488 - Monk Bretton - Kexborough (Darton Coll)

A bus service operated by Globe Holidays

Road closed

Burton Road, Barnsley

Burton Road, Barnsley, will be closed nightly for roadworks for three weeks from 8 February. Monday to Saturday closures will be 20:00 to 05:00, Sunday night closures will be 17:00 to 05:00.

Diversions from Burton Road during the phased work, as follows :
Between Rotherham Road and Cliffe Lane via Rotherham Road/Wakefield Road/Laithes Lane/Carlton Road/Industry Road/Fish Dam Lane.
Between Rotherham Road and Newlyn Drive via Rotherham Road/Wakefield Road


Monday to Friday

Monk Bretton - Kexborough (Darton Coll)

Monk Bretton, opp High Street/Silverdale Drive 07:30
Monk Bretton, opp High Street/Well Lane 07:30
Monk Bretton, adj High Street/Hunt Close 07:30
Monk Bretton, opp Cross Street/High Street 07:30
⚠️ Monk Bretton, at Cross Street/Burton Road 07:31
⚠️ Monk Bretton, adj Burton Road/Cliffe Lane 07:32
Monk Bretton, adj Rotherham Road/Warwick Road 07:32
Monk Bretton, opp Rotherham Road/Byron Drive 07:33
Monk Bretton, adj Rotherham Road/Burton Bank Road 07:33
Smithies, adj Rotherham Road/Topcliffe Road 07:33
Smithies, adj Rotherham Road/Carlton Road 07:34
Athersley South, opp Carlton Road/St Helens Avenue 07:34
Athersley South, opp Carlton Road/St Helens Boulevard 07:35
Athersley South, adj Carlton Road/Baslow Road 07:36
Athersley South, adj Laithes Lane/Chatsworth Road 07:37
New Lodge, adj Wakefield Road/Langsett Road 07:38
New Lodge, nr Wakefield Road/Bar Lane 07:39
Mapplewell, opp Bar Lane/Eastfield Crescent 07:40
Mapplewell Bar Lane/Eastfield Crescent 07:41
Mapplewell, nr Blacker Road/Carr Green 07:43
Mapplewell, nr Blacker Road/Carr Green Lane 07:43
Mapplewell, at Towngate/Four Lane Ends 07:45
Mapplewell, adj Darton Lane/Longlands Drive 07:46
Mapplewell, nr Darton Lane/Ibberson Avenue 07:47
Bloomhouse Green, opp Darton Lane/Oaks Wood Drive 07:49
Bloomhouse Green, nr Darton Lane/Sackup Lane 07:50
Bloomhouse Green, opp Darton Lane/Sackup Lane 07:51
Darton, opp Station Road/School Street 07:52
Darton, adj Church Street/Church Close 07:53
Kexborough, adj Ballfield Lane/Huddersfield Road 07:58
Kexborough, at Highfields Road/Ballfield Lane 08:00
School Children Only - Covid

Kexborough (Darton Coll) - Monk Bretton

Kexborough, at Highfields Road/Ballfield Lane 14:40
Kexborough, at Ballfield Lane/Huddersfield Road 14:40
Darton, opp Church Street/Church Close 14:44
Darton, at Station Road/School Street 14:45
Bloomhouse Green, adj Darton Lane/Sackup Lane 14:46
Bloomhouse Green, adj Darton Lane/Oaks Wood Drive 14:47
Mapplewell, nr Darton Lane/Oaks Wood Drive 14:48
Mapplewell, opp Towngate/Kingsway 14:50
Mapplewell, adj Blacker Road/Church Street 14:51
Mapplewell, adj Blacker Road/Park Close 14:52
Mapplewell, adj Bar Lane/Cloudberry Way 14:53
Mapplewell, adj Bar Lane/Eastfield Crescent 14:54
Mapplewell, adj Bar Lane/Wakefield Road 14:55
New Lodge, adj Wakefield Road/Newstead Road 14:55
New Lodge, opp Laithes Lane/Roundhouse 14:56
Athersley South, adj Laithes Lane/Laithes Crescent 14:56
Athersley South, adj Laithes Lane/Mansfield Road 14:56
Athersley South, opp Laithes Lane/Wingfield Road 14:57
Athersley South, opp Laithes Lane/Chatsworth Road 14:57
Athersley South, opp Laithes Lane/Carlton Road 14:58
Athersley South, adj Carlton Road/Aldbury Close 14:59
Athersley South, adj Carlton Road/St Helens Avenue 15:00
Smithies, nr Rotherham Road/Carlton Road 15:00
Smithies, opp Rotherham Road/Westgate 15:01
Monk Bretton, adj Rotherham Road/Byron Drive 15:01
Monk Bretton, opp Rotherham Road/Warwick Road 15:02
Monk Bretton, nr Rotherham Road/Burton Road 15:02
⚠️ Monk Bretton, adj Burton Road/Thoresby Avenue 15:02
⚠️ Monk Bretton, adj Cross Street/Burton Road 15:03
Monk Bretton, adj High Street/Cross Street 15:04
Monk Bretton, adj High Street/Well Lane 15:04
Monk Bretton, adj High Street/St Helens Way 15:05
School Children Only - Covid

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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