450 - Saltash Town Service

A bus service operated by Saltash Red Bus

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Railway Station - Tamar View Nurseries

Saltash, o/s Railway Station 10:0312:00
Saltash Fore Street Top (E-bound) 10:0512:02
Saltash Fore Street Bottom (E-bound) 10:0712:04
Saltash North Road (NW-bound) 10:0812:05
Saltash Old Ferry Road (SE-bound) 10:1112:08
Saltash, nr Old Ferry Road Waterside 10:1612:13
Saltash New Road Crescent (W-bound) 10:1812:15
Saltash, opp New Road Brookdown Terrace 10:1912:16
Saltash New Road (W-bound) 10:2012:17
Saltash St Georges Road (E-bound) 10:2112:18
Saltash Longmeadow Road (E-bound) 10:2212:19
Saltash Longstone Park (E-bound) 10:2312:20
Saltash Glebe Avenue (S-bound) 10:2412:21
Saltash Callington Road St. Annes (W-bound) 10:2612:23
Saltash Callington Road Football Stadium (NW-bound) 10:2612:23
Saltash, opp Castlemead Drive 10:2812:25
Saltash Hawthorns (SW-bound) 10:2812:25
Saltash Cornwall College (SW-bound) 10:2812:25
St Stephens Fairmead Road Back Hill (W-bound) 10:3012:27
Saltash Holcroft Close (NE-bound) 10:3312:30
Saltash Mortimore Close (N-bound) 10:3312:30
Saltash Castlemead Drive (W-bound) 10:3412:31
Saltash Grenfell Avenue (NW-bound) 10:3612:33
Burraton, opp Playground 10:3712:34
Saltash The Elms (W-bound) 10:3812:35
Burraton Elm Cottages (S-bound) 10:3912:36
Latchbrook, opp The Court 10:3912:36
Latchbrook Yellow Tor Road (W-bound) 10:4012:37
Latchbrook, opp Sycamore Road 10:4112:38
Latchbrook Gallacher Way (N-bound) 10:4112:38
Latchbrook, opp Pondfield Road 10:4112:38
Burraton Road (NE-bound) 10:4112:38
Burraton Long Acre (E-bound) 10:4112:38
Burraton Road (E-bound) 10:4212:39
Burraton Pillmere Drive (E-bound) 10:4312:40
Saltash, adj Pillmere Dartmoor View 10:4612:43
Burraton Meadow Drive (W-bound) 10:4812:45
Burraton, opp Gilston Road Junction 10:5012:47
Burraton, o/s Lidl 10:5112:48
Carkeel Waitrose (S-bound) 10:5412:51
Carkeel, o/s B and M 10:5612:53
Carkeel Barns (N-bound) 10:5712:54
Carkeel, opp Trelanka 10:5812:55
Carkeel, o/s Tamar View Nuseries 11:0012:57

Tamar View Nurseries - Railway Station

Carkeel, o/s Tamar View Nuseries 11:0213:45
Carkeel Trelanka (E-bound) 11:0413:47
Carkeel, o/s Tamar View Ind Est 11:0513:48
Carkeel Waitrose (S-bound) 11:0613:49
Carkeel, o/s B and M 11:0813:51
Burraton, o/s Lidl 11:1113:54
Burraton Gilston Road Junction (S-bound) 11:1113:54
Burraton Pillmere Drive (E-bound) 11:1213:55
Saltash, adj Pillmere Dartmoor View 09:2011:1613:59
Burraton Meadow Drive (W-bound) 09:2111:1814:01
Burraton Road (W-bound) 09:2211:2014:03
Burraton Marjorie Court (W-bound) 09:2311:2114:04
Burraton Road (SW-bound) 09:2411:2214:05
Latchbrook Pondfield Road (S-bound) 09:2411:2214:05
Latchbrook Gallacher Way (S-bound) 09:2411:2214:05
Latchbrook Sycamore Road (S-bound) 09:2411:2214:05
Latchbrook The Court (NE-bound) 09:2611:2314:06
Burraton Elm Cottages (N-bound) 09:2711:2414:07
Saltash The Elms (E-bound) 09:2711:2514:08
Burraton Playground (SE-bound) 09:2811:2514:08
Saltash Grenfell Avenue (SE-bound) 09:2911:2614:09
Saltash Castlemead Drive (E-bound) 09:3011:2714:10
Saltash Mortimore Close (S-bound) 09:3111:2814:11
Saltash Holcroft Close (SW-bound) 09:3211:2914:12
St Stephens Fairmead Road Back Hill (W-bound) 09:3511:3214:15
Saltash, opp Cornwall College 09:3611:3314:16
Saltash Hawthorns (NE-bound) 09:3611:3314:16
Saltash Castlemead Drive (N-bound) 09:3711:3414:17
Saltash, opp Callington Road 09:3911:3514:18
Saltash Callington Road (E-bound) 09:4011:3614:19
Saltash Glebe Avenue (N-bound) 09:4111:3714:20
Saltash St. Georges Road (W-bound) 09:4411:4114:24
Saltash New Road (E-bound) 09:4411:4114:24
Saltash New Road Brookdown Terrace (SE-bound) 09:4511:4214:25
Saltash Old Ferry Road (SE-bound) 09:4711:4414:27
Saltash, nr Old Ferry Road Waterside 09:4911:4614:29
Saltash Fore Street Bottom (W-bound) 09:5711:5514:38
Saltash, o/s Railway Station 10:0011:5814:41

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024

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