425A - Galway - Monivea - Mountbellew

A bus service operated by Bus Éireann

Galway - Mountbellew

Eyre Square Galway Bus Station 09:0014:0017:4021:00
Galway Forster Court 09:02p14:02p17:42p21:02p
Galway College Road 09:04p14:04p17:44p21:04p
Renmore Connacht Rugby 09:05p14:05p17:45p21:05p
Wellpark Loyola Park 09:06p14:06p17:46p21:06p
Monivee Galway Comm College 09:09p14:09p17:49p21:09p
Wellpark Well Park Estate 09:11p14:11p17:51p21:11p
Wellpark Monivea Road 09:13p14:13p17:53p21:13p
Monivee Monivea Park 09:14p14:14p17:54p21:14p
County Galway Donnellans Cross 09:2114:2118:0121:21
Carnmore West Carnmore Cross 09:2614:2618:0621:26
County Galway Cashla 09:3214:3218:1221:32
County Galway Moor Park 09:3314:3318:1321:33
Monivea Cussaun Cross 09:3714:3718:1721:37
Monivea Roundfield 09:4114:4118:2121:41
Monivea Cross 09:4314:4318:2321:43
Monivea Mullagh Hill 09:4514:4518:2521:45
Colmanstown Garbally 09:5014:5018:3021:50
Menlough 09:5514:5518:3521:55
Castleblakeney Glantane 09:5914:5918:3921:59
Castleblakeney Castleblakney 10:0215:0218:4222:02
Caltra 10:0515:0518:4522:05
Mountbellew Bridge Mountbellew 10:2015:2019:0022:20

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the bus will only stop to pick up passengers

Mountbellew - Galway

Mountbellew Bridge Mountbellew Square (stop 556111) 07:1011:0016:0019:30
Caltra 07:1811:0816:0819:38
Castleblakeney Castleblakney 07:2211:1216:1219:42
Ballyara (Galway) Glantane 07:2511:1516:1519:45
Menlough 07:3011:2016:2019:50
Carramore (Galway) Garbally 07:3611:2616:2619:56
County Galway Mullagh Hill 07:4011:3016:3020:00
County Galway Monivea Cross 07:4311:3316:3320:03
Ballyskeagh Roundfield 07:4911:3916:3920:09
County Galway Cussaun Cross 07:5311:4316:4320:13
County Galway Moor Park 07:5711:4716:4720:17
Cashla 07:5811:4816:4820:18
Carnmore (Galway) Carnmore Cross 08:0511:5516:5520:25
County Galway Donnellans Cross 08:0911:5916:5920:29
Monivee Monivea Park 08:1512:0517:0520:35
Wellpark Clarke Avenue 08:16s12:06s17:06s20:36s
Wellpark ATU Galway Cluain Mhuire 08:17s12:07s17:07s20:37s
Wellpark Retail 08:18s12:08s17:08s20:38s
Wellpark Loyola Park 08:20s12:10s17:10s20:40s
Galway Connacht Rugby 08:21s12:11s17:11s20:41s
Galway Yeats College 08:23s12:13s17:13s20:43s
Eyre Square Galway Bus Station 08:3012:2017:2020:50

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 16 June 2024

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