3B - Mastrick - Cove

A bus service operated by First Aberdeen

Mastrick Findhorn Place (at 7) 07:4608:06
Mastrick, opp Fernhill Drive 07:4708:07
Mastrick Shops (opp) 07:4808:08
Mastrick Land (at) 07:4808:08
Mastrick, at Derry Place 07:4908:09
Mastrick, adj Derry Avenue 07:5008:10
Mastrick, at Long Walk Road 07:5008:10
Stockethill, adj Stocket Parade 07:5208:12
Stockethill, opp Oldcroft Terrace 07:5308:13
Stockethill, at Ashgrove Place 07:5408:14
Westburn Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (SW-bound) 07:5608:16
Westburn, at Foresterhill Health Centre 07:5708:17
Westburn, opp Raeden Avenue 07:5708:17
Westburn Road (at) 07:5808:18
Midstocket Road (at) 07:5908:19
Midstocket, at Hosefield Avenue 08:0008:20
Midstocket, at Hosefield Road 08:0108:21
Midstocket, adj Mile End Lane 08:0108:21
Rosemount, at Belvidere Street 08:0208:22
Rosemount, opp Short Loanings 08:0408:24
Rosemount, at Richmond Terrace 08:0408:24
Rosemount, at Baker Street 08:0508:25
Rosemount, at Gilcomston Park 08:0608:26
Aberdeen Union Terrace Gardens (Stop D3) 08:0708:27
Aberdeen Bridge Street (Stop E2) 08:0808:28
Aberdeen Guild Street (Stop M1) 08:1108:31
Aberdeen, opp Palmerston Road 08:1208:32
Aberdeen, opp Poynernook Road 08:1308:33
Torry, adj South Esplanade East 08:1408:34
Torry, at Walker Lane 08:1508:35
Torry, at Walker Place 08:1508:35
Torry, at Grampian Place 08:1608:36
Torry, at Kerloch Place 08:1708:37
Torry, at Balnagask Road 08:1808:38
Tullos Industrial Estate, opp Craigshaw Road 08:1908:39
Tullos Industrial Estate, at Greenbank Road 08:2008:40
Tullos Industrial Estate, opp Craigshaw Drive 08:2108:41
Nigg, at Altens Farm Road 08:2208:42
Redmoss Park (opp) 08:2308:43
Altens, adj Souter Head Road 08:2408:44
Altens North Loirston Road (NE-bound) 08:2508:45
Altens, opp Hareness Circle 08:2708:47
Altens, at Minto Avenue 08:2708:47
Altens, at Minto Road 08:2808:48
Altens, at Irvin House 08:3008:50
Cove Bay, at Loirston Manor 08:3408:54
Cove Bay, at Allan Park 08:3508:55
Cove Bay, at Loirston Place 08:3508:55
Cove Bay, opp Cove Road 08:3608:56
Cove Bay, adj Cove Court 08:3708:57
Cove Bay, at Cove Circle 08:3708:57

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 14 June 2024

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