442 - Buxton - Ashbourne

A bus service operated by High Peak

Buxton to Ashbourne

Buxton, adj Sylvan Park 07:0508:4510:2511:3514:2515:3017:35
Buxton, opp Railway Station 07:0608:4610:2611:3614:2615:3117:36
Buxton Terrace Road (S-bound) 07:0708:4710:2711:3714:2715:3217:37
Buxton Market Place (Stop D) 07:0808:4810:2811:3814:2815:3317:38
Buxton, opp Health Centre 15:33
Buxton, adj School 15:34
Buxton, adj School Green Lane 15:36
Buxton, adj School College Road 15:37
Buxton, opp Belvedere Terrace 15:38
Buxton, opp Five Ways Junction 07:0808:4810:2811:3814:2815:3917:38
Buxton, adj Heath Grove 07:0908:4910:2911:3914:2915:4117:39
Buxton, opp White Knowle Road 07:0908:4910:2911:3914:2915:4117:39
Harpur Hill, opp Trent Avenue 15:45
Buxton, adj Central Drive 07:1008:5010:3011:4014:3017:40
Harpur Hill, opp Fernway 15:45
Buxton, adj Staden Lane 07:1108:5110:3111:4114:3117:41
Harpur Hill, adj St James Church 15:46
Burlow, adj Barson Grove 07:1308:5310:3311:4314:3317:43
Harpur Hill, adj Parks Inn 15:46
Burlow, adj Rail Bridge 07:1308:5310:3311:4314:3317:43
Harpur Hill, opp Solomons Court 15:46
Burlow Road (Adj) 07:1408:5410:3411:4414:3415:4817:44
Burlow, adj Heath View 07:1408:5410:3411:4414:3415:4817:44
Brierlow Bar Bookstore (opp 515) 07:1508:5510:3511:4514:3515:4917:45
Hindlow, opp Quarry 07:1608:5610:3611:4614:3615:5017:46
Earl Sterndale Main Road (SE-bound) 07:1908:5910:3911:4914:3915:5317:49
Crowdecote, adj Pack Horse 07:2409:0410:4411:5414:4415:5817:54
Longnor, opp Market Place 07:2609:0610:4611:5614:4616:0017:56
Longnor, nr Market Place 07:2709:0710:4711:5714:4716:0117:57
Reaps Moor, adj Salts Lane 07:3109:1110:5112:0114:5116:0518:01
Warslow, adj Village Hall 07:3609:1610:5612:0614:5616:1018:06
Warslow, adj St. Lawrence View 07:3709:1710:5712:0714:5716:1118:07
Hulme End, opp The Manifold Inn 07:4109:2111:0112:1115:0116:1518:11
Hartington, adj Square 07:4609:2611:0612:1615:0616:2018:16
Hartington, adj Youth Hostel 07:4709:2711:0712:1715:0716:2118:17
Heathcote Mere Crossroads (SE-bound) 07:5109:3111:1112:2115:1116:2518:21
Biggin, opp Church 07:5509:3511:1512:2515:1516:2918:25
Biggin, adj Woollaton Lane 07:5509:3511:1512:2515:1516:2918:25
Alsop Moor, opp Coldeaton 08:0009:4011:2012:3015:2016:3418:30
Alsop en le Dale, adj Old Station 08:0309:4311:2312:3315:2316:3718:33
Newton Grange, adj Newton House 08:0509:4511:2512:3515:2516:3918:35
Tissington Rakes Lane (SE-bound) 08:0809:4811:2812:3815:2816:4218:38
Tissington, adj The Green 08:0909:4911:2912:3915:2916:4318:39
Tissington, adj Gates 08:0909:4911:2912:3915:2916:4318:39
Fenny Bentley, adj Coach and Horses 08:1109:5111:3112:4115:3116:4518:41
Ashbourne, adj Queen Elizabeth's School 08:17
Fenny Bentley Corner (Adj) 09:5211:3212:4215:3216:4618:42
Ashbourne, adj Parkside School 08:17
Ashbourne, opp Market Place 09:5711:3712:4715:3716:5218:47
Ashbourne, opp Cockayne Avenue 08:19
Ashbourne, opp Shaw Croft 08:2009:5811:3812:4815:3816:5318:48
Ashbourne Bus Station (Stand 1) 08:2410:0011:4012:5015:4016:5518:50

