446 - Manuden - Berden - Langley - Newport - Saffron Walden

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex


Manuden - Berden - Langley - Newport - Saffron Walden

Manuden, opp Bentfield Bury Road 07:06
Manuden, opp School 07:06
Manuden, opp The Yew Tree 07:07
Manuden The Street (W-bound) 07:07
Manuden House (opp) 07:07
Manuden, o/s The Village Hall 07:07
Berden, adj Sawpit Lane 07:14
Berden, adj St Nicholas Field 07:16
Berden, opp Bonneting Lane 07:17
Stocking Pelham, opp The Cock PH 07:21
Washall Green House (opp) 07:26
Brent Pelham, o/s St Mary's Church 07:29
Brent Pelham, nr St Mary's Church 07:29
Washall Green House (o/s) 07:31
Clavering Brent Pelham Corner (NW-bound) 07:40
Clavering, opp Valance Road 07:43
Clavering, adj Sheepcote Green Lane 07:44
Langley, adj Waterwick Hill 07:50
Langley, opp The Bull 07:51
Langley, adj Upper Green 07:53
Langley, adj Long Ley 07:53
Langley, adj Butts Green 07:56
Clavering, adj Valance Road 07:59
Clavering, opp The Fox & Hounds 08:03
Clavering, opp Cricket Grounds 08:04
Clavering, opp Wicken Road 08:06
Clavering, adj Stickling Green Road 08:06
Clavering Hill Green (N-bound) 08:06
Clavering Hill Green North (N-bound) 08:07
Arkesden, adj Wood Hall 08:10
Arkesden, adj The Gap 08:10
Wicken Bonhunt, o/s Coach and Horses 08:13
Wicken Bonhunt Wicken Road (NE-bound) 08:14
Newport, opp Frambury Lane 08:19
Newport School Lane (N-bound) 08:21
Newport, o/s JF Academy 08:22
Newport, opp The Coach & Horses 08:22
Wendens Ambo, opp Sparrowsend Hill 08:25
Audley End, opp The Fighting Cocks 08:26
Saffron Walden Audley End Village (N-bound) 08:28
Saffron Walden, opp High School 08:30
Schooldays Only - Check operator website (some journeys Student Only)

Saffron Walden - Newport - Langley - Berden - Manuden

Saffron Walden, opp High School 15:30
Saffron Walden, opp Lower School Gate 15:30
Saffron Walden, opp Adams Court 15:31
Newport, o/s The Coach & Horses 15:37
Newport, opp Gaces Acre 15:38
Newport School Lane (N-bound) 15:39
Newport, o/s JF Academy 15:40
Newport, opp Gaces Acre 15:40
Newport, adj Frambury Lane 15:42
Wicken Bonhunt Wicken Road (SW-bound) 15:47
Wicken Bonhunt, opp Coach and Horses 15:47
Wicken Bonhunt, opp Poore Street 15:47
Arkesden, opp The Gap 15:49
Arkesden, opp Wood Hall 15:50
Clavering Hill Green North (S-bound) 15:50
Clavering Hill Green (S-bound) 15:51
Clavering, opp Stickling Green Road 15:51
Clavering, adj Wicken Road 15:51
Clavering, adj Cricket Grounds 15:51
Clavering, o/s The Fox & Hounds 15:53
Clavering, opp Valance Road 15:55
Clavering, adj Sheepcote Green Lane 15:55
Langley, adj Waterwick Hill 15:59
Langley, opp The Bull 16:00
Langley, adj Upper Green 16:02
Langley, adj Long Ley 16:02
Langley, adj Butts Green 16:05
Clavering, adj Valance Road 16:08
Clavering Brent Pelham Corner (SE-bound) 16:11
Washall Green House (opp) 16:17
Brent Pelham, o/s St Mary's Church 16:20
Brent Pelham, nr St Mary's Church 16:20
Washall Green House (o/s) 16:22
Stocking Pelham, o/s The Cock PH 16:28
Berden, adj Benskins Close 16:31
Berden, adj Bonneting Lane 16:32
Berden, opp St Nicholas Field 16:32
Berden, opp Sawpit Lane 16:34
Manuden, opp The Village Hall 16:41
Manuden House (o/s) 16:41
Manuden The Street (E-bound) 16:41
Manuden, o/s The Yew Tree 16:42
Manuden, o/s School 16:42
Manuden, adj Bentfield Bury Road 16:43
Schooldays Only - Check operator website (some journeys Student Only)

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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