455 - Addlestone - Merrist Wood

Operated by Carlone Buses

Addlestone to Merrist Wood

Addlestone Tesco (Stop E) 07:1509:3010:2513:00
Addlestone Dukes Court (Stop C) 07:1509:3010:2513:00
Addlestone, adj Crockford Park Road 07:1609:3210:2713:02
Addlestone, adj Westerham Close 07:1709:3310:2813:03
Addlestone, adj Bates Walk 07:1709:3410:2913:04
New Haw, nr White Hart 07:1809:3510:3013:05
New Haw, opp Marshall Place 07:1809:3510:3013:05
Woodham, adj Pinewood Avenue 07:1909:3610:3113:06
Woodham, adj Heathervale Road 07:2009:3710:3213:07
Woodham, opp The Black Prince 07:2109:3810:3313:08
Woodham, adj Farleigh Road 07:2209:3910:3413:09
Woodham, o/s The Victoria 07:2309:4010:3513:10
Woodham, adj Oak End Way 07:2309:4010:3513:10
Woodham, adj Sheerwater Road 07:2409:4110:3613:11
Sheerwater, adj Priory Close 07:2509:4210:3713:12
Sheerwater, opp Martyrs Lane 07:2509:4210:3713:12
Sheerwater, opp All Saints Church 07:2609:4310:3813:13
Woking, adj Board School Road 07:2809:4610:4113:16
Woking Railway Station (Stop 2) 07:3009:5010:4513:20
Horsell Brewery Road (SW-bound) 07:34
Horsell Park (opp) 07:35
Horsell, opp Old Malt Way 07:36
Horsell, o/s The Crown 07:37
Horsell Bury Lane (SW-bound) 07:38
Horsell, adj Achilles Place 07:39
Horsell Sythwood (SW-bound) 07:40
Goldsworth Park, adj Sythwood School 07:41
Goldsworth Park, adj Watercress Way 07:42
Goldsworth Park, opp Waitrose 07:43
Goldsworth Park, opp Brockhill 07:43
Goldsworth Park, adj Tregarth Place 07:44
Goldsworth Park, adj Hawkswell Close 07:45
Goldsworth Park, adj Jasmine Close 07:45
Goldsworth Park, opp Langmans Way 07:46
Knaphill, opp The Royal Oak 07:47
Knaphill Shops (SW-bound) 07:50
Knaphill, opp Oak Tree Road 07:51
Knaphill, opp The Nag's Head Inn 07:52
Worplesdon, adj Rickford Common 07:55
Worplesdon, opp Village Hall 07:58
Worplesdon, opp Coombe Lane 07:59
Worplesdon Holly Lane (SW-bound) 08:00
Worplesdon, o/s Merrist Wood College 08:03

Merrist Wood to Addlestone

Worplesdon, o/s Merrist Wood College 15:45
Worplesdon Holly Lane (NE-bound) 15:47
Worplesdon, adj Coombe Lane 15:48
Worplesdon, adj Village Hall 15:50
Worplesdon, opp Rickford Common 15:52
Brookwood Crossroads (N-bound) 15:54
Knaphill, adj The Nag's Head Inn 15:56
Knaphill, adj Oak Tree Road 15:57
Knaphill Shops (NE-bound) 16:00
Knaphill, adj The Royal Oak 16:03
Goldsworth Park, adj Langmans Way 16:04
Goldsworth Park, opp Jasmine Close 16:04
Goldsworth Park, opp Hawkswell Close 16:05
Goldsworth Park, opp Tregarth Place 16:06
Goldsworth Park, adj Brockhill 16:06
Goldsworth Park, adj Waitrose 16:07
Goldsworth Park, opp Watercress Way 16:08
Goldsworth Park, opp Sythwood School 16:09
Horsell Sythwood (NE-bound) 16:09
Horsell, opp Achilles Place 16:10
Horsell Bury Lane (NE-bound) 16:11
Horsell, opp The Crown 16:12
Horsell, adj Old Malt Way 16:13
Horsell Park (adj) 16:14
Woking, adj Board School Road 16:16
Woking Railway Station (Stop 5) 16:18
Horsell Six Crossroads (NE-bound) 09:0810:0312:3816:23
Sheerwater, adj All Saints Church 09:1010:0512:4016:25
Sheerwater, adj Martyrs Lane 09:1010:0512:4016:25
Sheerwater, opp Priory Close 09:1010:0512:4016:25
Woodham, opp Sheerwater Road 09:1110:0612:4116:26
Woodham, opp Oak End Way 09:1110:0612:4116:26
Woodham, opp The Victoria 09:1210:0712:4216:27
Woodham, opp Farleigh Road 09:1310:0812:4316:28
Woodham, adj The Black Prince 09:1510:1012:4516:30
Woodham, opp Heathervale Road 09:1510:1012:4516:30
Woodham, opp Pinewood Avenue 09:1610:1112:4616:31
New Haw, adj Marshall Place 09:1710:1212:4716:32
New Haw, opp White Hart 09:1810:1312:4816:33
Addlestone, opp Bates Walk 09:1910:1412:4916:34
Addlestone, opp Westerham Close 09:2010:1512:5016:35
Addlestone, opp Crockford Park Road 09:2110:1612:5116:36
Addlestone Tesco (Stop E) 09:2510:2012:5516:40

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