450 - Ardbeg - Portnahaven

A bus service operated by Islay Coaches

Ardbeg - Portnahaven

Ardbeg, at Farm Road End 10:5216:18
Lagavulin, nr Distillery 10:5316:19
Lagavulin, at Laphroaig Distillery 10:5616:22
Port Ellen, at Baptist Church 10:5916:25
Port Ellen, nr Charlotte Street 11:0013:1516:26
Port Ellen, opp Antrim View 11:0013:1516:26
Glenegedale, at Machrie Hotel 11:0513:2016:31
Bowmore, at Islay Hospital 15:33
Glenegedale, at Islay Airport 11:1113:2616:37
Bowmore, at Post Office 11:2313:3815:3516:49
Bowmore, nr Royal Bank of Scotland 11:2416:50
Bowmore, at Islay Hospital 11:2816:52
Bowmore, nr Royal Bank of Scotland 08:4610:0513:3915:3617:10
Bowmore, at Gaelic Centre 08:4810:0713:4115:3817:12
Bridgend, opp Hotel 08:5310:1213:4615:4317:17
Bruichladdich, opp An Taigh Osda 09:0610:2513:5915:5617:30
Bruichladdich, at Pier 09:0710:2614:0015:5717:31
Port Charlotte, opp Daal Terrace 09:1110:3014:0416:0117:35
Port Charlotte, nr Post Office 09:1210:3114:0516:0217:36
Port Charlotte, opp West End Housing Scheme 09:1210:3114:0516:0217:36
Nerabus Farm, opp Road End 09:1810:3714:1116:0817:42
Portnahaven, opp Post Office 09:2810:4714:2116:1817:52
Port Wemyss, opp Main Street junct 09:2810:4714:2116:1817:52
Port Wemyss, at Main Street junct 09:2910:4814:2216:1917:53
Portnahaven, at Terminus 09:3210:5114:2516:2217:56

Portnahaven - Ardbeg

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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