400 - Fleetwood - Myerscough College via Blackpool

A bus service operated by Blackpool Transport

Fleetwood - Myerscough College

Fleetwood, by Queens Terrace 07:33
Fleetwood, by Albert Square 07:34
Fleetwood, o/s St Marys Church 07:34
Fleetwood, by Mount Street 07:34
Fleetwood, by Elm Street 07:35
Fleetwood, by Birch Street 07:36
Fleetwood, opp Agnew Road 07:36
Fleetwood, o/s Aldi Poulton Road 07:36
Fleetwood, o/s Queens Hotel 07:38
Fleetwood, adj Westview 07:38
Larkholme, o/s Health Centre 07:39
Larkholme Lane (by) 07:40
Larkholme, by Cardinal Allen HS 07:41
Rossall Beach, by South Strand 07:42
Rossall Beach, by Rossall Lane 07:42
Rossall Beach, opp Westbourne Road 07:43
Rossall Beach, opp Waygate 07:44
Cleveleys, opp Rossall Gardens 07:45
Cleveleys, opp Beach Road 07:46
Cleveleys, opp Rough Lea Road 07:47
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop D) 07:48
Anchorsholme, by Lauderdale Avenue 07:52
Anchorsholme Lane (by) 07:52
Anchorsholme, opp Jem Gate 07:52
Anchorsholme, by Russell Avenue 07:52
Norbreck, opp Wilson Square 07:53
Norbreck, by Mossom Lane 07:53
Bispham, by Guildford Avenue 07:54
Bispham, by Red Lion Hotel 07:54
Norbreck, by St Bernadettes RC Church 07:54
Bispham Roundabout (Stop 2) 07:55
North Shore, opp Bromsgrove Avenue 07:56
North Shore, by Galway Avenue 07:56
North Shore, by Kylemore Avenue 07:57
North Shore, opp Shaftesbury Avenue 07:59
North Shore, opp Warbreck Hill Road 08:00
North Shore, by Devonshire Arms 08:01
Central, by Mansfield Road 08:03
Central, adj Devonshire Road 08:04
Central, by Greenhill 08:05
Central, by Buchanan Street 08:05
Blackpool, by Abingdon Street 08:06
Blackpool, opp Abingdon Street 08:08
Central, by Buchanan Street 08:10
Central, by Spencer Court 08:11
Layton, by Devonshire Road 08:12
Layton Square (by) 08:14
Layton Institute (o/s) 08:15
Layton, by Mansfield Road 08:16
Wades Farm, by Meyler Avenue 08:17
Wades Farm, opp Rodwell Walk 08:19
Boundary Park, o/s Petrol Station 08:19
Boundary Park, by Poulton Old Road 08:21
Carleton, opp Aspire Academy 08:23
Carleton, opp Blackpool Sixth Form College 08:24
Carleton, opp Fairway 08:25
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Kingfisher Drive 08:27
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Lawnswood Avenue 08:29
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Mossbourne Rd 08:31
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Wyresdale Ave 08:32
Poulton-le-Fylde Booths (Stand 5) 08:35
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Wembley Avenue 08:35
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Spar shop 08:36
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Moorland Road 08:36
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Bracewell Avenue 08:37
Little Singleton, by Five Lane Ends 08:38
Little Singleton, by Windy Harbour Crossroads 08:41
Larbreck Hall (by) 08:42
Larbreck Gardens (by) 08:42
Little Eccleston, by Blackpool Old Road 08:45
Great Eccleston, by Marsh Farm 08:50
St Michael’s on Wyre, opp Village Hall 08:54
St Michael’s on Wyre, opp Primary School 08:55
Myerscough, by College 09:05

Myerscough College - Fleetwood

Myerscough, by College 17:10
St Michael’s on Wyre, by New House Farm 17:13
St Michael’s on Wyre, by Primary School 17:15
St Michael’s on Wyre, by Village Hall 17:15
Great Eccleston, by White House Lane 17:19
Little Eccleston, opp Blackpool Old Road 17:25
Larbreck Gardens (opp) 17:27
Larbreck Hall (opp) 17:27
Little Singleton, opp Windy Harbour 17:28
Little Singleton, adj Five Lane Ends 17:30
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Bracewell Avenue 17:32
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Moorland Road 17:33
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Holts Lane Estate 17:33
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Poulton Road Primary School 17:34
Poulton-le-Fylde St Chads Church (Stand 1) 17:35
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Wyresdale Avenue 17:36
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Mossbourne Road 17:37
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Lawnswood Avenue 17:38
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Kingfisher Drive 17:39
Carleton, by Fairway 17:39
Carleton, by Blackpool Sixth Form College 17:40
Carleton, o/s Aspire Academy 17:41
Boundary Park, by Poulton Old Road 17:41
Boundary Park, opp Petrol Station 17:42
Wades Farm, by Rodwell Walk 17:42
North Shore, by Meyler Avenue 17:43
Layton, opp Mansfield Road 17:43
Layton Institute (o/s) 17:44
Layton Square (by) 17:44
Layton, by Rossall Road 17:45
Central, adj Devonshire Road 17:45
Central, by Greenhill 17:46
Central, by Buchanan Street 17:46
Blackpool, by Abingdon Street 17:47
Blackpool, opp Abingdon Street 17:48
Central, by Buchanan Street 17:50
Central, by Spencer Court 17:50
Central, by Devonshire Road 17:51
Central, opp Mansfield Road 17:51
North Shore, o/s Devonshire Arms 17:53
North Shore, by Warbreck Hill Road 17:54
North Shore, by Shaftesbury Avenue 17:55
North Shore, opp Kylemore Avenue 17:57
North Shore, opp Galway Avenue 17:57
North Shore, by Bromsgrove Avenue 17:58
Bispham Roundabout (Stop 1) 17:59
Bispham, opp Post Office 18:00
Norbreck, opp St Bernadettes RC Church 18:00
Norbreck, o/s Red Lion Hotel 18:00
Norbreck, by Guildford Avenue 18:00
Norbreck, by Mossom Lane 18:01
Norbreck, by Wilson Square 18:01
Norbreck, by Russell Avenue 18:01
Anchorsholme, by Jem Gate 18:02
Anchorsholme Lane (opp) 18:02
Anchorsholme, opp Lauderdale Avenue 18:03
Cleveleys, by Crescent 18:04
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop A) 18:07
Cleveleys, by Library 18:09
Cleveleys, by Thornton Gate 18:09
Rossall Beach, by Way Gate 18:10
Rossall Beach, by Westbourne Road 18:11
Rossall Beach, by Rossall School 18:12
Larkholme, by House Of Time 18:13
Larkholme, by Melbourne Avenue 18:13
Larkholme Lane (by) 18:14
Larkholme, opp Health Centre 18:15
Fleetwood, by Westview 18:15
Fleetwood, opp Queens Hotel 18:17
Fleetwood, by Mersey Road 18:18
Fleetwood, by Agnew Road 18:19
Fleetwood, by Strawberry Gardens 18:20
Fleetwood, adj Elm Street 18:21
Fleetwood, by Preston Street 18:23
Fleetwood, opp Albert Square 18:24
Fleetwood, by Bold Street 18:26
Fleetwood, by Queens Terrace 18:27

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