40 - Dunstable - Whipsnade Zoo & Kensworth

A bus service operated by Centrebus (South)

Dunstable Asda (Stop J1) 08:5510:0511:1512:2513:3514:45
Dunstable The Quadrant (Stop N3) 08:5710:0711:1712:2713:3714:47
Dunstable Church Street (Stop P1) 08:5810:0811:1812:2813:3814:48
Dunstable Central Bedfordshire College (Stop J4) 09:0010:1011:2012:3013:4014:50
Dunstable, adj Chiltern Park 09:0210:1211:2212:3213:4214:52
Dunstable, opp Sainsbury's 09:0310:1311:2312:3313:4314:53
Dunstable, adj Boscombe Road 09:0310:1311:2312:3313:4314:53
Dunstable, opp Liscombe Road 09:0410:1411:2412:3413:4414:54
Dunstable, adj Ridgeway Avenue 09:0510:1511:2512:3513:4514:55
Dunstable, opp Kingsbury Avenue 09:0510:1511:2512:3513:4514:55
Dunstable, opp Allenby Avenue 09:0610:1611:2612:3613:4614:56
Dunstable, adj Evelyn Road 09:0710:1711:2712:3713:4714:57
Dunstable, opp Emerald Road 09:0710:1711:2712:3713:4714:57
Dunstable, opp Markham Crescent 09:0810:1811:2812:3813:4814:58
Dunstable, opp Katherine Drive Shops 08:0009:0910:1911:2912:3913:4914:59
Dunstable Woodford Road (S-bound) 08:0009:0910:1911:2912:3913:4914:59
Dunstable, opp Brandreth Avenue 08:0109:1010:2011:3012:4013:5015:00
Dunstable, adj Liscombe Road 08:0209:1110:2111:3112:4113:5115:01
Dunstable Sainsbury's (Stop W3) 08:0409:1310:2311:3312:4313:5315:03
Dunstable Chiltern Park (Stop W4) 08:0409:1310:2311:3312:4313:5315:03
Dunstable, adj White Lion Retail Park North 08:0509:1410:2411:3412:4413:5415:04
Dunstable Central Bedfordshire College (Stop J3) 08:0509:1410:2411:3412:4413:5415:04
Dunstable Asda (Stop J1) 08:0709:1610:2611:3612:4613:5615:06
Dunstable The Quadrant (Stop N3) 08:0909:1810:2811:3813:5815:08
Dunstable West Street (Stop T1) 08:1109:2010:3011:4014:0015:1018:11
Dunstable, opp St Marys Church 08:1109:2010:3011:4014:0015:1018:11
Dunstable, o/s The Cemetery 08:1209:2110:3111:4114:0115:1118:12
Dunstable, adj Whipsnade Road 08:1309:2210:3211:4214:0215:1218:13
Whipsnade, o/s Chilterns Gateway Centre 08:1809:2710:3711:4714:0715:1718:17
Whipsnade Park Homes (opp) 08:2209:3110:4111:5114:1115:2118:23
Whipsnade Village Hall (opp) 08:2309:3210:4211:5214:1215:2218:24
Whipsnade Zoo (adj) 08:2409:3310:4311:5314:1315:2318:25
Whipsnade Village Hall (adj) 08:2509:3410:4411:5414:1415:2418:25
Whipsnade Park Homes (adj) 08:2509:3410:4411:5414:1415:2418:26
Kensworth, o/s Farmer's Boy 08:3009:3910:4911:5914:1915:2918:30
Kensworth, opp Poplar Road 08:3009:3910:4911:5914:1915:2918:30
Kensworth, opp Ridgeway 08:3109:4010:5012:0014:2015:3018:31
Kensworth Primary School (opp) 08:3109:4010:5012:0014:2015:3018:31
Markyate, adj The Packhorse PH 08:3409:4310:5312:0314:2315:3318:34
Kensworth, opp Horse and Jockey 08:3409:4310:5312:0314:2315:33
Kensworth Jockey Farm (NW-bound) 08:3509:4410:5412:0414:2415:34
Dunstable, opp Turnpike Farm 08:3609:4510:5512:0514:2515:35
Dunstable, opp Glenwood School 08:3809:4710:5712:0714:2715:37
Dunstable, opp Churchill Road 08:3909:4810:5812:0814:2815:38
Dunstable, opp Miletree Crescent 08:4009:4910:5912:0914:2915:39
Dunstable, opp Lover's Walk 08:4409:5311:0312:1314:3315:43
Dunstable Church Street (Stop P1) 08:4509:5411:0412:1414:3415:44
Dunstable Asda (Stop J1) 08:4809:5711:0712:1714:3715:47

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