39 - Purple Line - Mile Cross - City Centre - Lakenham

A bus service operated by First Norfolk & Suffolk


Mile Cross,Civic Gardens - Hall Road,Asda

Mile Cross, adj Rye Avenue 06:35then every 30 minutes until15:0515:40then every 30 minutes until17:1017:45
Mile Cross Bowers Avenue (o/s 184) 06:3615:0615:4117:1117:46
Mile Cross, adj Lefroy Road 06:3715:0715:4217:1217:47
Mile Cross, adj Bowers Close 06:3815:0815:4317:1317:48
Mile Cross, opp Soleme Road 06:3815:0815:4317:1317:48
Mile Cross, adj Oxnead Road 06:4015:1015:4517:1517:50
Mile Cross, adj Rye Close 06:4215:1215:4717:1717:52
Norwich, adj Mecca Bingo 06:4415:1415:4917:1917:54
Norwich, opp Half Mile Road 06:4415:1415:4917:1917:54
Norwich, adj Penn Grove 06:4615:1615:5117:2117:56
Norwich, adj Drayton Road 06:4715:1715:5217:2217:57
Norwich, opp Wingfield Road 06:4815:1815:5317:2317:58
Norwich, adj Edward Street 06:5015:2015:5517:2518:00
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand D) 06:5115:2115:5617:2618:01
Norwich Upper King Street (Stop CP) 06:5215:2215:5717:2718:02
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CR) 06:5515:2516:0017:3018:05
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BP) 07:0315:3316:0817:3818:13
Norwich, adj Mill Close 07:0515:3516:1017:4018:15
Norwich, adj Langham Close 07:0615:3616:1117:4118:16
Norwich, opp Hatton Road 07:0815:3816:1317:4318:18
Norwich, adj Keyes Road 07:0915:3916:1417:4418:19
Norwich Cavell Road (o/s 7) 07:1015:4016:1517:4518:20
Lakenham Long John Hill (S-bound) 07:1115:4116:1617:4618:21
Lakenham, adj Mansfield Lane 07:1215:4216:1717:4718:22
Lakenham, opp Manthorpe Close 07:1415:4416:1917:4918:24
Lakenham, adj Colburn Road 07:1515:4516:2017:5018:25
Tuckswood, opp Robin Hood Road 07:1815:4816:2317:5318:28

Hall Road,Asda - Margaret Paston Avenue

Tuckswood, opp Robin Hood Road 06:55then every 30 minutes until14:2515:00then every 30 minutes until16:3017:0517:3518:05
Lakenham, opp Coleburn Road 06:5914:2915:0416:3417:0917:3918:09
Lakenham, adj Manthorpe Close 06:5914:2915:0416:3417:0917:3918:09
Lakenham, opp Mansfield Lane 07:0114:3115:0616:3617:1117:4118:11
Lakenham, adj Coke Road 07:0114:3115:0616:3617:1117:4118:11
Lakenham Long John Hill (N-bound) 07:0214:3215:0716:3717:1217:4218:12
Norwich Cavell Road (o/s 10) 07:0314:3315:0816:3817:1317:4318:13
Norwich, opp Keyes Road 07:0414:3415:0916:3917:1417:4418:14
Norwich, adj Southwell Road 07:0614:3615:1116:4117:1617:4618:16
Norwich, opp Langham Close 07:0814:3815:1316:4317:1817:4818:18
Norwich, opp Mill Close 07:0914:3915:1416:4417:1917:4918:19
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BD) 07:1114:4115:1616:4617:2117:5118:21
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CG) 07:1514:4515:2016:5017:2517:5518:25
Norwich Tombland (Stop CM) 07:2114:5115:2616:5617:3118:0118:31
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand B) 07:2414:5415:2916:5917:3418:0418:34
Norwich, adj Wingfield Road 07:2614:5615:3117:0117:3618:0618:36
Norwich, opp Drayton Road 07:2714:5715:3217:0217:3718:0718:37
Norwich, opp Penn Grove 07:2814:5815:3317:0317:3818:0818:38
Norwich, adj Half Mile Road 07:2914:5915:3417:0417:3918:0918:39
Norwich, opp Mecca Bingo 07:3015:0015:3517:0517:4018:1018:40
Mile Cross Road (adj) 07:3015:0015:3517:0517:4018:1018:40
Mile Cross, adj Rye Avenue 07:3415:0415:3917:0917:4418:1418:44
Mile Cross Bowers Avenue (o/s 184) 18:1518:45
Mile Cross, adj Lefroy Road 18:1618:46
Mile Cross, adj Bowers Close 18:1718:47
Mile Cross, opp Soleme Road 18:1718:47
Mile Cross, adj Oxnead Road 18:1918:49

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