Ashbourne to Buxton

Ashbourne Bus Station (Stand 2) 10:0511:5513:0514:1516:0017:05
Ashbourne Bus Station (Stand 1) 10:0511:5513:0514:1516:0017:05
Ashbourne Church Street (NE-bound) 10:0511:5513:0514:1516:0117:05
Ashbourne, adj Victoria Square 10:0611:5613:0614:1616:0217:06
Ashbourne, adj Market Place 10:0611:5613:0614:1616:0217:06
Ashbourne, adj Queen Elizabeth's School 16:05
Fenny Bentley Corner (Opp) 10:1112:0113:1114:2116:1217:11
Fenny Bentley, opp Coach and Horses 10:1212:0213:1214:2216:1417:12
Tissington, opp Gates 10:1412:0413:1414:2416:1617:14
Tissington, opp The Green 10:1512:0513:1514:2516:1717:15
Tissington Rakes Lane (NW-bound) 10:1512:0513:1514:2516:1717:15
Newton Grange, opp Newton House 10:1712:0713:1714:2716:1917:17
Alsop en le Dale, opp Old Station 10:1912:0913:1914:2916:2117:19
Alsop Moor, opp Crosslow Lane 10:2112:1113:2114:3116:2317:21
Alsop Moor, adj Coldeaton 10:2212:1213:2214:3216:2417:22
Biggin, opp Woollaton Lane 10:2612:1613:2614:3616:2817:26
Biggin, adj Church 10:2712:1713:2714:3716:2917:27
Heathcote Mere Crossroads (NW-bound) 10:3012:2013:3014:4016:3217:30
Hartington, opp Youth Hostel 10:3312:2313:3314:4316:3517:33
Hartington, opp Square 07:4210:3512:2513:3514:4516:3717:35
Hulme End, adj The Manifold Inn 07:4610:3812:2813:3814:4816:4117:38
Warslow, adj Village Hall 07:5110:4212:3213:4214:5216:4617:42
Warslow, adj St. Lawrence View 07:5210:4312:3313:4314:5316:4717:43
Longnor, by Market Place 06:3208:0010:5312:4313:5315:0316:5517:53
Longnor, adj Market Place 06:3208:0010:5312:4313:5315:0316:5517:53
Crowdecote, opp Pack Horse 06:3508:0310:5512:4513:5515:0516:5617:55
High Needham Needham Grange (NW-bound) 10:5712:4713:5715:0716:5817:57
Earl Sterndale Main Road (NW-bound) 06:4208:1011:0412:5414:0415:1417:0518:04
Hindlow, adj Quarry 06:4408:1211:0612:5614:0615:1617:0718:06
Brierlow Bar Bookstore (adj 515) 06:4508:1311:0712:5714:0715:1717:0818:07
Burlow, opp Heath View 06:4608:1411:0912:5914:0915:1917:0918:09
Burlow, adj Dolby Road 06:4708:1515:20
Burlow, opp Barson Grove 11:1013:0014:1017:1018:10
Harpur Hill, adj Solomons Court 06:4708:1515:20
Burlow, opp Rail Bridge 11:1013:0014:1017:1018:10
Harpur Hill, opp Parks Inn 06:4808:1615:21
Buxton, opp Staden Lane 11:1213:0214:1217:1318:12
Harpur Hill, opp St James Church 06:4808:1615:21
Buxton, opp Central Drive 11:1313:0314:1317:1418:13
Harpur Hill, adj Fernway 06:4808:1615:21
Harpur Hill, adj Trent Avenue 06:4908:1715:22
Buxton, adj White Knowle Road 06:5208:1911:1413:0414:1415:2417:1518:14
Buxton, opp Heath Grove 06:5308:1911:1413:0414:1415:2417:1518:14
Buxton, adj Five Ways Junction 06:5508:2011:1513:0514:1515:2517:1618:15
Buxton, adj Five Ways Cafe 08:2015:25
Buxton, adj Belvedere Terrace 08:2115:26
Buxton, adj School 08:2215:27
Buxton, adj School Green Lane 08:2515:30
Buxton Market Place (Northbound) 06:5708:3111:1613:0614:1617:1718:16
Buxton Terrace Road (N-bound) 06:5708:3111:1613:0614:1617:1718:16
Buxton, adj Colonnade 06:5708:3211:1713:0714:1717:1718:17
Buxton, adj Railway Station 06:5808:3311:1813:0814:1817:1818:18
Buxton, opp Sylvan Park 06:5908:3411:1913:0914:1917:1918:19
Buxton, adj Sylvan Park 07:0008:3511:2013:1014:2017:2018:20

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