473 - Fyfield - Ongar - Langford Bridge - Kelvedon Hatch - Brentwood

A bus service operated by NIBSbuses


Fyfield - Ongar - Langford Bridge - Kelvedon Hatch - Brentwood

Fyfield, opp The Queens Head 07:07
Fyfield, adj Roding Close 07:07
Fyfield, adj Houchin Drive 07:08
Fyfield, opp Forest Drive 07:08
Ongar, opp Shelley Church 07:10
Ongar, adj The Gables 07:10
Ongar Hospital (S-bound) 07:11
Ongar Four Wantz (S-bound) 07:12
Ongar, opp Great Lawn 07:12
Ongar Station (opp) 07:13
Ongar, opp Bansons Ln 07:14
Ongar, adj Stanley Place 07:14
Ongar, opp Two Brewers 07:14
Ongar, o/s Two Brewers 07:15
Ongar, opp Stanley Place 07:15
Ongar, adj Bansons Ln 07:16
Ongar Station (o/s) 07:16
Ongar, adj Great Lawn 07:16
Ongar Four Wantz (N-bound) 07:17
Ongar, o/s The Wantz Farm 07:17
High Ongar, o/s Church 07:20
High Ongar, o/s Crownlands Garage 07:22
High Ongar, o/s Paslow Hall 07:22
High Ongar, o/s Old Wythers Farm 07:23
High Ongar King Street (E-bound) 07:23
High Ongar, o/s The Wheatsheaf 07:24
Blackmore, opp Nine Ashes Farm 07:25
Blackmore, o/s The Gables 07:26
Blackmore Primary School (opp) 07:27
Blackmore Primary School (o/s) 07:28
Blackmore Nine Ashes Corner (SW-bound) 07:31
High Ongar, opp Woolmonger's Ln 07:32
Stondon Massey, adj Bricklayers Arms 07:35
Hook End, opp Blackmore House 07:37
Wyatts Green Mill Ln (S-bound) 07:39
Wyatts Green, opp Plovers Barron 07:41
Doddinghurst, o/s The Barn 07:41
Doddinghurst, adj Peartree Lane 07:42
Doddinghurst, adj Appletree Close 07:42
Doddinghurst, adj Willow Close 07:43
Doddinghurst, opp Willow Close 07:44
Doddinghurst, opp Appletree Close 07:45
Doddinghurst, opp Peartree Lane 07:46
Doddinghurst, opp The Barn 07:46
Wyatts Green, o/s Plovers Barron 07:46
Wyatts Green Mill Ln (N-bound) 07:47
Hook End, o/s Blackmore House 07:47
Hook End (SW-bound) 07:48
Hook End, adj Outing's Lane 07:48
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Elmtree Avenue 07:49
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Stocks Lane 07:50
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Fox Hatch House 07:50
Kelvedon Hatch Brizes Corner (SW-bound) 07:50
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Crown Road 07:51
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Frog Street 07:52
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Old Crown Lane 07:52
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Mores Lane 07:53
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Pilgrims Hall 07:53
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Pilgrim's Lane 07:53
Pilgrims Hatch, opp The Rose & Crown 07:54
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Larchwood Gardens 07:54
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Windsor Road 07:55
Pilgrims Hatch, opp The Farm Shop 07:57
Brentwood, o/s The Robin Hood 08:02
Brentwood, adj Doddinghurst Road 08:08
Brentwood, adj Burland Road 08:09
Brentwood Wilsons Corner (SE-bound) 08:11
Brentwood, opp Council Offices 08:13
Brentwood, opp The Chase 08:15
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Brentwood - Kelvedon Hatch - Langford Bridge - Ongar - Fyfield

Brentwood, adj The Chase 15:20
Brentwood, o/s Council Offices 15:21
Brentwood, adj Queen's Road 15:22
Brentwood, adj North Road 15:24
Brentwood, opp Doddinghurst Road 15:27
Brentwood, opp The Robin Hood 15:28
Pilgrims Hatch, o/s The Farm Shop 15:29
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Kensington Road 15:31
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Larchwood Gardens 15:31
Pilgrims Hatch, o/s The Rose & Crown 15:32
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Pilgrim's Lane 15:32
Pilgrims Hatch, o/s Pilgrims Hall 15:32
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Mores Lane 15:33
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Old Crown Lane 15:33
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Green Ln 15:34
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Crown Road 15:34
Kelvedon Hatch Brizes Corner (NE-bound) 15:35
Kelvedon Hatch, o/s Fox Hatch House 15:35
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Stocks Lane 15:36
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Elmtree Avenue 15:36
Hook End, opp Outing's Lane 15:37
Hook End (E-bound) 15:37
Hook End, opp Blackmore House 15:37
Wyatts Green Mill Ln (S-bound) 15:38
Wyatts Green, opp Plovers Barron 15:39
Doddinghurst, o/s The Barn 15:40
Doddinghurst, adj Peartree Lane 15:42
Doddinghurst, adj Appletree Close 15:44
Doddinghurst, adj Willow Close 15:46
Doddinghurst, opp Willow Close 15:46
Doddinghurst, opp Appletree Close 15:47
Doddinghurst, opp Peartree Lane 15:47
Doddinghurst, opp The Barn 15:48
Wyatts Green, o/s Plovers Barron 15:49
Wyatts Green Mill Ln (N-bound) 15:50
Hook End, o/s Blackmore House 15:51
Stondon Massey, opp Bricklayers Arms 15:53
High Ongar, adj Woolmonger's Ln 15:55
Blackmore Nine Ashes Corner (NE-bound) 15:57
Blackmore, o/s The Gables 15:59
Blackmore Primary School (opp) 16:00
Blackmore Primary School (o/s) 16:02
Blackmore, o/s Nine Ashes Farm 16:05
High Ongar, opp The Wheatsheaf 16:05
High Ongar King Street (W-bound) 16:06
High Ongar, opp Old Wythers Farm 16:08
High Ongar, opp Paslow Hall 16:08
High Ongar, opp Crownlands Garage 16:09
High Ongar, opp Church 16:10
Ongar, opp The Wantz Farm 16:11
Ongar Four Wantz (S-bound) 16:12
Ongar, opp Great Lawn 16:12
Ongar Station (opp) 16:13
Ongar, opp Bansons Ln 16:14
Ongar, adj Stanley Place 16:14
Ongar, opp Two Brewers 16:14
Ongar, o/s Two Brewers 16:15
Ongar, opp Stanley Place 16:15
Ongar, adj Bansons Ln 16:16
Ongar Station (o/s) 16:17
Ongar, adj Great Lawn 16:17
Ongar Four Wantz (N-bound) 16:18
Ongar Hospital (N-bound) 16:19
Ongar, opp The Gables 16:19
Ongar, adj Shelley Church 16:19
Fyfield, adj Forest Drive 16:21
Fyfield, opp Houchin Drive 16:22
Fyfield, opp Roding Close 16:22
Fyfield, o/s The Queens Head 16:23
Schooldays Only - Check operator website (some journeys Student Only)

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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