388 - Pembroke Dock - Pembroke Dock via Stackpole, Angle

A bus service operated by Pembrokeshire County Council

Pembroke Dock Railway Station (rear) 08:3014:45
Pembroke Dock Railway Station (o/s) 08:3014:45
Llanion, o/s Bush Camp 08:3114:46
Pembroke Dock, o/s St John`s 08:3314:48
Pembroke Dock Albion Square (o/s Albion House) 08:3314:48
Llanreath, o/s Old School House 08:3414:49
Pennar, after Bethany Corner 08:3614:51
Pennar, opp Fire Station 08:3614:51
Golden Hill, opp Pembroke School 08:3914:54
The Green (o/s) 08:4114:56
Pembroke Somerfield (o/s former) 08:4214:57
Pembroke, at East End 08:4214:58
Pembroke Railway Station (opp) 14:58
Kingsbridge, nr Bishops Park 15:00
Lamphey Church (o/s) 15:03
Lamphey Crossroads (after) 15:03
Freshwater East Square (before) 15:08
Freshwater East Car Park (before) 15:09
Trewent Beach (by) 15:10
East Trewent Farm (before) 15:12
Stackpole Quay Car Park (o/s) 15:20
Stackpole, nr Old Post Office 15:25
Golden Grove School (o/s) 08:43
Stackpole, adj One Arch Bridge 15:26
Pembroke Windmill Hill (opp Caravan Park) 08:45
Stackpole Sampson Cross (junction Bosherston Road ) 08:5215:28
Bosherston, o/s St Michael`s Church 08:5615:32
Bosherston, opp Coastguard Station 15:32
Bosherston, o/s Trefalen Car Park 15:33
Bosherston, at St Govan's Head 15:46
Bosherston, opp Coastguard Station 08:5615:49
Bosherston, opp St Michael`s Church 08:5715:50
St Twynnells, opp St Gwynog`s Church 09:0415:57
Merrion Cross (before) 09:0716:00
Merrion, o/s Stack Rocks Car Park 16:06
Warren, o/s St Mary`s Church 09:0816:11
Warren, opp The Golden Plover 09:0916:11
Castlemartin Crossroads (before) 09:1216:14
Freshwater East Gupton Farm (opp entrance ) 09:1516:17
Castlemartin, opp Freshwater West Car Park 09:1716:19
Angle School (before) 09:2616:27
Angle, nr Angulo Bank 09:2716:28
West Angle Bay (at) 09:2916:30
Angle, nr Angulo Bank 09:3116:33
Angle School (nr) 09:3116:33
Angle, opp Newton Farm 09:3816:40
Hundleton War Memorial (before) 09:4616:48
Hundleton War Memorial (after) 09:4616:48
Maidenwells (nr Oxland Lane) 09:5016:52
Pembroke, o/s Lower Common Park 09:5316:55
Pembroke, nr Moat House 09:5316:55
Pembroke Castle (o/s) 09:5416:56
The Green (opp) 09:5416:56
Golden Hill, o/s Pembroke School 09:5616:58
Pennar Fire Station (o/s) 09:5817:00
Pennar, before Bethany Corner 09:5917:01
Pembroke Dock, opp Old School House 10:0017:02
Pembroke Dock Albion Square (o/s 1) 10:0217:04
Pembroke Dock, opp St John`s Church 10:0317:05
Llanion Laws Street (o/s 26) 10:0417:06
Pembroke Dock Railway Station (rear) 10:0617:08

Request only St John's Road

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 May 2024

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