472 - Doncaster - McAuley School

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Monday to Friday

Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/B4 (B4) 07:05
Doncaster, adj St Sepulchre Gate West/West Street 07:08
Doncaster, nr St Sepulchre Gate/St James Bridge 07:09
Hexthorpe Road/Abbott Street (adj) 07:10
Hexthorpe, adj Urban Road/Ellerker Avenue 07:11
Hexthorpe, adj Urban Road/Mutual Street 07:12
Hexthorpe, adj Urban Road/Foundry Road 07:12
Hexthorpe, adj Urban Road/Barnstone Street 07:13
Hexthorpe, opp Urban Road/Nicholson Road 07:13
Hexthorpe, at Urban Road/Greenfield Lane 07:14
Balby, nr Greenfield Lane/Florence Avenue 07:15
Balby, at Greenfield Lane/High Road 07:15
Sandford Road/Balby Road (adj) 07:16
Balby, adj Sandford Road/Surrey Street 07:16
Balby, adj Sandford Road/Woodfield Road 07:17
Balby, at Sandford Road/Weston Road 07:17
Balby, adj Tickhill Road/Clayfields 07:17
Balby, at Tickhill Road/Clayfields 07:18
Balby, opp Tickhill Road/Alverley Lane 07:18
Balby, adj Tickhill Road/Fulwood Drive 07:19
Balby, adj Plantation Road/Whisperwood Drive 07:20
Balby, adj Plantation Road/Woodfield Way 07:20
Balby, opp Woodfield Way/Plantation Road 07:22
Balby, opp Woodfield Way/Water Vole Way 07:23
Woodfield Way/Balby Carr Bank (opp) 07:24
Woodfield Way/Balby Carr Bank (adj) 07:25
Balby, at Woodfield Way/White Rose Way 07:26
White Rose Way/Lakeside Village (at) 07:29
Lakeside Boulevard/Carolina Way (opp) 07:31
Lakeside Boulevard/Fewston Way (opp) 07:33
Lakeside Boulevard/Langsett Court (opp) 07:33
Gliwice Way/Belle Vue Way (adj) 07:35
Belle Vue, o/s Gliwice Way/Booth Avenue 07:36
Belle Vue, nr Booth Avenue/Gliwice Way 07:37
Belle Vue, opp Booth Avenue/Bawtry Road 07:37
Cantley, adj Bawtry Road/The Avenue 07:39
Cantley Lane/Ascot Avenue (adj) 07:40
Cantley Lane/Whin Hill Road (adj) 07:42
Cantley Lane/Craven Close (adj) 07:43
Cantley Lane/Green Boulevard (adj) 07:44
Cantley, at Acacia Road/Sycamore Grove 07:46

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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