425 - Barton Peveril College - Boorley Park

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Barton Peveril College - Boorley Park

Eastleigh, o/s Barton Peveril College 16:15
Eastleigh College (o/s) 16:16
Eastleigh, nr Southampton Road 16:17
Eastleigh, opp York Road 16:18
Eastleigh, opp Lakeside Country Park 16:19
Southampton Airport, o/s Parkway Station 16:21
Swaythling, adj Mountpark 16:23
Swaythling Walnut Avenue (SW-bound) 16:24
Mansbridge Monks Way (SE-bound) 16:25
Mansbridge Octavia Road (SE-bound) 16:26
Mansbridge Itchenside Close (S-bound) 16:27
Mansbridge White Swan (E-bound) 16:29
Townhill Park Romill Close (SE-bound) 16:31
Townhill Park Barnsland (SE-bound) 16:33
West End Midlands Estate (E-bound) 16:35
West End Post Office & Shops (E-bound) 16:36
West End Hilldene Centre (E-bound) 16:37
West End, o/s The Pavilions 16:38
West End Moorgreen Hospital (E-bound) 16:39
West End, adj Shaw Road 16:40
Grange Park Bradbeers Retail Park (NE-bound) 16:41
Grange Park, opp Whites Way 16:42
Grange Park, o/s Berrywood Business Village 16:42
Grange Park, adj Peppercorn Way 16:43
Grange Park Marlborough Gardens (adjacent) 16:43
Grange Park Martley Gardens (adjacent) 16:44
Grange Park Watkin Road (adjacent) 16:45
Grange Park, opposite Elliot Rise 16:45
Grange Park, nr Stirling Crescent 16:46
Grange Park, opp Drummond Community Centre 16:47
Grange Park, nr St Lukes 16:47
Grange Park Birchwood Gardens (adjacent) 16:48
Wildern Locke Road (near) 16:48
Wildern Botleigh Grange Hotel (SE-bound) 16:48
Hedge End Maypole (SE-bound) 16:49
Broadoak, adj Woodhouse Lane 16:50
Broadoak, opposite Brook Cottages 16:50
Botley, opp Brook Lane 16:51
Botley, adj Primary School 16:52
Botley, adj The Square 16:52
Botley Uplands Farm (NW-bound) 16:53
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (NW-bound) 16:55
Boorley Green, o/s Pear Tree 16:56
Boorley Park, opp Primary School 16:59
Boorley Park, nr Braxells Road 17:00
Boorley Park, opp Morant Crescent 17:05

Boorley Park - Barton Peveril College

Boorley Park, adj Morant Crescent 09:35
Boorley Park, adj Braxells Road 09:36
Boorley Park, o/s Primary School 09:37
Boorley Green, opp Pear Tree 09:39
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (SE-bound) 09:39
Botley Uplands Farm (SE-bound) 09:41
Botley, nr The Square 09:43
Botley, opp Primary School 09:44
Botley, adj Brook Lane 09:44
Broadoak Brook Cottages (adjacent) 09:45
Broadoak, opp Woodhouse Lane 09:45
Hedge End Maypole (NW-bound) 09:46
Wildern Botleigh Grange Hotel (NW-bound) 09:46
Wildern, opp Locke Road 09:47
Grange Park, opposite Birchwood Gardens 09:48
Grange Park, adj St Lukes 09:48
Grange Park, adj Drummond Community Centre 09:49
Grange Park, adj Stirling Crescent 09:49
Grange Park Elliot Rise (near) 09:50
Grange Park, opposite Watkin Road 09:51
Grange Park, opposite Martley Gardens 09:51
Grange Park, opposite Marlborough Gardens 09:52
Grange Park, opp Peppercorn Way 09:53
Grange Park, opp Berrywood Business Village 09:53
Grange Park, adj Whites Way 09:54
Grange Park Bradbeers Retail Park (SW-bound) 09:55
West End, opp Shaw Road 09:56
West End, opp Moorgreen Hospital 09:57
West End Hilldene Centre (W-bound) 09:58
West End Post Office & Shops (W-bound) 09:59
West End Midlands Estate (W-bound) 10:00
Townhill Park Barnsland (NW-bound) 10:01
Townhill Park Romill Close (NW-bound) 10:02
Mansbridge, opp White Swan 10:04
Mansbridge Itchenside Close (N-bound) 10:05
Mansbridge Octavia Road (NW-bound) 10:06
Mansbridge Monks Way (W-bound) 10:07
Swaythling Walnut Avenue (NE-bound) 10:08
Swaythling, opp Mountpark 10:09
Southampton Airport, o/s Parkway Station 10:11
Eastleigh, adj Lakeside Country Park 10:12
Eastleigh, nr York Road 10:13
Eastleigh, adj Southampton Road 10:13
Eastleigh College (opp) 10:14
Eastleigh, opp Barton Peveril College 10:15
Eastleigh, opp Cedar Road 10:16
Eastleigh, adj Spencer Road 10:17
Eastleigh, nr Tennyson Road 10:19
Eastleigh, adj Nutbeem Road 10:20
Eastleigh, adj All Saints Church 10:21
Eastleigh, opp Campbell Road 10:22
Eastleigh, adj The Swan Centre 10:23
Eastleigh Bus Station (Stand A) 10:25

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