49n - D'Olier Street - Kilnamanagh

A bus service operated by Nitelink, Dublin Bus

Fridays and Saturdays from Friday 8 December 2023 until Saturday 30 March 2024

Dublin City South D'Olier Street 00:0002:0004:00
Temple Bar Dame Street 00:01s02:01s04:01s
Dublin City South South Great George's Street 00:03s02:03s04:03s
Dublin City South Redmond's Hill 00:04s02:04s04:04s
Dublin City South Camden Street Lower 00:08s02:08s04:08s
Portobello South Richmond Street 00:1002:1004:10
Rathmines Road Lower 00:10s02:10s04:10s
Rathmines St Mary's College 00:11s02:11s04:11s
Rathmines Military Road 00:1202:1204:12
Rathmines 00:13s02:13s04:13s
Rathmines Swan Centre 00:14s02:14s04:14s
Rathmines Garda Station 00:1502:1504:15
Rathmines Grosvenor Road 00:17s02:17s04:17s
Rathmines Kenilworth Road 00:1802:1804:18
Harolds Cross Road 00:1902:1904:19
Harolds Cross Kenilworth Park 00:1902:1904:19
Rathgar Mount Tallant Avenue 00:2002:2004:20
Terenure Whitton Road 00:2002:2004:20
Terenure 00:2102:2104:21
Terenure Rathfarnham Road 00:2102:2104:21
Terenure Rathdown Park 00:2102:2104:21
Rathfarnham Dodder Park Road 00:2202:2204:22
Rathfarnham Crannagh Road 00:2302:2304:23
Rathfarnham Castle 00:2302:2304:23
Rathfarnham Butterfield Avenue 00:2302:2304:23
Rathfarnham Willbrook Road 00:2402:2404:24
Rathfarnham Otterbrook 00:2402:2404:24
Willbrook Park 00:2502:2504:25
Willbrook Fonthill Park 00:2502:2504:25
Willbrook Glendoher Road 00:2602:2604:26
Willbrook Everton Hall 00:2602:2604:26
Ballyboden Road 00:2702:2704:27
Ballyboden St Enda's GAA Club 00:2702:2704:27
Ballyboden Templeroan Estate 00:2802:2804:28
Knocklyon St Colmcilles School 00:2802:2804:28
Knocklyon St Colmcille's Way 00:2902:2904:29
Knocklyon Woodstown 00:2902:2904:29
Knocklyon Greenfield Park 00:2902:2904:29
Oldcourt Hunter's Avenue 00:3002:3004:30
Knocklyon Ballycullen Road 00:3002:3004:30
Oldcourt Woodstown Avenue 00:3102:3104:31
Knocklyon Woodstown SC 00:3102:3104:31
Firhouse Ballycullen Drive 00:3202:3204:32
Firhouse Ballycullen Drive 00:3202:3204:32
Firhouse Ballycullen Avenue 00:3202:3204:32
Firhouse Mount Carmel Church 00:3202:3204:32
Firhouse Centre 00:33s02:33s04:33s
Firhouse Ballycullen Drive 00:34s02:34s04:34s
Firhouse College 00:35s02:35s04:35s
Oldbawn Old Bawn Centre 00:36s02:36s04:36s
Oldbawn Firhouse Road West 00:3602:3604:36
Oldbawn St Martin De Porres 00:3602:3604:36
Oldbawn Heatherview Close 00:3602:3604:36
Oldbawn Cushlawn Avenue 00:3702:3704:37
Oldbawn Marlfield Drive 00:3702:3704:37
Oldbawn Marlfield 00:3802:3804:38
Aylesbury (Dublin) Cushlawn Avenue 00:3802:3804:38
Oldbawn Firhouse Road West 00:3902:3904:39
Oldbawn St Martin De Porres 00:4002:4004:40
Oldbawn Parkwood Lawn 00:41s02:41s04:41s
Oldbawn Old Bawn Terrace 00:42s02:42s04:42s
Tallaght Seskin View Road 00:43s02:43s04:43s
Oldbawn Old Bawn Court 00:44s02:44s04:44s
Tallaght St Maelruan's Park 00:45s02:45s04:45s
Tallaght Village Green 00:45s02:45s04:45s
Tallaght Village 00:46s02:46s04:46s
IT Tallaght 00:46s02:46s04:46s
Tallaght Belgard Square North 00:48s02:48s04:48s
Tallaght Hospital 00:49s02:49s04:49s
Tallaght Luas 00:4902:4904:49
Tallaght Alderwood 00:5002:5004:50
Tallaght Blessington Road 00:5002:5004:50
Tallaght Kilclare 00:5102:5104:51
Citywest Tallaght LC 00:5102:5104:51
Tallaght Springfield PO 00:5102:5104:51
Tallaght St Mark's GAA Club 00:5202:5204:52
Tallaght St Mark's School 00:5202:5204:52
Tallaght Alpine Rise 00:52s02:52s04:52s
Tallaght Belgard Heights 00:53s02:53s04:53s
Tallaght Old Belgard Road 00:53s02:53s04:53s
Tallaght Kingswood Avenue 00:53s02:53s04:53s
Tallaght Tynan Hall Park 00:54s02:54s04:54s
Tallaght St Killian's Church 00:55s02:55s04:55s
Tallaght Sylvan Close 00:56s02:56s04:56s
Kilnamanagh Belgard 00:5702:5704:57

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 4 December 2023

Nitelink, Dublin Bus