42 - Hospitalfield - Arbroath bus station

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland



Hospitalfield Patrick Allan Fraser Street - Arbroath Bus Station

Hospitalfield Patrick Allan Fraser Street (at 16) 10:15
Hospitalfield, at Glamis Road 10:15
Hospitalfield, at Kinghorne Street 10:15
Hospitalfield, at School Road 10:15
Hospitalfield Gardens (opp) 10:15
Hospitalfield, at Doocot Park 10:16
Hospitalfield Road (at) 10:16
Arbroath, at The Steadings 10:16
Timmergreens, nr Fraser Place 10:17
Timmergreens, opp Emislaw Drive 10:17
Timmergreens, nr Gallowden Road 10:17
Timmergreens, at Keptie Road 10:18
Timmergreens, opp Camperdown Drive 10:18
Timmergreens, at Ram's Heid 10:19
Timmergreens, at Gallowden Road 10:19
Timmergreens, at Roseville Place 10:19
Timmergreens, nr Muirton Road 10:20
Timmergreens, at Bloomfield Place 10:20
Timmergreens, opp Bloomfield Crescent 10:20
Timmergreens, at Bloomfield Road 10:21
Timmergreens, at Newton Avenue 10:21
Timmergreens, nr Fraser Place 10:22
Timmergreens, at Primary School 10:22
Timmergreens, at Charles Avenue 10:23
Arbroath, opp Keptie Pond 10:24
Arbroath, opp Aikman Road 10:27
Kirkton, at Park View 10:28
Kirkton, at Shops 10:29
East Kirkton Road (at) 10:29
Kirkton, nr Sir William Smith Road 10:31
Arbroath, at Kings Works 10:31
Kirkton, opp Hunter Road 10:31
Arbroath, at Little Cairnie Hospital 10:33
Arbroath, nr Elmfield Avenue 10:33
Arbroath, opp Falkland Drive 10:34
Arbroath, at Thornton Gardens 10:34
Arbroath, at St. Vigean's Gardens 10:36
Arbroath, at Cairnie Street 10:36
Arbroath, at Tesco Side Entrance 10:37
Arbroath, at Spink Street 10:37
Arbroath, opp Keptie Motors 10:37
Arbroath Railway Station (at) 10:38
Arbroath, at Bus Station 10:39s
Arbroath Bus Station (Stance 5) 10:40
Arbroath, opp Abbeygate Centre 10:41
Arbroath, at St. Andrew's Church 10:43
Arbroath, at Guthrie Hill 10:43
Hayshead Road (opp) 10:43
Warddykes, opp Priory Crescent 10:44
Warddykes, opp Spar Store 10:44
Warddykes, opp Brechin Place 10:45
Warddykes Road (at) 10:45
Warddykes, opp Tarry Dykes 10:46
Warddykes, opp Tarry Road 10:47
Arbroath, opp Grampian Gardens 10:47
Arbroath, opp Saltire Centre 10:48
Hayshead, at Hamilton Street 10:49
Cliffburn, at Mayfield Shops 10:50
Cliffburn, at Benedict Road 10:50
Cliffburn, at St Murdoch's Crescent 10:50
Cliffburn Hotel (at) 10:50
Cliffburn, at Edradour Gardens 10:51
Cliffburn, at Boulziehill Place 10:52
Cliffburn, at Clyde Court 10:52
Arbroath, opp Springfield Medical Centre 10:53
Arbroath, at ACCESS Office 10:53
Arbroath, opp Crown Inn 10:54
Arbroath, at Abbeygate Centre 10:55
Arbroath, at Bus Station 10:58


Arbroath Bus Station (Stance 5) 12:07
Arbroath, opp Abbeygate Centre 12:08
Arbroath, at St. Andrew's Church 12:10
Arbroath, at Guthrie Hill 12:10
Arbroath, opp Abbey Health Centre 12:12
Arbroath, at Old and Abbey Church 12:13
Arbroath, at Crown Inn 12:13
Arbroath, at Springfield Medical Centre 12:13
Cliffburn, opp Clyde Court 12:14
Cliffburn, opp Boulziehill Place 12:14
Cliffburn, opp Edradour Gardens 12:15
Cliffburn Hotel (opp) 12:15
Cliffburn, opp St Murdoch's Crescent 12:16
Cliffburn, opp Benedict Road 12:16
Cliffburn, opp Mayfield Shops 12:17
Arbroath, at Grampian Gardens 12:19
Warddykes, at Tarry Road 12:19
Warddykes, at Tarry Dykes 12:20
Warddykes Road (opp) 12:21
Warddykes, at Brechin Place 12:22
Warddykes, at Spar Store 12:22
Warddykes, at Brechin Road 12:22
Warddykes, opp Noran Avenue 12:22
Hayshead, nr Hayswell Road 12:23
Arbroath, opp Fisheracre 12:24
Arbroath, at Lordburn 12:24
Arbroath, at Bus Station 12:25s
Arbroath Bus Station (Stance 5) 12:26
Arbroath Railway Station (opp) 12:26
Arbroath, at Keptie Motors 12:27
Arbroath, at Rossie Street 12:27
Arbroath, opp Tesco Side Entrance 12:28
Arbroath, nr Cairnie Street 12:28
Arbroath, opp St. Vigean's Gardens 12:29
Arbroath, opp Aikman Road 12:30
Kirkton, at Park View 12:31
Kirkton, at Shops 12:33
East Kirkton Road (at) 12:33
Kirkton, nr Sir William Smith Road 12:35
Arbroath, at Kings Works 12:35
Kirkton, opp Hunter Road 12:36
Arbroath, at Little Cairnie Hospital 12:37
Timmergreens, at Ram's Heid 12:38
Timmergreens, at Gallowden Road 12:38
Timmergreens, at Roseville Place 12:38
Timmergreens, nr Muirton Road 12:39
Timmergreens, at Bloomfield Place 12:39
Timmergreens, opp Bloomfield Crescent 12:39
Timmergreens, at Bloomfield Road 12:40
Timmergreens, at Newton Avenue 12:40
Timmergreens, nr Fraser Place 12:41
Timmergreens, at Primary School 12:41
Timmergreens, at Charles Avenue 12:42
Arbroath, opp Keptie Pond 12:43
Arbroath, opp Keptie Motors 12:43
Arbroath Railway Station (at) 12:44
Arbroath, at Bus Station 12:45

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 20 September 2021

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