39A - High Wycombe, Bus Station - High Wycombe, Bus Station

A bus service operated by Carousel Buses

High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 4) 11:0514:05
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop J) 11:0514:05
High Wycombe Castle Street (Stop V) 11:0714:07
High Wycombe, opp Maybrook Gardens 11:0814:08
High Wycombe, opp Amersham Hill Drive 11:0914:09
High Wycombe, o/s Royal Grammar School 11:1014:10
Totteridge Walton Drive (opp 104) 11:1214:12
Totteridge, adj Walton Close 11:1214:12
Totteridge, adj Hardenwaye 11:1314:13
Totteridge Lane (opp 15a) 11:1414:14
Totteridge, opp Holywell Gardens 11:1514:15
High Wycombe, opp Wingate Avenue 11:1614:16
High Wycombe, adj Windrush Court 11:1714:17
High Wycombe Windrush Drive (Southbound) 11:1714:17
High Wycombe, adj Hennerton Way South 11:1814:18
High Wycombe, opp Horsenden Road 11:1814:18
High Wycombe, opp Gynant Road 11:1914:19
High Wycombe Roebuck Avenue (o/s 6) 11:2014:20
High Wycombe, adj Misbourne Avenue 11:2014:20
High Wycombe Hicks Farm Rise (Opp 102) 11:2114:21
Totteridge, opp Baring Road 11:2214:22
Totteridge Hollis Road (o/s 23) 11:2314:23
Totteridge Drive (o/s 35) 11:2414:24
Totteridge The Parade (os) 11:2514:25
Totteridge Kingston Road (o/s 45) 11:2514:25
Totteridge Walton Drive (o/s 119) 11:2614:26
High Wycombe, adj Windsor Drive 11:2714:27
High Wycombe, opp Royal Grammar School 11:2914:29
High Wycombe, adj Amersham Hill Drive 11:3014:30
High Wycombe, adj Maybrook Gardens 11:3114:31
High Wycombe Station Interchange (Stop X2) 11:3314:33
High Wycombe Castle Street (Stop W) 11:3314:33
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop K) 11:3514:35
High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 4) 11:3714:37

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 6 December 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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