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494 - Shobdon - Leominster

A bus service operated by Lugg Valley Travel


Leominster Earl Mortimer College (W-bound) 15:15
Leominster, opp Community Hospital 15:16
Leominster Westbury Street (W-bound) 15:18
Shobdon, opp The Birches 07:30
Shobdon, opp The Grove 07:31
Pembridge, adj Torvale Industrial Estate 07:35
Pembridge High Street (NE-bound) 07:40
Eardisland, opp White Swan PH 07:45
Shirl Heath, opp Car Auctions 07:49
Leominster Bus Station (Stand 2) 15:20
Kingsland, adj Corners Inn 07:52
Leominster, adj Brook Hall 15:21
Eyton Court (adj) 08:00 15:28
Luston, opp Balance Inn 08:08 15:36
Eye Railway Bridge (E-bound) 08:10 15:37
Eye Moreton Village (SE-bound) 08:12 15:38
Ashton Moreton Turn (NE-bound) 08:14 15:39
Orleton, opp Boot Inn 15:47
Orleton Millbrook Way (W-bound) 15:47
Ashton, adj Hundred Turn 08:15
Leominster, adj Industrial Estate 08:22
Leominster, opp St Botolph's Green 08:23
Leominster, adj Junior School 08:23
Leominster, opp Community Hospital 08:24
Leominster Westbury Street (W-bound) 08:24
Leominster Bus Station (Stand 2) 08:25
Bircher, opp Bus Shelter 15:50s
Bircher Common Turn (NK) 15:51s
Cock Gate Yarpole Turn (SE-bound) 15:53s
Yarpole, adj Shop 15:55s
Kingsland, opp Corners Inn 16:04s
Kingsland, adj Coronation Hall 16:04s
Shirl Heath, adj Car Auctions 16:09s
Eardisland, adj White Swan PH 16:13s
Pembridge High Street (SW-bound) 16:18s
Pembridge, opp Torvale Industrial Estate 16:21s
Shobdon, adj The Grove 16:26s
Shobdon, opp The Birches 16:27s
Shobdon, opp The Grove 16:28s
Mortimer's Cross Inn (E-bound) 16:33
Operates only on school days
Sets down only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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