477 - City Bus Station - Post Office

A bus service operated by Yeomans Travel

Hereford City Bus Station (NK) 16:4516:4517:5017:50
Hereford, adj Old Market 16:4717:52
Hereford, adj Franklin Barnes 16:4616:4917:5117:54
Hereford, adj Merton Hotel 16:5016:5017:5517:55
Hereford, opp Bryngwyn Close 16:5116:5117:5617:56
Hereford, opp Bulmer Avenue 16:5116:5217:5617:57
Hereford College Road Co-op (NE-bound) 16:5216:5317:5717:58
Hereford, opp Penn Grove Road 16:5216:5317:5717:58
College Green, adj Post Office 16:5516:5518:0018:00
Hereford Old School Lane (o/s 53) 16:5718:02
Hereford, opp Pegasus Football Ground 16:5616:5818:0118:03
Hereford, opp Cleeve Orchard 16:5616:5918:0118:04
Holmer, adj Starting Gate 17:0017:0018:0518:05
Holmer, adj Glenthorne Road 17:0018:05
Holmer, adj Hugh Thomas Avenue 17:0117:0018:0618:05
Holmer, opp Hedgerow Way 17:0117:0118:0618:06
Bobblestock, opp Thirsk Avenue 17:0217:0118:0718:06
Bobblestock, adj Taunton Way 17:0217:0218:0718:07
Bobblestock, opp Co-op Store 17:0417:0418:0918:09
Bobblestock, adj Three Elms Inn 17:0517:0518:1018:10
Burghill, adj St Mary's Park 17:0718:12
Burghill, opp St. Mary's Park 17:0718:12
Burghill, adj Leasown 17:1018:15
Burghill, opp Leasown 17:1018:15
Burghill, adj Redstone 17:11s17:11s18:16s18:16s
Tillington Business Park (opp) 17:1418:19s
Tillington Common, adj Post Box 17:1817:1818:2318:23s
Portway, opp Lion Farm 18:25s
Portway, opp Gospel Hall 18:32s
Portway, adj Royal Oak 18:26s18:32s
Canon Pyon, adj Meadow Drive 18:28s18:34s
Canon Pyon, adj Post Office 18:3018:35
Sets down only Sets down only

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Yeomans Travel/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 6 October 2023, the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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