483 - Gravesend Mungo Park Road - Bluewater Bus Station

A service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey


Bus Station - Mungo Park Road

Bluewater Bus Station (Stop 5) 07:10then every 30 minutes until18:4019:20then hourly until22:20
Ebbsfleet International Railway Station (Stop B) 07:1818:4819:2822:28
Northfleet, opp Springhead Road 07:2118:5119:3022:30
Northfleet, opp Springhead Enterprise Park 07:2218:5219:3122:31
Northfleet, adj Orchard Road 07:2218:5219:3222:32
Northfleet, opp Pepper Hill Sainsbury's 07:2318:5319:3322:33
Northfleet Hall Road (o/s 31) 07:2418:5419:3322:33
Northfleet Painters Ash Lane (S-bound) 07:2418:5419:3422:34
Northfleet, adj The Painters Ash 07:2518:5519:3422:34
Northfleet, opp Rowmarsh Close 07:2618:5619:3622:36
Northfleet, opp Greendale Walk 07:2718:5719:3622:36
Northfleet, adj Nightingale Close 07:2818:5819:3722:37
Northfleet, opp Kemsley Close 07:2918:5919:3822:38
Northfleet, adj Oaklands Road 07:2918:5919:3822:38
Northfleet, adj Ladyfields 07:3019:0019:3822:38
Northfleet, adj Riversdale 07:3119:0119:4022:40
Northfleet, adj Library 07:3219:0219:4022:40
Perry Street, opp All Saints Church 07:3419:0419:4222:42
Perry Street, opp The Rose 07:3419:0419:4222:42
Northfleet, opp Pelham Road Shops 07:3519:0519:4322:43
Northfleet, opp Lennox Road East 07:3619:0619:4422:44
Gravesend, adj Pelham Road Medical Centre 07:3719:0719:4522:45
Gravesend Adult Education Centre (Stop V) 07:3919:0919:4622:46
Gravesend Garrick Street (Stop C) 07:4019:1019:4722:47
Gravesend Garrick Street (Stop C) 07:42 19:12 19:48 22:48
Gravesend West Street (Stop E) 07:4319:1319:4922:49
Gravesend Parrock Street (Stop L) 07:4519:1519:5122:51
Gravesend The Grove (Stop J) 07:4619:1619:5222:52
Gravesend, opp William Street 07:4719:1719:5222:52
Gravesend, opp Constitution Hill 07:4819:1819:5322:53
Kings Farm Echo Square (SE-bound) 07:4919:1919:5422:54
Kings Farm, adj Hollybush Road 07:5019:2019:5422:54
Kings Farm, adj Lamorna Avenue 07:5019:2019:5522:55
Kings Farm, opp Whitehill Parade 07:5119:2119:5622:56
Kings Farm, opp Ivy Close 07:5219:2219:5622:56
Kings Farm, adj Truro Road 07:5219:2219:5622:56
Gravesend, opp Chichester Rise 07:5419:2419:5722:57
Gravesend, adj Scott Road 07:5519:2519:5822:58
Gravesend, adj Codrington Crescent 07:5619:2619:5922:59
Gravesend, opp Mungo Park Road 07:5719:2720:0023:00

Mungo Park Road - Bus Station

Gravesend, opp Mungo Park Road 07:18then every 30 minutes until18:4819:2020:2021:2022:20
Christian Fields Avenue (just before) 07:1918:4919:2120:2121:2122:21
Christian Fields Ash Road (W-bound) 07:2118:5119:2320:2321:2322:23
Kings Farm, adj Elm Road 07:2218:5219:2420:2421:2422:24
Kings Farm, adj Kings Drive 07:2318:5319:2420:2421:2422:24
Kings Farm, before Sun Lane 07:2418:5419:2520:2521:2522:25
Kings Farm, adj Malvina Avenue 07:2518:5519:2620:2621:2622:26
Kings Farm Echo Square (NE-bound) 07:2718:5719:2820:2821:2822:28
Gravesend, adj Constitution Hill 07:2818:5819:2920:2921:2922:29
Gravesend, adj William Street 07:3019:0019:3020:3021:3022:30
Gravesend Railway Station (Stop T) 07:3319:0319:3320:3321:3322:33
Gravesend Railway Station (Stop T) 07:35 19:05 19:35 20:35 21:35
Gravesend, opp Pelham Road Medical Centre 07:3719:0719:3620:3621:36
Northfleet, adj Lennox Road East 07:3819:0819:3720:3721:37
Northfleet, o/s Pelham Road Shops 07:3919:0919:3720:3721:37
Perry Street, adj The Rose 07:4019:1019:3820:3821:38
Perry Street, adj All Saints Church 07:4119:1119:3920:3921:39
Northfleet, opp Library 07:4219:1219:4020:4021:40
Northfleet, opp Riversdale 07:4219:1219:4020:4021:40
Northfleet, opp Ladyfields 07:4419:1419:4220:4221:42
Northfleet, opp Oaklands Road 07:4419:1419:4220:4221:42
Northfleet, adj Kemsley Close 07:4519:1519:4320:4321:43
Northfleet, adj Durndale Lane 07:4619:1619:4420:4421:44
Northfleet, opp Nightingale Close 07:4619:1619:4420:4421:44
Northfleet, adj Greendale Walk 07:4619:1619:4420:4421:44
Northfleet, adj Rowmarsh Close 07:4719:1719:4520:4521:45
Northfleet, opp The Painters Ash 07:4819:1819:4620:4621:46
Northfleet, before Painters Ash Lane 07:4819:1819:4620:4621:46
Northfleet Hall Road (opp 49) 07:4919:1919:4720:4721:47
Northfleet, adj Pepper Hill Sainsbury's 07:5019:2019:4820:4821:48
Northfleet, opp Orchard Road 07:5119:2119:4820:4821:48
Northfleet, adj Springhead Enterprise Park 07:5119:2119:4920:4921:49
Northfleet, adj Springhead Road 07:5319:2319:5020:5021:50
Ebbsfleet International Railway Station (Stop A) 07:5619:2619:5320:5321:53
Bluewater Bus Station (Stop 5) 08:0419:3420:0121:0122:01

Timetable data from Arriva Kent & Surrey/Bus Open Data Service, 27 October 2020

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