433 - Mole Valley Villager - Oakwoodhill - Ockley - Dorking - Reigate - Redhill

A bus service operated by Buses 4U


Ockley - Redhill

Ockley, opp Cricketers Close 09:25
Ockley Stane Street (S-bound) 09:26
Oakwoodhill, opp The Punchbowl 09:28
Oakwoodhill Okewood Hill (W-bound) 09:28
Wallis Wood, opp Oakfields 09:30
Wallis Wood, adj Oakfields 12:49
Wallis Wood Horsham Road (N-bound) 09:30
Oakwoodhill Okewood Hill (E-bound) 12:50
Wallis Wood, opp Scarlett Arms 09:30
Wallis Wood Walliswood Green (N-bound) 09:31
Mayes Green (NE-bound) 09:32
Forest Green Horsham Road (N-bound) 09:33
Forest Green, opp The Parrot 09:34
Oakwoodhill, adj The Punchbowl 12:51
Forest Green Horsham Road End (N-bound) 09:34
Forest Green Etherley Hill (E-bound) 09:35
Ockley Stane Street (N-bound) 12:52
Ockley, adj Cricketers Close 12:54
Forest Green Ockley Road East (E-bound) 09:37
Ockley Lake Road (SE-bound) 09:38
Ockley Kings Arms Court (SE-bound) 09:39
Ockley, opp Inn On The Green 09:40 12:55
Ockley, opp Kings Arms Court 09:41 12:56
Coldharbour, opp Broomehall Farm 09:44 12:59
Coldharbour Round Wood (NE-bound) 09:44 12:59
Coldharbour Broomehall Road (NW-bound) 09:45 13:00
Coldharbour, opp The Plough 09:47 13:02
Dorking Vincent Lane (N-bound) 09:58 13:13
Dorking West Street (Stop Q) 09:59 13:14
Dorking The White Horse (Stop N) 10:00 13:15
Dorking Moores Road (Stop J) 10:00
Pippbrook Council Offices (Stop G) 10:00
Pippbrook, opp Spital Heath 10:01
Dorking, adj Pixham Lane 10:01
Dorking, adj Watermill Inn 10:02
Brockham, opp Castle Gardens 10:03
Brockham Lane (S-bound) 10:05
Brockham, opp The Avenue 10:05
Brockham, adj Kiln Lane 10:06
Brockham, adj Christ Church 10:07
Brockham, adj Oakdene Road 10:07
Strood Green, opp Glenfield Road 10:08
Strood Green, opp Tynedale Road 10:09
Brockham Park, adj Rykens Lane 10:09
Brockham Park Beechams (S-bound) 10:10
Bunce Common Gadbrook Crossroads (SE-bound) 10:11
Bunce Common, adj Bunts Place 10:11
Bunce Common Road (E-bound) 10:12
Dawesgreen, opp Recreation Ground 10:13
Dawesgreen, adj Seven Stars 10:14
Leigh, opp North Downs Primary School 10:14
Leigh, adj The Plough 10:15
Nalderswood Deanoak Lane (NE-bound) 10:18
Irons Bottom, opp Three Horseshoes 10:21
Sidlow Ironsbottom (E-bound) 10:21
Sidlow, before Reigate Road 10:23
Doversgreen, adj Castle Drive 10:24
Woodhatch, adj The Beehive 10:25
Woodhatch, opp Angel Place 10:26
Reigate, opp Hill House Drive 10:26
Reigate, adj Sandhills Road 10:27
Reigate Lesbourne Road (Stop J) 10:29
Reigate Morrisons (Stop G) 10:30
Redhill Queensway (Stop F) 10:40

Redhill - Ockley

Redhill Queensway (Stop F) 11:40
Reigate Morrisons (Stop G) 11:50
Reigate Lesbourne Road (Stop M) 11:51
Reigate, opp Sandhills Road 11:52
Reigate, adj Hill House Drive 11:53
Woodhatch, adj Angel Place 11:54
Woodhatch, opp The Beehive 11:54
Doversgreen, opp Castle Drive 11:55
Sidlow, after Reigate Road 11:57
Sidlow Ironsbottom (SW-bound) 11:58
Irons Bottom, o/s Three Horseshoes 11:59
Nalderswood Deanoak Lane (SW-bound) 12:02
Leigh, opp The Plough 12:05
Leigh, adj North Downs Primary School 12:05
Dawesgreen, opp Seven Stars 12:06
Dawesgreen, adj Recreation Ground 12:06
Bunce Common Road (W-bound) 12:07
Bunce Common, opp Bunts Place 12:08
Bunce Common Gadbrook Crossroads (NW-bound) 12:09
Brockham Park Beechams (N-bound) 12:09
Brockham Park, opp Rykens Lane 12:10
Strood Green, on Tynedale Road 12:11
Strood Green, opp Wellhouse Lane 12:11
Strood Green, adj Glenfield Road 12:11
Brockham, opp Oakdene Road 12:11
Brockham, opp Christ Church 12:13
Brockham, opp Kiln Lane 12:13
Brockham, adj The Avenue 12:14
Brockham Lane (adj) 12:14
Brockham, adj Castle Gardens 12:16
Dorking, opp Watermill Inn 12:17
Dorking, opp Cemetery 12:18
Pippbrook Council Offices (Stop F) 12:19
Dorking Moores Road (Stop H) 12:19
Dorking The White Horse (Stop K) 12:20
Dorking South Street (Stop P) 12:21
Dorking Townfield Court (Stop S) 12:21
Coldharbour, o/s The Plough 12:32
Coldharbour Broomehall Road (SE-bound) 12:33
Coldharbour Round Wood (SW-bound) 12:34
Coldharbour, adj Broomehall Farm 12:35
Ockley, adj Kings Arms Court 12:38
Ockley, o/s Inn On The Green 12:39s
Ockley Kings Arms Court (NW-bound) 12:39s
Ockley Lake Road (NW-bound) 12:40s
Forest Green Ockley Road East (W-bound) 12:41s
Forest Green Etherley Hill (W-bound) 12:43s
Forest Green Horsham Road End (S-bound) 12:44s
Forest Green, adj The Parrot 12:45s
Forest Green Horsham Road (S-bound) 12:45s
Mayes Green (SW-bound) 12:47s
Wallis Wood Walliswood Green (S-bound) 12:47s
Wallis Wood, o/s Scarlett Arms 12:48s
Wallis Wood Horsham Road (S-bound) 12:48s
Wallis Wood, adj Oakfields 12:49

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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