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400 - Thamesmead School - Ashford - Stanwell Moor

A bus service operated by Bear Buses


Stanwell Moor - Ashford - Thamesmead School

Stanwell Moor Horton Road North (SW-bound) 07:27
Stanwell Moor, opp Glenhaven Drive 07:27
Stanwell Moor, adj Horton Road 07:29
Stanwell, opp Selwood Gardens 07:31
Stanwell, opp The Wheatsheaf 07:32
Stanwell, adj Riverside Road 07:32
Stanwell Bedfont Road (just after) 07:33
Stanwell, opp Everest Road 07:33
Stanwell, adj Cordelia Road 07:34
Stanwell, adj Happy Landing 07:35
Stanwell, opp St Annes Avenue 07:35
Stanwell, adj Scots Close 07:37
Ashford Hospital Entrance (SW-bound) 07:39
Ashford, adj Bulldog 07:39
Ashford, opp Salcombe Road 07:40
Ashford, opp Station Crescent 07:40
Ashford, opp Dudley Road 07:42
Ashford War Memorial (SE-bound) 07:43
Ashford, opp Town Tree Road 07:44
Ashford, o/s The Ash Tree 07:46
Ashford, opp Chessholme Road 07:47
Ashford, opp Elgin Avenue 07:49
Ashford Common, o/s Spelthorne Junior School 07:50
Ashford Common, opp Saville Crescent 07:51
Ashford Common, opp Norman Road 07:53
Ashford Common, adj Thorne Close 07:53
Charlton, opp Ashford Road 07:54
Charlton, opp Village Stores 07:55
Charlton, o/s The Harrow 07:56
Littleton New Road (W-bound) 07:58
Shepperton, adj Studios 07:59
Shepperton, at Studios Estate 08:01
Shepperton, opp Studios 08:02
Shepperton, opp Magdalene Road 08:03
Shepperton, adj Ash Road 08:04
Shepperton, opp Fairview Drive 08:05
Shepperton Green, opp The Bull 08:07
Shepperton, adj Tanglyn Avenue 08:07
Shepperton, opp Manor Farm Avenue 08:08
Shepperton Station Forecourt (on) 08:09
Shepperton, opp Manygate Lane 08:13
Shepperton, o/s Thamesmead School 08:19
Schooldays only

Thamesmead School - Ashford - Stanwell Moor

Shepperton, o/s Thamesmead School 14:45
Shepperton Station Forecourt (on) 14:48
Shepperton, adj Manor Farm Avenue 14:48
Shepperton, opp Tanglyn Avenue 14:49
Shepperton Green, nr The Bull 14:50
Shepperton, opp Squire's Road 14:51
Shepperton, opp Ash Road 14:52
Shepperton, adj Magdalene Road 14:53
Shepperton, adj Studios 14:53
Shepperton, at Studios Estate 14:56
Shepperton, opp Studios 14:57
Littleton New Road (E-bound) 14:58
Charlton, opp The Harrow 15:01
Charlton, adj Village Stores 15:01
Charlton, adj Ashford Road 15:02
Ashford Common, opp Thorne Close 15:03
Ashford Common Littleton Road (NE-bound) 15:03
Ashford Common, adj Norman Road 15:04
Ashford Common, adj Saville Crescent 15:05
Ashford Common, opp Spelthorne Junior School 15:05
Ashford, adj Elgin Avenue 15:08
Ashford, adj Chessholme Road 15:09
Ashford, opp Dingle Road 15:11
Ashford, opp The Ash Tree 15:12
Ashford, on Town Tree Road 15:13
Ashford War Memorial (NW-bound) 15:14
Ashford, adj Dudley Road 15:16
Ashford, adj Station Crescent 15:17
Ashford, adj Salcombe Road 15:18
Ashford, opp Bulldog 15:19
Ashford Hospital Entrance (opp) 15:20
Stanwell, opp Scots Close 15:21
Stanwell, adj St Annes Avenue 15:22
Stanwell, opp Happy Landing 15:23
Stanwell, opp Cordelia Road 15:23
Stanwell, adj Everest Road 15:23
Stanwell Bedfont Road (just before) 15:24
Stanwell, opp Riverside Road 15:24
Stanwell, opp Riverside Place 15:25
Stanwell, adj The Wheatsheaf 15:26
Stanwell, adj Selwood Gardens 15:27
Stanwell Moor Horton Road (N-bound) 15:28
Stanwell Moor Horton Road North (SW-bound) 15:31
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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