403 - Hilton to St Benedicts School

A bus service operated by Notts and Derby


Monday to Friday

Hilton - St Benedicts School

Hilton, opp New Road 07:30
Hilton, adj Peacroft Lane 07:30
Hilton, adj Talbot Farm Nursery 07:31
Hilton, opp Lucas Lane 07:32
Etwall, opp Friary Farm 07:33
Etwall Hilton Road (E-bound) 07:34
Etwall, opp Spread Eagle 07:35
Etwall, adj Sutton Lane 07:35
Etwall, adj Seven Wells 07:35
Burnaston, opp Dee Lane 07:36
Burnaston, adj Bannells Lane 07:36
Burnaston, adj Bonehill Farm 07:37
Hospital Lane 07:38
Mickleover, opp All Saints Court 07:39
Mickleover Vicarage Road (SE-bound) 07:40
Mickleover Tesco (E-bound) 07:40
Mickleover, adj Our Lady Church 07:41
Mickleover, opp Cavendish Way 07:41
Mickleover, adj Arundel Avenue 07:42
Mickleover, opp Western Road Junction 07:42
Mickleover, opp Chevin Avenue 07:43
Mickleover, opp Royal British Legion 07:43
Mickleover, opp 38 Western Road 07:44
West Drive 07:45
Mickleover, opp Westhall Road 07:45
Mickleover, adj Loxton Court 07:46
Mickleover, opp Stanstead Road 07:47
Mickleover, adj Ladybank Road Shops 07:48
Mickleover, adj Barnwood Close 07:48
Mickleover, opp Greenside Court 07:49
Mickleover, adj Lidgate Close 07:49
Mickleover, opp All Saints Court 07:50
Mickleover Vicarage Road (SE-bound) 07:51
Mickleover Tesco (E-bound) 07:51
Mickleover, adj Our Lady Church 07:51
Mickleover, opp Cavendish Way 07:52
Mickleover, adj Arundel Avenue 07:52
Mickleover, opp Muirfield Drive 07:53
Mickleover, adj Rough Heanor Road 07:54
Mickleover Kings Drive (NE-bound) 07:54
Royal Derby Hospital (Opp) 07:55
Royal Derby Hospital Ring Road (just before) 07:56
Kingsway 07:57
Kingsway Flyover 07:58
Knightsbridge / Brackensdale Ave 07:59
Mackworth Estate, opp Morden Green 08:00
Mackworth Estate, adj Barnes Green 08:01
Mackworth Estate, opp Prince Charles Avenue 08:01
Mackworth Estate Markeaton Hill (E-bound) 08:02
Markeaton, adj Park Entrance 08:03
Darley Abbey, opp Longford Street 08:10
Darley Abbey, adj The Leylands 08:11
Darley Abbey, opp Baptist Church 08:12
Darley Abbey, opp Broadfields Close 08:13
Darley Abbey, adj Broadway Convent 08:15
Darley Abbey, adj Broadway 08:17
Darley Abbey Mileash Lane (Opp 284) 08:19
Darley Abbey, adj St Benedicts Bus Park 08:20

St Benedicts School - Hilton

Darley Abbey, adj St Benedicts Bus Park 15:10
Darley Abbey Mileash Lane (Adj 276) 15:11
Darley Abbey, opp Broadway Convent 15:12
Darley Abbey, adj Broadfields Close 15:13
Darley Abbey, adj Baptist Church 15:14
Darley Abbey, opp The Leylands 15:14
Darley Abbey, adj Longford Street 15:14
Markeaton, opp Park Entrance 15:16
Mackworth Estate Markeaton Hill (W-bound) 15:17
Mackworth Estate, opp Ashbourne Road 15:17
Mackworth Estate, opp Barnes Green 15:18
Mackworth Estate, adj Mornington Crescent 15:19
Mackworth Estate, adj Morden Green 15:20
Mackworth Estate, opp Greenland Avenue 15:21
Mackworth Estate, opp Kingsway Bridge 15:22
Mackworth Estate, opp Kingsway Flyover 15:22
Kingsway 15:25
Royal Derby Hospital Ring Road (just after) 15:27
Royal Derby Hospital (Adj) 15:28
Mickleover Kings Drive (W-bound) 15:29
Mickleover, adj Chain Lane 15:30
Mickleover, opp Western Road Junction 15:31
Mickleover, opp Chevin Avenue 15:32
Mickleover, opp Royal British Legion 15:33
Mickleover, opp 38 Western Road 15:34
Mickleover, adj West Drive 15:35
Mickleover, opp Westhall Road 15:36
Mickleover, adj Loxton Court 15:37
Mickleover, opp Stanstead Road 15:38
Mickleover, adj Ladybank Road Shops 15:39
Mickleover, adj Barnwood Close 15:40
Mickleover, opp Greenside Court 15:41
Mickleover, adj Lidgate Close 15:42
The Pastures, adj Mickleover Turn 15:43
Burnaston, opp Bonehill Farm 15:44
Burnaston, opp Bannells Lane 15:45
Burnaston, adj Dee Lane 15:46
Etwall, opp Seven Wells 15:47
Etwall, opp Sutton Lane 15:48
Etwall, adj Spread Eagle 15:49
Etwall Hilton Road (W-bound) 15:50
Etwall, adj Friary Farm 15:51
Hilton Lodge (Adj) 15:51
Hilton, adj Lucas Lane 15:52
Hilton, opp Talbot Farm Nursery 15:53
Hilton, opp Peacroft Lane 15:54
Hilton, adj New Road 15:55

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Notts_and_Derby/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 22 April 2022

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