) 09:15
Tipton St John Coombe Cross (N-bound) 09:18
Wiggaton (NE-bound) 09:22
Ottery St Mary Pharmacy (Stop A) 09:27
Feniton Station (N-bound) 09:37
Feniton Wells Avenue (W-bound) 09:38
Feniton Village Green (SE-bound) 09:42
Gittisham Village Shelter (E-bound) 09:50
Honiton Heathpark Industrial Estate (N-bound) 09:56
Honiton Church of the Holy Family (E-bound) 09:58
Honiton, opp Mill Street 09:59
Honiton Lace Walk (Stop C) 10:00
Honiton Red Cow (Stop A) 10:00
Monkton Church (NE-bound) 10:05
Rawridge, opp Ottervale Close 10:10
Rawridge Post Office (NE-bound) 10:11
Upottery, opp Sidmouth Arms 10:14
Smeatharpe, opp Bloomers Farm 10:21
Churchinford The York Inn (E-bound) 10:29
Otterford Hunters Lodge (N-bound) 10:33
Holman Clavel Culmhead Radio Station (E-bound) 10:35
Holman Clavel Highbeech Cottage (S-bound) 10:36
Blagdon Hill, nr Churchstanton Turn 10:37
Blagdon Hill The Lamb and Flag (N-bound) 10:37
Blagdon Hill The White Lion (N-bound) 10:38
Sellick's Green (N-bound) 10:39
Canonsgrove Cannonsgrove Halls (N-bound) 10:42
Staplehay Quintons (N-bound) 10:42
Trull Crown Inn (N-bound) 10:43
Taunton Honiton Road (N-bound) 10:44
Taunton Claremont Lane (NE-bound) 10:45
Taunton, o/s Queens College 10:46
Taunton Sherford Road (NE-bound) 10:47
Taunton County Hall (NE-bound) 10:50
Taunton Corporation Street (E-bound) 10:50
Taunton The Parade (N-bound) 10:51
Taunton Flook House (NE-bound) 10:53
Taunton Station South Side (E-bound) 10:56

Taunton - Sidmouth

Taunton Station South Side (E-bound) 13:20
Taunton Royal Ashton (S-bound) 13:20
Taunton Flook House (SW-bound) 13:20
Taunton The Bridge (SE-bound) 13:23
Taunton The Parade (SE-bound) 13:25
Taunton Primark (E-bound) 13:25
Taunton, nr Sherford Road 13:29
Taunton, opp Queens College 13:30
Taunton Wild Oak (S-bound) 13:31
Taunton Trull Stores (S-bound) 13:32
Trull Crown Inn (S-bound) 13:34
Trull Quintons (S-bound) 13:34
Canonsgrove Halls of Residence (S-bound) 13:34
Sellick's Green (S-bound) 13:36
Blagdon Hill The Old Farmhouse (S-bound) 13:38
Blagdon Hill The Lamb and Flag (S-bound) 13:38
Blagdon Hill, opp Churchstanton Turn 13:39
Holman Clavel Highbeech Cottage (NE-bound) 13:41
Holman Clavel Taunton Road Dog Kennels (S-bound) 13:44
Otterford Hunters Lodge (S-bound) 13:45
Churchinford York Inn (N-bound) 13:48
Smeatharpe Bloomers Farm (W-bound) 13:56
Upottery Sidmouth Arms (S-bound) 14:04
Rawridge, opp Post Office 14:07
Rawridge Ottervale Close (SW-bound) 14:07
Monkton Shelter (SW-bound) 14:10
Honiton Congregational Church (Stop B) 14:15
Honiton Job Centre (Stop D) 14:15
Honiton Mill Street (W-bound) 14:16
Honiton Beggars Lane (W-bound) 14:18
Honiton Heathpark Industrial Estate (S-bound) 14:18
Gittisham, opp Village Shelter 14:24
Feniton Village Green (NW-bound) 14:32
Feniton Wells Avenue (W-bound) 14:36
Feniton Station (S-bound) 14:36
Ottery St Mary Butchers (Stop B) 14:46
Wiggaton (S-bound) 14:51
Tipton St John Coombe Cross (S-bound) 14:56
The Bowd Inn (S-bound) 14:59
Sidmouth Whitton Court (SE-bound) 15:02
Sidmouth, opp Ice House Lane 15:03
Sidmouth Manstone Avenue (SE-bound) 15:04
Sidmouth Manstone Lane (SE-bound) 15:05
Sidmouth Exeter Cross (SE-bound) 15:05
Sidmouth Winslade Road (S-bound) 15:06
Sidmouth Peasland Road (S-bound) 15:07
Sidmouth All Saints School (S-bound) 15:08
Sidmouth Vicarage Road (S-bound) 15:08
Sidmouth, opp All Saints Church 15:09
Sidmouth Cypress Terrace (S-bound) 15:10
Sidmouth Triangle (Stop C) 15:11

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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