41 - Walsall - Willenhall

Operated by Diamond Bus



Walsall to Willenhall

Walsall Bus Station (Stand H) 18:55then hourly until22:55
Walsall, opp The Wharf 18:5722:57
Walsall, before Blue Lane West 18:5722:57
Birchills, adj Hollyhedge Close 18:5822:58
Birchills St (opp) 18:5922:59
Birchills, before Bentley Lane 19:0023:00
Reedswood, adj Bentley Drive 19:0123:01
Reedswood Park (opp) 19:0223:02
Reedswood, adj Naunton Rd 19:0223:02
Reedswood, adj Pouk Hill Close 19:0323:03
Reedswood, opp Birchover Rd 19:0323:03
Reedswood, adj Roundabout 19:0423:04
Reedswood, adj The Jane Lane School 19:0523:05
Bentley, adj Arnold Close 19:0623:06
Bentley, opp Wing Close 19:0723:07
Bentley, opp Cromwell Close 19:0823:08
Bentley, adj Attlee Rd 19:0923:09
Lodge Farm, after Monmouth Rd 19:0923:09
Lodge Farm, opp Granbourne Rd 19:1023:10
Lodge Farm, opp The Homestead 19:1123:11
Lane Head, opp Birchtree Hollow 19:1223:12
Lane Head, opp Manor Farm Drive 19:1323:13
Lane Head, opp Liberal Club 19:1423:14
Short Heath Clinic (adj) 19:1523:15
Short Heath, opp Oaken Drive 19:1523:15
Short Heath, before Keats Rd 19:1723:17
Short Heath, before Pooles Lane 19:1723:17
New Invention, after Byron Rd 19:1823:18
New Invention Pooles Lane (adjacent) 19:1823:18
New Invention, before Lichfield Rd 19:1923:19
New Invention, opp Griffiths Rd 19:1923:19
Allens Rough, opp Bloomfield Drive 19:2023:20
Allens Rough, adj Beacon Rd 19:2323:23
New Invention, opp Baynton Rd 19:2323:23
New Invention, opposite Cannock Rd 19:2423:24
New Invention Square (adj) 19:2523:25
New Invention, adj Wesley Rd 19:2623:26
Lane Head, opposite The Coppice 19:2623:26
Lane Head, adj Howe Crescent 19:2723:27
Pool Hayes, adj Martin Drive 19:2723:27
Pool Hayes, adj Cornwall Gate 19:2823:28
Ashmore Lake Spring Lane (adjacent) 19:2823:28
Little London Granville St (adjacent) 19:3023:30
Little London, opp Harper St 19:3123:31
Willenhall The Mal (adjacent) 19:3323:33

Willenhall to Walsall

Willenhall The Mal (adjacent) 19:34then hourly until22:34
Little London Harper St (adjacent) 19:3422:34
Little London, opposite Granville St 19:3522:35
Spring Bank, adj Clothier St 19:3622:36
Ashmore Lake Cross Keys Inn (adjacent) 19:3722:37
Ashmore Lake, opposite Spring Lane 19:3722:37
Pool Hayes, opp Cornwall Gate 19:3822:38
Pool Hayes, opp Martin Drive 19:3922:39
Lane Head, opp Howe Crescent 19:4022:40
Lane Head The Coppice (adjacent) 19:4022:40
New Invention, opp Wesley Rd 19:4122:41
New Invention, opposite Cannock Rd 19:4222:42
New Invention Square (adj) 19:4322:43
New Invention Square (opposite) 19:4322:43
New Invention, before Cannock Rd 19:4422:44
New Invention, adj Baynton Rd 19:4422:44
Allens Rough, after Beacon Rd 19:4422:44
Allens Rough, adj Bloomfield Drive 19:4622:46
New Invention, adj Griffiths Rd 19:4722:47
New Invention, after Lichfield Rd 19:4722:47
New Invention, before Pooles Lane 19:4822:48
New Invention, before Byron Rd 19:4922:49
Short Heath, after Pooles Lane 19:4922:49
Short Heath, opp Shelley Rd 19:5122:51
Short Heath, adj Oaken Drive 19:5222:52
Short Heath Clinic (opp) 19:5222:52
Lane Head, adj Liberal Club 19:5322:53
Lane Head, adj Manor Farm Drive 19:5422:54
Lane Head, adj Birchtree Hollow 19:5522:55
Lodge Farm, adj The Homestead 19:5622:56
Lodge Farm, after Granbourne Rd 19:5822:58
Bentley, opp Attlee Rd 19:5922:59
Bentley, adj Cromwell Close 20:0023:00
Bentley, adj Wing Close 20:0023:00
Bentley, opp Arnold Close 20:0123:01
Reedswood, opp The Jane Lane School 20:0223:02
Reedswood, opp Roundabout 20:0323:03
Reedswood, adj Birchover Rd 20:0423:04
Reedswood, opp Pouk Hill Close 20:0423:04
Reedswood, opp Naunton Rd 20:0523:05
Reedswood Park (adj) 20:0623:06
Reedswood, opp Bentley Drive 20:0623:06
Birchills, opp Bentley Lane 20:0723:07
Birchills St (adj) 20:0723:07
Birchills, opp Hollyhedge Close 20:0723:07
Walsall, after Blue Lane West 20:0823:08
Walsall, adj The Wharf 20:0923:09
Walsall Bus Station (Stand H) 20:1223:12

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 3 October 2022

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