406 - California Crossroads - Farnborough

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California Crossroads - Farnborough

California Crossroads, adj Ratepayers Hall 07:41
California Crossroads Ratepayers Hall (Opp 399) 07:42
Finchampstead, opp Warren Lane 07:43
Finchampstead, adj Ridge Farm 07:44
Finchampstead Village, adj Finchampstead War Memorial 07:46
Finchampstead Village, adj The Tally Ho 07:52
Eversley Warbrook Lane (S-bound) 07:53
Eversley Lower Common (NE-bound) 07:5309:34
Eversley, opp Hotel Entrance 07:5309:35
Eversley Roundabout (E-bound) 08:0009:36
Eversley Centre Eversley School (E-bound) 08:0109:37
Eversley Centre Kingsley Road (SE-bound) 08:0109:37
Eversley Centre, opposite Jarvis Close 08:0209:38
Eversley Cross The Chequers (E-bound) 08:0309:39
Up Green Fox Lane (SE-bound) 08:0509:40
Up Green Moulsham Copse Lane (E-bound) 08:0709:42
Yateley, nr The Link 08:0809:42
Yateley Schools (SW-bound) 08:10
Yateley, opp St Swithuns Church 08:1309:44
Yateley, o/s Forge Court 08:1509:45
Yateley, opp Manor Park Drive 08:1709:47
Yateley, adj Lodge Grove 08:1709:47
Darby Green Chapel Corner (SE-bound) 08:2009:49
Darby Green, o/s The Spennys 08:2009:50
Darby Green Olde Farm Drive (E-bound) 08:2109:50
Blackwater Green Lane (SE-bound) 08:2209:51
Blackwater Reading Road (SE-bound) 08:2309:52
Blackwater Frogmore Park Drive (SE-bound) 08:2409:52
Blackwater, adj Quebec Gardens 08:2509:53
Hawley Green Lane (SE-bound) 08:2609:53
Hawley Holy Trinity Church (SE-bound) 08:2709:54
Hawley Oakfield Road (SE-bound) 08:2809:55
Fox Lane, o/s New Inn 08:3209:57
Hawley Lane, opp Brookside Park 08:3309:57
Hawley Lane Oaken Copse Crescent (W-bound) 08:3609:59
Hawley Lane Sand Hill (S-bound) 08:3709:59
Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop A) 08:3810:00
Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop C) 08:3910:01
Farnborough Empress Avenue (SW-bound) 08:4210:03
Farnborough Ham and Blackbird (Stop M) 08:4410:05
Farnborough Oak Road (Stop E) 08:4610:07
Farnborough Park College of Technology (S-bound) 08:4810:08

Farnborough - California Crossroads

Farnborough Park Rushmoor Council Offices (N-bound) 14:4516:25
Farnborough Kingsmead Main Road (Stop D) 14:4716:27
Farnborough Ham and Blackbird (Stop L) 14:5016:30
Farnborough Napoleon Avenue (NE-bound) 14:5316:33
Farnborough Green Prospect Avenue (Stop E) 14:5416:34
Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop D) 14:5516:35
Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop B) 14:5616:36
Hawley Lane Sand Hill (N-bound) 14:5716:37
Hawley Lane Oaken Copse Crescent (E-bound) 14:5716:38
Hawley Lane, o/s Brookside Park 15:0016:40
Fox Lane, opp New Inn 15:0016:41
Hawley Oakfield Road (NW-bound) 15:0316:45
Hawley Holy Trinity Church (NW-bound) 15:0416:45
Hawley Green Lane (NW-bound) 15:0516:46
Blackwater, opp Quebec Gardens 15:0516:47
Blackwater Frogmore Park Drive (NW-bound) 15:0716:48
Blackwater Reading Road (NW-bound) 15:0716:49
Blackwater Green Lane (NW-bound) 15:0816:50
Darby Green Olde Farm Drive (W-bound) 15:0916:51
Darby Green Chapel Corner (NW-bound) 15:1116:52
Yateley, adj Potley Hill Roundabout 15:1216:54
Yateley, adj Manor Park Drive 15:1316:54
Yateley, opp Forge Court 15:1516:56
Yateley, adj St Swithuns Church 15:16
Yateley, adj Home Park Road 16:57
Yateley Schools (SW-bound) 15:23
Yateley, adj Coppice Gardens 16:58
Yateley, adj Dickens Way 16:59
Yateley, nr Vigo Lane 16:59
Yateley, adj Wordsworth Avenue 17:00
Yateley, adj Waitrose Stores 17:01
Yateley, adj Robins Grove Crescent 17:02
Yateley, opp Aylesham Way 17:02
Up Green Moulsham Copse Lane (W-bound) 15:2717:04
Up Green Fox Lane (NW-bound) 15:2917:05
Eversley Cross, o/s The Chequers 15:3117:06
Eversley Centre Jarvis Close (adjacent) 15:3217:07
Eversley Centre Kingsley Road (NW-bound) 15:3317:07
Eversley Centre Eversley School (W-bound) 15:3417:08
Eversley Lower Common (NE-bound) 15:3917:11
Eversley Warbrook Lane (N-bound) 15:4017:12
Finchampstead Village, opp The Tally Ho 15:4117:13
Finchampstead Village (in) 15:4617:16
Finchampstead Village, opp Finchampstead War Memorial 15:4717:17
Finchampstead, adj Warren Lane 15:5017:20
California Crossroads, adj Ratepayers Hall 15:5117:21

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 3 June 2023

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