406 - Uttoxeter Town Circular

A bus service operated by Select Bus Services

Uttoxeter Town Ctr Bus Station (Stand 2) 07:0009:12then every 30 minutes until14:4217:45
Uttoxeter Town Ctr, opp Wellington Inn 07:0009:1214:4217:45
The Wharf, adj Heath Road 07:0109:1314:4317:46
The Heath, opp Orchard Close 07:0309:1514:4517:48
The Heath, by Heath Road 07:0409:1614:4617:49
The Heath, adj Holly Road 07:0409:1614:4617:49
The Heath, opp Pennycroft Road 07:0509:1714:4717:50
The Heath, adj Chestnut Close 07:0509:1714:4717:50
The Heath, adj Byrds Lane 07:0709:1914:4917:52
The Heath, opp Hallam Road 07:0709:1914:4917:52
The Heath, adj Marlborough Way 07:0709:1914:4917:52
The Heath, opp Hill Close 07:0809:2014:5017:53
The Heath, adj Milverton Drive 07:0809:2014:5017:53
The Heath, nr Milverton Drive 07:0809:2014:5017:53
Uttoxeter, adj Davies Drive 07:0909:2114:5117:54
Uttoxeter, opp Hamilton Drive 07:0909:2114:5117:54
The Heath, opp Copes Way 07:1009:2214:5217:55
The Heath, opp Gardner Place 07:1009:2214:5217:55
Uttoxeter, adj The Meadows 07:1009:2214:5217:55
The Heath, opp Redfern Road 07:1109:2314:5317:56
The Heath, adj Mosley Drive 07:1209:2414:5417:57
The Heath, opp Lightfoot Road 07:1209:2414:5417:57
The Heath, nr Holly Road 07:1309:2514:5517:58
The Heath, adj Stone Road 07:1409:2614:5617:59
Balance Hill, opp Leisure Centre 07:1609:2814:5818:01
Uttoxeter, opp Post Office 07:1809:3015:0018:03
Uttoxeter Town Ctr, adj Bus Station 07:2009:3215:0218:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024

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