423 - Worcester- Alfrick - Worcester

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Monday to Saturday

Worcester- Alfrick to Worcester

Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand A) 09:4013:2514:4016:40
St John’s Bull Ring (Westbound) 09:4213:2714:4216:42
St John’s, opp Library 09:4213:2714:4216:42
St John’s, opp Comer Road 09:4213:2814:4216:42
St John’s, opp Bedwardine Inn 09:4313:2914:4316:43
St John’s, opp Everoak Trading Estate 09:4313:2914:4316:43
St John’s, adj Boughton Avenue 09:4413:2914:4416:44
St John’s, opp Broadway Grove 09:4513:3114:4516:45
Dines Green, opp Tudor Way 09:4513:3114:4516:45
Bransford Powick Turn (Westbound) 09:5313:4014:5316:53
Bransford, adj Orchard Way 13:4214:5516:55
Leigh, opp Church 10:0013:4315:0017:00
Leigh, opp Brook 10:0013:4315:0017:00
Brockamin, opp Dingle Road 10:0213:4515:0217:02
Brockamin, adj Upper Hill Farm 10:0313:4615:0317:03
Brockamin, adj Hopton Lane 10:0313:4615:0317:03
Alfrick, adj War Memorial 10:0513:4815:0517:05
Alfrick, opp Upper House 10:0613:4915:0617:06
Alfrick, adj Green Street Turn 10:0613:4915:0617:06
Ravenhills Green, adj Nature Reserve 10:0713:5015:0717:07
Ravenhills Green, adj Council Houses 10:0813:5115:0817:08
Knightwick, opp Suckley turn 10:1013:5215:0917:09

Worcester to Worcester- Alfrick

Knightwick, opp Suckley turn 07:3008:5310:1013:5315:1017:10
Sapey Bridge Highfield Turn (Southbound) 07:3108:5410:1113:5415:1117:11
Suckley Green, adj White House 07:3308:5610:1313:5615:1317:13
Suckley Stocks Cross (Southbound) 07:3608:5910:1613:5915:1617:16
Longley Green, opp Rose Cottage 07:3709:0010:1714:0015:1717:17
Longley Green, opp Nelson Inn 07:3709:0010:1714:0015:1717:17
Longley Green, adj Post Office 07:3809:0110:1814:0115:1817:18
Alfrick Pound Stocks Road Junction (NW bound) 07:4009:0310:2014:0315:2017:20
Alfrick, adj Upper House 07:4209:0510:2214:0515:2217:22
Alfrick, opp War Memorial 07:4309:0610:2314:0615:2317:23
Brockamin, opp Hopton Lane 07:4409:0710:2414:0715:2417:24
Brockamin, opp Upper Hill Farm 07:4409:0710:2414:0715:2417:24
Brockamin, adj Dingle Road 07:4609:0910:2614:0915:2617:26
Leigh Brockamin Lane (Eastbound) 07:4709:1010:2714:1015:2717:27
Leigh, adj Church 07:4809:1110:2814:1115:2817:28
Bransford, opp Orchard Way 07:5309:1610:3314:1615:3317:33
Bransford Powick Turn (Eastbound) 07:5509:1810:3514:1815:3517:35
Dines Green, adj Tudor Way 08:0709:2310:4014:2315:4017:40
Dines Green, adj Grove Crescent 08:0809:2310:4014:2315:4017:40
St John’s, adj Broadway Grove 08:0809:2310:4014:2315:4017:40
St John’s, opp Boughton Avenue 08:1009:2410:4114:2415:4117:41
St John’s, adj Everoak Trading Estate 08:1109:2410:4114:2415:4117:41
St John’s, adj Bedwardine Inn 08:1109:2410:4114:2415:4117:41
St John’s, adj Comer Road 08:1309:2510:4214:2515:4217:42
St John’s, adj Library 08:1309:2510:4214:2515:4217:42
St John’s Bull Ring (Eastbound) 08:1409:2510:4214:2515:4217:42
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand A) 08:2009:2810:4514:2815:4517:45

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