393 - Stockport - Macclesfield

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches

Monday to Friday

Stockport to Macclesfield

Stockport Interchange (Stand R) 06:30
Stockport St Peter's Church (Stop CC) 06:30
Stockport Lord Street (Stop PP) 06:31
Stockport Grand Central (Stop RR) 06:31
Stockport College (Stop YY) 06:31
Stockport, nr Brentnall Street 06:32
Shaw Heath, adj Longshut Lane 06:33
Heaviley Bramhall Lane (Stop B) 06:33
Heaviley, nr Nangreave Road 06:34
Heaviley, opp Kennerley Road 06:35
Heaviley, nr Corbar Road 06:35
Heaviley, opp Woodsmoor Lane 06:36
Great Moor, nr Cherry Tree Lane 06:37
Stepping Hill The Crown (Stop B) 06:37
Stepping Hill, o/s Sainsbury's 06:38
Stepping Hill, opp Brewers Green 06:39
Hazel Grove, nr Commercial Road 06:39
Hazel Grove, adj Argyle Street 06:40
Hazel Grove Station (Stop A) 06:40
Hazel Grove, o/s The Pines 06:41
Hazel Grove, nr Shepley Drive 06:41
Hazel Grove, nr Dean Lane 06:42
Poynton Mill Hill Avenue (cnr) 06:43
Poynton, opp Woodford Road Garage 06:43
Poynton Meadway (cnr) 06:44
Poynton, opp Tern Drive 06:45
Poynton, nr Deva Close 06:46
Poynton, nr Railway Station 06:47
Poynton Hazelbadge Road (cnr) 06:47
Poynton, opp Clifford Road 06:48
Poynton Hilton Grove (cnr) 06:48
Poynton, opp St George's Church 06:49
Poynton, opp Queensway 06:49
Poynton, o/s Johnson Cleaners Ltd 06:50
Midway, opp Vernon Arms PH 06:50
Hope Green, opp Adlington Park 06:51
Adlington, opp Wych Lane 06:52
Adlington, o/s Meadowside Church 06:52
Pott Shrigley, o/s Normans Hall 06:53
Pott Shrigley, opp Long Lane 06:54
Pott Shrigley, o/s Shrigley Hall Hotel 06:55
Pott Shrigley, opp Saint Christopher's Church 06:56
Pott Shrigley, nr Spuley Lane 06:57
Bollington, opp Beeston Mount 06:58
Bollington, opp Cotton Tree 06:59
Bollington High Street (cnr) 07:00
Bollington Aquaduct (SW-bound) 07:01
Bollington, o/s Council Offices 07:01
Bollington, opp Adlington Road 07:02
Bollington Hawthorn Road (cnr) 07:03
Bollington, nr Waggon & Horses 07:03
Bollington Cross South West Avenue (cnr) 07:03
Bollington Cross, opp St Oswald's Church 07:03
Bollington Cross Princess Drive (cnr) 07:03
Bollington Clarke Lane (cnr) 07:04
Tytherington Business Park (o/s) 07:04
Tytherington, opp Dorchester Way 07:04
Tytherington Marlborough Drive (cnr) 07:04
Tytherington, o/s Brocklehurst Arms PH 07:04
Tytherington Badger Road (cnr) 07:04
Macclesfield Beechwood Mews (SE-bound) 07:05
Macclesfield, opp Coare Street 07:05
Macclesfield, o/s Market Place Alighting Only 07:06
Macclesfield, nr King Edward Street 07:07
Macclesfield, nr Tesco 07:08
Macclesfield, opp Lord Street Alighting Only 07:09
Macclesfield Railway Station (Stop A) 07:10
Macclesfield Bus Station (ent) 07:11

Macclesfield to Stockport

Macclesfield Bus Station (Bay 6) 18:40
Macclesfield, opp The Towers 18:42
Macclesfield, opp Tesco 18:43
Macclesfield King Edward Street (cnr) 18:44
Macclesfield Coare Street (cnr) 18:45
Macclesfield Beechwood Mews (N-bound) 18:46
Tytherington, opp Badger Road 18:47
Tytherington, opp Brocklehurst Arms PH 18:47
Tytherington, opp Marlborough Drive 18:47
Tytherington Dorchester Way (cnr) 18:47
Tytherington Business Park (opp) 18:47
Bollington, opp Clarke Lane 18:47
Bollington Cross, opp Princess Drive 18:48
Bollington Cross, o/s Cock & Pheasant 18:48
Bollington Cross, o/s St Oswald's Church 18:48
Bollington Cross, opp South West Avenue 18:48
Bollington, adj Waggon & Horses 18:48
Bollington, opp Hawthorn Road 18:49
Bollington Adlington Road (cnr) 18:49
Bollington Aquaduct (E-bound) 18:50
Bollington, opp High Street 18:51
Bollington, opp Cotton Tree 18:52
Bollington Beeston Mount (cnr) 18:53
Pott Shrigley, opp Spuley Lane 18:54
Pott Shrigley, nr Saint Christopher's Church 18:55
Pott Shrigley, opp Shrigley Hall Hotel 18:56
Pott Shrigley, nr Long Lane 18:57
Pott Shrigley, opp Normans Hall 18:58
Adlington Wych Lane (cnr) 18:59
Hope Green Adlington Park (cnr) 19:00
Midway, o/s Vernon Arms PH 19:01
Poynton, nr Johnson Cleaners Ltd 19:01
Poynton, o/s St George's Church 19:02
Poynton, opp Hilton Grove 19:02
Poynton Clifford Road (cnr) 19:03
Poynton, opp Hazelbadge Road 19:03
Poynton, adj Railway Station 19:04
Poynton, opp Distaff Road 19:05
Poynton, opp Merton Road 19:06
Poynton Tern Drive (cnr) 19:07
Poynton Woodford Road (NE-bound) 19:07
Poynton, o/s Woodford Road Garage 19:08
Poynton, opp Mill Hill Avenue 19:09
Hazel Grove, nr Lyndhurst Avenue 19:10
Hazel Grove, opp The Pines 19:10
Hazel Grove Station (Stop A) 19:11
Hazel Grove, nr Argyle Street 19:11
Hazel Grove, opp Commercial Road 19:12
Stepping Hill, nr Brewers Green 19:12
Stepping Hill, opp Sainsbury's 19:13
Stepping Hill The Crown (Stop A) 19:14
Great Moor, opp Cherry Tree Lane 19:14
Heaviley, nr Woodsmoor Lane 19:15
Heaviley, opp Corbar Road 19:15
Heaviley, nr Kennerley Road 19:16
Heaviley, opp Duke of York 19:16
Heaviley, opp Nangreave Road 19:17
Heaviley, nr Bramhall Lane 19:17
Shaw Heath Wellington Grove (Stop A) 19:18
Stockport, opp Brentnall Street 19:18
Stockport College (Stop AC) 19:19
Stockport Grand Central (Stop WW) 19:19
Stockport, opp Garrick Theatre 19:20
Stockport Interchange (Stand R) 19:21

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/BEVC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 11 April 2024

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