39B - Pontefract - South Heindley

A bus service operated by Globe Holidays

South Hiendley, on Regent Street 06:00
South Hiendley Regent Street Top 06:00
South Hiendley Elizabeth Avenue 06:00
South Hiendley High Street 06:01
South Hiendley, at Wood Street 06:02
Hemsworth, at Holgate Almshouses 06:03
Hemsworth Woodview 06:03
Hemsworth Barewell Hill (end) 06:04
Hemsworth, at Vissett Close 06:04
Hemsworth, adj Wortley Place 06:05
Hemsworth, at West End Club 06:06
Hemsworth, at Cedar Business Centre 06:06
Hemsworth Bus Station stand A 06:07
Hemsworth, at Grove Lane 06:07
Hemsworth, at Victoria Street 06:08
Hemsworth, opp Hague Crescent 06:08
Hemsworth, at Bridge House 06:09
South Kirkby Hague Hall 06:11
South Kirkby, opp Mill Lane 06:12
South Kirkby Beech Close 06:13
South Kirkby, at Prospect Terrace 06:13
South Kirkby Church (opp) 06:14
South Kirkby Green (at) 06:15
South Kirkby S Kirkby Recreation Ground 06:16
Moorthorpe Station (at) 06:16
Moorthorpe, at Regent Street 06:17
South Elmsall Cambridge Street 06:18
South Elmsall, opp Carlton Road 06:19
South Elmsall Market 06:20
South Elmsall Bus Station stand B 06:20
South Elmsall High Street Ash Grove 06:20
South Elmsall, opp High St Chapel Lane 06:21
South Elmsall Highfield Mill Lane (N bound) 06:21
South Elmsall, adj Mill Lane Simpson Rd 06:22
South Elmsall, adj Mill Lane Minsthorpe Ln 06:22
South Elmsall, opp Stadium Way 06:22
South Elmsall Dale Lane Industrial Estate 06:24
Wrangbrook, opp Railway Cottages 06:26
Upton, at Barnsdale Way 06:27
Upton, opp Bell Street 06:27
Upton Brookside 06:28
Upton Main Street (opp) 06:29
Upton Memorial 06:29
Upton School 06:30
Upton Hill Estate 06:31
Upton Social Club (near) 06:32
Upton Grosvenor Avenue 06:32
Upton, at Thistle Drive 06:33
Upton Rose Avenue 06:34
Upton East Avenue 06:34
Upton, after Field Lane East Ave 06:34
Upton, at Field Ln Second Avenue 06:35
Upton Field Ln Quarry Lane 06:36
Badsworth Beaconfield Road Thorpe Ln (stop) 06:37
Badsworth Thorpe Lane Rogerthorpe Manor 06:37
Thorpe Audlin Thorpe Gate Estate 06:38
Thorpe Audlin Thorpe Ln Hall Garth Road (stop TA2) 06:39
Thorpe Audlin Doncaster Rd Thorpe Ln 06:41
East Hardwick, adj Mayfield Farm 06:42
East Hardwick, adj Doncaster Rd Rigg Lane 06:44
East Hardwick Doncaster Rd Darrington Road 06:47
Carleton Hardwick Road Brookdale Ave 06:49
Carleton Hardwick Road Went Dale Rd 06:50
Carleton Ackworth Rd Hardwick Road 06:51
Ackworth Road Carleton Park Rd 06:51
Pontefract Ackworth Road Hardwick Court (S bound) 06:51
Pontefract Mill Hill Road Mayors Walk 06:52
Pontefract, opp Valley Gardens A 06:53
Pontefract Southgate A 06:54
Pontefract Bus Station stand F 06:55

Timetable data from Globe Holidays Ltd/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 24 July 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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